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Важните Новини

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In today’s news, Italy receives migrants rescued from the Mediterranean Sea, space telescope captures images of clouds above Saturn’s mysterious moon, Japanese researchers transform food waste into 100% biodegradable and edible cement, research finds Mesoamerican civilization created agricultural calendars using the sun and mountains, mother in England, United Kingdom, starts baby bank to help families in need, startup in Australia opens vegan meat production facility, and eco-conscious dog-person helps clean up the streets.

Today, I would like to share eco-friendly cooking tips with you. You can easily make some simple modifications to your cooking techniques to save energy. Preheating is not always necessary since newer oven models heat up very quickly. So, when baking or roasting something that doesn’t have an exact cooking time, put the dish in immediately instead of waiting for the oven to be completely preheated. You can then switch it off five to ten minutes early and use the residual heat to finish cooking the dish. These greener methods can also be applied to anything cooked using an electric stove top. You’ll be surprised how much time, money, and energy you save!

The joke of the day has found its way to us, so let's give it a chance. This one's entitled, “Bargaining.”

Robin was notoriously cheap, looking for every possible way to save a penny…

“Robin, please, at least take me out for dinner...”

“I don't go out with married women, I'm sorry!”

“But I'm YOUR wife!”

“I don't make exceptions!”


And now we have a heartline from Bethari in Bali, Indonesia:

Dear Master, I’d like to share my son’s dream about You. My son has been a vegetarian since he was in my womb, and he became a vegan when he was around seven years old. Here is the story: “Mother, last night I dreamed about climbing a high mountain with father. When we arrived at the middle of the mountain, he decided to stop. He put up the tent, then took a rest. But I was curious to climb the mountain. Then, finally, I reached the peak. At the top, I saw so many stairs reaching the sky. Then, I followed till I arrived at a huge building. Next, I opened the door. It was wide, empty, and quiet. Then, I saw a Light coming out from the door from the backside. I went closer to the Light, then I saw Master. She wore blue clothes. Then, She smiled and gave me a number of books to read. I stared at those books, and She asked me, ‘Do you understand?’ And I said, ‘Yes.’ Then, She asked me to read another number of books. And again asked me whether I’d gotten the point. Again, I said, ‘Yes, I understand.’ Finally, She gave me a name tag (ID card) like yours, mom, but the name was not mine. It was Supreme Master Ching Hai. She put it on my neck. In another dream, She asked me to be a vegan.” Since then, my son became vegan. Thank You. Bethari from Bali, Indonesia

Genial Bethari, It is awe-inspiring to read about such inner visions as your son’s involving our Benevolent Master.

Here is a caring message from Master: “Lucky Bethari, I’m happy to know of your son’s pure-hearted clarity and his decision to become vegan. Tell him I am super proud of him and embrace him from afar. Sending much love to both of you. Truly, the meaning of life as a human is to reconnect with the true Self and reach the level of unconditional love. Being vegan is thus an essential step along the way. So please let us continue to pray for World Vegan, and that compassion toward animal-persons may soon be the natural feeling of all humans. May you, your son and the effervescent Indonesian people be always protected in God’s bountiful Mercy.”

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