Между Учителя и учениците

Разпространявайте любов и си помагайте един на друг за един мирен свят, част 1 от 4 July 28, 2019

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Actually, we can, we can do all that, only if the atmosphere of the world is peaceful, natural and benevolent. We can do all that. We can create super-DNA, super-genes, make superhumans. Then we will not get sick or old, like what we are doing right now, on the whole planet. We will live young, healthy, long lives in a super-condition, like many other planets and other higher dimensions.

God Bless. Thank you. You look younger all the time. How did you do that? (With Your grace.) OK. I come just to look at you. It’s very difficult to sometimes arrange things. The karma makes it difficult.

Any questions? In Chinese also OK. No Cantonese. How do you say “I don’t understand?” “Mo, mo…” something? I don’t understand. You OK? If you ask me some questions, I will explain more for you. Yeah, behind there. Just spiritual questions. Well, if you have problems with your husband, OK, yeah, fine. (OK.) Ask me.

(Recently, I find out during my meditation or normal daily life, some sentient beings try to attack me. It’s like an animal sentient being. I was living in a place; it was a farmland before. And then the owner of that place, I mean the ex-owner, they were selling meat; they were selling pigs.) Yeah, yeah. (And that’s why, when I lived there, I didn’t know before, I was sick; I always felt sick and not comfortable. And whenever I felt better and then suddenly the ground would have the air, I mean, would make me sick again from the ground. At that time, we were very poor, and my mom used the old cement from raising the pigs. So, she broke it down and then used it to put on the floor. So it’s out of ignorance. And then, it made me not comfortable.) OK.

(I thought it’s karma, so I meditated more, maybe I would feel better. And then later on, I found the beings, during my meditation, tried to mix with the air, or when I was sleeping, tried to attack me, and then tried to get onto my body, and then to make life a little bit messy. The Gift and Five Holy Names can protect me, but sometimes during my sleep, or not awake, and then how to avoid the sentient beings attacking me?)

How long have you been meditating? (Around 28 years.) Twenty-eight years? OK. What do you think why they attack you? Even when you meditate? You don’t recite the Five (Holy) Names? (I recite. When I concentrate to recite the Five (Holy) Names, they cannot attack me. But once I) Sleep. (sleep or lose a little bit of concentration, and then they will attack me.) You sleep on the floor or on the bed? You meditate on the floor or on the bed? (On the mattress, on the bed. I don’t have a bed. I’ve only got a mattress.) So you sleep also on the floor? (Also sleep on the mattress.) On the floor? (Yeah.) OK. Normal bed mattress, right? (Yeah.) You should sleep on a higher bed, or a sofa, whatever. Because mostly, the air next to the floor is not too good anyway. (I moved already.) You moved somewhere else already? (Yes, I moved somewhere else already.) Then why you ask me now? Do they still follow you and attack you? (Still attack me.) They still come into your house, new house? (Yes.) That’s funny.

You just tell them that you are doing good for the world. (Yes.) You meditate, and then, if you can later, you will help them, and please leave you alone. And put a lot of photos around you, where you sleep or meditate, Master’s photos. Keep Supreme Master TV on all day, all night. Not too loud, so it… Not as loud as it might disturb you. Soft, OK? As much as you can hear but not disturbing your sleep. And cover it or turn it to the wall. Put on small computer or small smartphone. (Yes.) And cover it, or turn it to the wall, so that it’s not too bright so you sleep better.

And just meditate until you are tired and then lie down and sleep. Meditate until you cannot anymore and then lie down and sleep, and don’t sleep on the floor, I mean for everyone. You meditate on the floor, OK, maybe for sometimes, but you should sleep on a higher bed, about this much, it’s better, more or less, or higher. Because the air next to the floor is cold, mostly cold and damp. Anything cold and damp, they stay lower; and warmer, dryer, it rises up. So, take good care of your health also. OK then. (Thank You.) All right. (Thanks, Master. Thank You.)

You scared me. But you still look good. You are sick now? (I sometimes get a runny nose, because they attack me and I get a runny nose.) Before, you didn’t have runny nose? (Before, better.) So, what happened to that house? You sell it to somebody else? (No, I just leave it alone.) Leave it alone? (Yes.) Is that your house or rental? (I rent.) A rental. (Just keep paying the rent and just lock it and then…) So, and then you rent some other house? (Yes, rent another house.) You’re rich.

Come here, come here. All the good stuff. This one, no. This one… Oh, this one. OK. There you go. Eat slowly. Put it in the fridge. A little bite every day. And this little drink every day. You’ll be safe, don’t worry. You live alone? (I live with my parents.) You see them or you just feel it? (I didn’t see them, I feel them.) You feel them? Maybe imagination. Put (Supreme Master) TV on all day, all night, in the whole house if you can. (I’m trying to. It’s better.) Yeah, OK.

Any other ghost stuff? How are you? Good? (Master.) Yeah. (I and my husband live alone together. He is in the hospital now. He can’t walk.) Oh, OK. (I don’t know how I will do it.) How? The hospital takes care of him. (When he comes home; he can’t stay in the hospital always.) OK. You have a staircase or something? (There is a lift.) A lift? OK. (But to take him to the washroom here, that I can’t do it. My back pain has become very, very) Understand. (too much.) Can you afford a helper or something? (The house is very small, cannot keep the helper.) No, no. She comes and goes. She doesn’t have to stay with you. (Yeah, but when he goes, that takes time.) OK, understand. Is there any like nursing home or something in Hong Kong? (Maybe.) Maybe? (But, Master, I have seen, done everything. Now I want to go to the Real Home.) Real Home. You go when your time is up. OK? (Now, I’m very old.) Yeah, me too. OK, sister. I also wanted to go Home a long time ago. I have nothing here that I really want. (I’m also a very old disciple in Hong Kong.) I know. I knew you when you were younger and I was younger. Both of us are getting older now. What to do?

