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To Live a Balanced Life in This World and Heaven, Part 9 of 12: Questions and Answers

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Inherently, we all have a great love within us, great love for all things that move, therefore, if we eat animal-people’s flesh, subconsciously we feel very guilty. Therefore, it breeds sickness and all kinds of uncomfortable feelings, unhappiness, in our life.

(Animal-people’s purpose of life here is to be eaten by human beings. If human beings stop eating them, they would all be dead and turn useless. Don't You think so?) No. We are stronger than animal-people, more intelligent, so animal-people are helpless against us anyhow. But the question is whether we should use our strength and intelligence to abuse those weaker than us when we have other choices to survive. Besides, we raise more cattle- and pig- and chicken-people, therefore they exist more than they used to be.

And according to scientific research, the money, the time, the lands used for raising animal-people are weakening our planet economically and financially, even health wise. It is said that even many wastelands, many deserts are a result of animal-people raising in the past, because wherever cow-people are raised, that land is forever unable to grow crops. And we need big land to be able to feed the cattle-people and other animal-people, and all the waste of the animal-people pollutes our water in lakes and rivers, because of the fertilizer that goes also into the field, so that they produce grass and other stuff for animal-people also. And all the antibiotics and medicine that goes into the animal-people’s system, and all the water to wash them, and all the hygienic measures, all these cost a lot of money and manpower. In the long run, it's a loss of business for the world. It's no good for us.

It's not my right to tell you what to eat, but according to research, eating animal-people is no good for us whatsoever, economically, financially, politically and everything else… health. I am not yet telling you about the moral obligations, and the guilty feeling that goes with the animal-people diet. I just tell you the scientific aspect.

Inherently, we all have a great love within us, great love for all things that move, therefore, if we eat animal-people’s flesh, subconsciously we feel very guilty. Therefore, it breeds sickness and all kinds of uncomfortable feelings, unhappiness, in our life. That's why we suggest that if you want to find the true happy life, the true free, carefree, life, you should refrain from eating living beings.

Next please. (The time has come now) Yes. (for us to finish this session.) You have more questions or not? (Yes, we have several more questions.) Can you read fast, please? To satisfy the people who wait.

(You have stated in many publications, appearing here or there, that You are a Himalayan Master, and what do You mean by this?) My disciples call me “Himalayan Master” because I was in the Himalayas. That's very simple. For me, I can be “anywhere Master.” If I live in Tokyo long enough, they call me “Tokyo Master.” Just a name, no big deal.

Next. Please read fast. (By attaining Enlightenment, one will continue inside his or her body’s new emergence, consistent new emergence of cells, new cells, and these old cells will be purified. Therefore, would this process help heal illness?) This helps in many aspects. But we do not concern so much with the physical body, because many illnesses will be cured by medicine anyhow. We should come for enlightenment because we want to rise higher into the spiritual dimension and not to still hang around and attach to the physical aspect. Many people get healed with this process. But if you come for the healing of your physical body, I suggest you don't come, because your level is not high enough yet. Maybe you wait a couple of thousand years, then you are ready.

Next question. (Atomic power generation has resulted in many troublesome accidents. This happened in many different countries, and all these adverse effects of atomic generation have been affecting various races and nations. What do You think is the best way to avoid this tragedy from happening?) Get enlightenment.

Next. (That's all.) That's it? Good. Thank you.

(After this, for those who wish to learn the Quan Yin Method, or those who wish to develop their inner transcendental power within themselves, after we see the Master take Her leave, if these people can return here, we will be giving you important notes about receiving initiation. So please come back. And because we do not have much time left, if you wish to learn more about Master or if you wish to understand more about the Quan Yin Method, there is a corner outside where they handle books, so you may make inquiries there. We also have a monthly magazine, so anyone who would like to obtain them, please go to the corner where they handle materials and you may subscribe there. And since we had many questions submitted by the audience, some of you may still have some things to ask. Outside, in the books we give away, they provide specific information so we hope you can take a look at that. Thank you everyone. Thank you very much for taking the time today, to attend this lecture.)

(If anybody is interested in practicing this Quan Yin Method, please stay here and consult our staff after Master takes Her leave.)

(Our friends who want to follow Master to learn the Quan Yin Method and to explore your transcendental power within, please stay where you are after Master leaves. We will tell you what you should pay attention to during the initiation. We don’t have much time.) Wait a minute. (If you want to…) Wait a minute. At the initiation, I’ll come back. So, if I don’t see you again, I wish you all the best and quick enlightenment sometime. Tell them they don’t have to stand up, even though it looks polite, because I am very small, they cannot see me. Yes. Sit down. Thank You. Thank you, thank you. Thank you.

(I am a nun. Master told me in my dream, so I came here to live with Her.) To live with that nun. OK. New Year is coming.

Aulacese (Vietnamese)? (Yes, Aulacese “Vietnamese”.) We have a temple here, right? (We’ve been living in the refugee camp.) Oh, living in a refugee camp? Are you still living in a refugee camp now? (Yes, we do.) Oh. (We live here, we don’t have money.)

How do you earn your living then? (It is very slow. Because here, they practice spiritually differently from us.) Oh. That’s right. That’s right. (Because they like eating meat. Yeah.) That’s right. That’s right. (We cook vegan food for people.) That’s right. That’s right. (So far, I talked about veganism to them, so that they remember their past lives.) My God! If we talk about it scientifically, then they would understand immediately.

Âu Lạc (Vietnam)? (Yes, Master.) Âu Lạc (Vietnam)? Yes.

(Japanese.) OK. Japanese? (Korean.) Korean! How did you come here? Korean come here. (For Master.) Very good. Stay for initiation. Stay there, get initiated.

(Our friends from China, because we don’t have much time, if you wish to know more about Master and the Quan Yin Method, please ask our publication counter outside. If you wish to acquire some publications, please go to… Thank you, everyone. Thank you for being here today.) I am not speaking Chinese, but you understand, right? Understand Japanese? (Thank You, Master.) (Yes.) We are in Japan. (Thank You.) (We are very happy to be able to see You.)

Some (vegan) cakes, candies? (Vegan) Candies and cakes, they are up there. (Thank You very much.) There is blessed food up there. You can put it in the back, outside as well. Outside also. Beautiful. Pink. Understand beautiful?

(Nice to meet You.) Pleased to meet you. You stay in Japan? (Yes, I live in Japan. I am a French local.) You speak French, I guess? French? (Yes, yes, I speak broken French.) (It’s OK.) No. It’s OK now.

You OK? Hallo. (Hallo.) (I am sorry.) Yes.

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