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To Live a Balanced Life in This World and Heaven, Part 12 of 12: Interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) by the Japanese Media

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Because we are human. We have empathy, yes. When we see someone happy and getting good things, we share in their happiness. When we see someone brutally hurt, because we share that intangible fraternal connection, we also feel the pain. This is called collective karma.

(Your makeup today and the clothes You are wearing give me a very curious feeling. I’d like to hear Your view about this aspect.) I am an artist! I like to represent truth, goodness, and beauty, both inside and out. If we can represent them both inside and out, all the better. If a car runs well and looks beautiful, so people can enjoy looking at it, it is also good. If I don’t wear these clothes, it’s also fine. I don’t care.

But since I have them already, why should I choose something that is not beautiful? If I didn’t have talent, if I couldn’t design my own clothes, if I couldn’t paint, if God hadn’t given me these talents, then I’d be fine without them. But since God has given me these talents, if I don’t make use of them, I’d be wasting God’s good intentions.

(May I ask, being a beauty and a Master at the same time, what special advantages do You have when delivering sentient beings?) What do you mean? (You are a beauty. God has bestowed beauty on You.) I don’t feel I’m beautiful.

(That is, You have received God’s grace and are blessed with a very beautiful or very attractive appearance. Having such an appearance, as a Buddhist or religious leader, and a woman, do You feel that You are special when delivering sentient beings?) I don’t know. Perhaps this might help with certain people. For instance, women would feel closer and find it easier to talk to me. More friendly. Friendly, perhaps.

I myself don’t feel differently toward men and women. Perhaps you have to ask the disciples. I don’t pay attention to this. Understand? I’ve gotten used to wearing this. Besides, it’s not the clothes, it’s the person. It’s different if worn by another person. So, I can’t say I’m beautiful or not. Wearing different clothes makes people look different. When I have disciples wear it, it looks different on them. They don’t look beautiful or the clothes look awful.

(OK. I have finished with my questions.) You have? (Do You have more to say?) OK. I have nothing more to say either. (Then I have no more questions. Thank You and everyone.)

It’s very tiring to be a Master, not just for spiritual practice. Wait until you become a Master, then you can say that you’re especially tired. If you have to work day and night every day, you would say differently. Anyway, you are a beautiful woman. (Thank You.) Don’t forget your feminine heart.

It seems that few people see the bright side of this world. People only see negative things. Newspaper reports are mostly negative. Perhaps they see more negative things.

We spiritual practitioners look at things differently. Sometimes, reporters do not understand us, because we are more relaxed. Perhaps we work very hard, just like you do to earn money. Perhaps we work even harder, because we need to earn money and deliver sentient beings at the same time. However, we don’t see things in such a dark light. We are all relaxed. We are tired, but not mentally. Mentally we are not negative. Understand? That’s a different kind of fatigue. We are only physically exhausted; perhaps others are exhausted mentally as well. If all reporters were enlightened, perhaps they could work in a more relaxed way.

(If this world was peaceful and beautiful, then there’d be no need for reporters.) Yes, yes, yes. However, most newspaper reports are not about beautiful things. (It is because there are lots of disputes in the world.) That’s right, and then people increasingly think about things that are not beautiful. Our society is dark already, people see only the dark side. Their minds will become darker, and they will have very little hope. I just hope that there will be more beautiful things in society for reporters to cover. (I hope so too.) And then…

(What Master means is, journalists should report more on the brighter side and less on the dark side. Let people see a bright world, and then it will be more…) It’s still necessary to report on some dark aspects, so that people will be more vigilant, cautious and alert. But some reports go overboard with news that shouldn’t be covered. And then it becomes even darker. That’s also not good. Not everyone is like that, but…

(Master, I want to discuss this topic a little more. When people read reports about the dark side, of course, this does not resonate with everyone, but it does with some people. Such resonance may become widespread in society. Can this cause an endless cycle?) It can. Minds will become contaminated. However, I also hope that society will make more beautiful contributions for journalists to report. This is what I mean. They are also tired of reporting all these negative things. I mean this is not their fault, either. (Thank You.)

(It is just like going to the movies. If you watch a good movie, you feel happy. If you watch a bad movie, won’t you feel upset? You’ll have no appetite. That’s what I mean.) You’ll be affected for several days, feeling disappointed and miserable. It’s true that there are too few good things in society.

(Actually…What is the fundamental reason? For instance, we feel bad when we see bad things, and feel good when we see good things. Where does this reaction come from?) Because we are human. We have empathy, yes. When we see someone happy and getting good things, we share in their happiness. When we see someone brutally hurt, because we share that intangible fraternal connection, we also feel the pain. This is called collective karma.

Share one flower with each person later. There are some cookies and candies. Come get some if you want.

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