This is “c’est la vie.” This life is like that. But I still have other things to do. I don’t have the heart to leave yet. So, you meditate more, if you can, to help the world. Don’t always think of yourself, OK? Think of others who suffer more than you. I’m sorry that I don’t sound very sympathetic, but we always have to think of others; that’s how we live our life. OK, my love? Meditate more, offer your merit to others who are worse than us. Because of that, I am still here. Otherwise, I would not want to stay one more second on this planet.

(I’m very happy to see You, very happy.) You come here, sister. We are both getting old now. I’m thinking, maybe he can go to like a nursing home or something? Maybe both of you? So you don’t have to worry too much about him and yourself. (Cannot afford. Cannot afford to stay in nursing home.) In nursing home, you cannot afford? The government doesn’t help? (Government helps now. Yes.) Yeah? Then, if you stay there, you inquire. OK? You inquire whether or not the government would cover some of your expenses. And both of you can go there and you can see each other, but all the nurses are always around. Would that be better?

All of you, the rich disciples in Hong Kong, help them, because she cannot move herself; she cannot take care of the handicapped husband as well. You help to pay for the nursing home if the government doesn’t help. That’s what brotherly love is for. It may be your turn next. You got to help each other. I’m alone. I cannot just do everything. Help each other, like paying for the rent, so that they both can stay in the nursing home. Is your home there now a rental or your house? (Rental.) Rental. In Hong Kong, difficult to buy a house. I am very sorry, sister.

This life is like that. The Four Noble Truths that Buddha teaches us always apply to everybody. Birth is also very painful for the little infant. And sickness is painful for everyone, not just physically, but also financially, emotionally, mentally. And then old age, like we are now. I’m 70 already. Do you know that? Or you forget? I am 70. I think I’m 70 already, more or less, anyway. Maybe more, not less. And so, I’m not as young anymore.

I’m trying to do my best for the rest of my time on this planet. And all of you also, do your best. Meditate as much as you can, because there’s nothing else better to do with your precious time, as a human on the planet. And also help each other, please. Help each other. Not only does the person receive the benefit of your love, but you, yourself, also benefit from it. Any time you help someone else, any other beings also, unconditionally, you rise up. Your soul rises up; your noble quality rises up; your love expands. And that should be very, very beneficial to you, and your family and your clans, the world. Any love, unconditional love is always beneficial to you, to your family and to the world.

Since I came to Hong Kong I try to spread a lot of love around where I live, and that will calm down your place, a little bit. It’s calmed down a little bit, right? (Yes.) OK.

Anyway, you must also help me. Help each other, that is helping me. Thinking, “Master, in that situation, what should we do?” The same you think of your brother and sister. Not that those or anyone would try to take advantage of you; that’s different. But like her situation, she really needs help. So, please, can everybody put a hand and help her? And if you have time, sometimes, go visit them in the nursing home. They call it like old home or something? Nursing home. Maybe it’s not that expensive because it’s not just for one person, it is for a big group of people. Don’t have to stay in an expensive place. And help each other. OK? Can you do that? (Yes.) Yes or no? (Yes.) Good.

You understand everything I said? (Yes.) All of you speak primary English, no? I told you many decades ago, you should learn English, because the world people, they don’t agree to one language. English is the most popular, I think – easier to understand and to learn. So, I just chose that, not because I have British nationality, not because of that, but English is very easy, easier to learn than many other languages, easier than Cantonese, I think. If you can learn to speak and write Cantonese, you can learn English for sure. English is easier and you can find it anywhere. You can ask people in English; mostly, people understand. If you go to South Africa, for example, and you speak Cantonese, then good luck. Good luck if you can find anything. But if you speak English, even just a simple sentence, they will help you, everywhere.

Any more questions now? How long have we known each other? Twenty-something years, right? (Yes.) Twenty, some are 30 years, right? Some are not here because of Loving Hut restaurant, right? Time passed so quickly. We just blink an eye and I’m 70 already. Just too busy to even think, “I’m getting old.” But I am getting old. Sometimes… I don’t feel old; it’s just the body does its job. I don’t mind. I don’t mind.

I’d like to stay as long as possible, just to help more, help the world, especially to stop the killing karma, so that the world becomes a peaceful, loving place for everyone to stay. And then, sickness will even be minimized; old age will slow down, and poverty and everything that is unfavorable for human life will become less and less or zero. And then, the next generation will be born in peace and love, and higher level beings will descend on this planet, then your children will be well.

If we make this world a vegan and peace world, then the beings born in the next generation will be a higher-level of consciousness and they will have less problems. We will have higher-tech. We could even create a super-human gene, Super-human DNA, and then, we will not possibly be sick ever again. Or we’ll live a very long life. For that goal, we’re working right now. I’m working for that.

Actually, we can, we can do all that, only if the atmosphere of the world is peaceful, natural and benevolent. We can do all that. We can create super-DNA, super-genes, make superhumans. Then we will not get sick or old, like what we are doing right now, on the whole planet. We will live young, healthy, long lives in a super-condition, like many other planets and other higher dimensions.

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