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An Animal-people Communicator Sees a Dog-person Sacrifice Her Life to Take on the Killing Karma of the Meat-serving Restaurant Owner

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Hallo, Dear Master, Thank you, the Supreme Master TV team, for your efforts in promoting the idea of World Vegan. I am an animal-people communicator and I have communicated with a very lovely and clever dog-person recently. One month ago, she was diagnosed with a tumor on her neck. The doctor said the tumor had worsened rapidly, spread to her other organs, and she might have only one month to live. During the communication with the dog-person, I felt that she was suffering from great pain and thus losing her energy quickly. She held on and asked me to convey her love and gratitude to her family.

Meanwhile, I observed that the dog-person had a lot of vengeful animal-people spirits around her. The picture was like this: there was a big crowd of vengeful animal-people spirits behind her, pecking, biting, and tearing at her. It was a very scary picture. I asked her caretaker if they were running a restaurant, and they said, “Yes, a restaurant serving duck meat.” I realized that the dark energy around the dog-person was from the vengeful spirits of the slaughtered animal-people. She had taken on the killing karma of her family to save them from suffering.

I asked the dog-person, “May I reveal the real cause of your illness?” She didn’t want her caretakers to feel guilty, so she refused. I said, “You’re so loving, but it would be better for your family to know. Otherwise, they’ll never know how much bad karma they’ve incurred by running a restaurant serving duck meat.”

Taking the opportunity, I told her caretaker that the killing karma had to be paid. The dog-person was reluctant to let the caretaker bear it, so she shouldered it all by herself. At the end of the video communication, the dog-person thanked me and asked me to tell her family that she was very happy in this life. She was very thankful and would treasure their love in her heart. Shortly after that, the dog-person passed away.

Master said that there’s no difference between the original nature of animal-people and us. It’s absolutely true. Thank You, Master, and the Supreme Master TV team, for your dedicated efforts for the animal-people and the Earth. I pray that World Vegan will soon be here and that all animal-people will enjoy peace, safety, and happiness with us. Shan-Yu from Taiwan (Formosa)

Compassionate Shan-Yu, Thank you for sharing your eye-opening story of this beautiful dog-person, which reminds us that our companion animal-people are so loving that they are willing to sacrifice their lives to help us. May Heaven always bless you and the intelligent individuals of Taiwan (Formosa) abundantly to be more aware of the true nature of our furry and feathered co-inhabitants.

Master has a response for you: “Caring Shan-Yu, your experience with this loving and self-sacrificing dog-person shows that all animal-people have noble souls. I’m sure you have seen that they are often more loving and noble than human beings! May your work continue to provide opportunities for humans to see the true nature of the animal-people and the importance of protecting and honoring them. Wishing you and the understanding Taiwanese (Formosan) people to achieve everlasting bliss in Buddha’s infinite light.”

“For performing a positive ritual, you sure are killing many animals, for which the sins will rain down on you. For now, it is joyous and happy, but in the end, there will be great discomfort in hell.” ~ Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji (vegetarian) 

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