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The Purpose of Being Human, Part 12 of 12: Questions and Answers

Език:English,Vietnamese(Tiếng Âu Lạc (Tiếng Việt))


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Everyone can practice the Quan Yin Method. In due course, the Quan Yin Method, later 84,000 methods sprung forth from it. Depending on people’s spiritual aptitudes, I will teach them different methods. I don’t give initiation to people only one time, and it is done. There are many decades left, that I need, to teach from within. I teach while you sleep, teach while you eat, teach while you can’t see where I am!

For example, the spirit can sink to a low level, but one day, the intensity will be reduced. It fades or is completely spent. Similar to your money in the bank, you use it for a while, then it will run out. So, all the blessings as well as the bad karma, will wear out gradually, after a period of time, and that person will wake up, OK? But it takes a very long time, so whoever wants to commit suicide must think very carefully, understand? They should find friends to talk it out, so that they will forget the problem and look at life with different eyes. And then their spirit will be more cheerful, and the friends will give some of their advice. Or there are some good Samaritan agencies or some people whose expertise is to talk to those suffering individuals. Or go out and find some friends to dance with, but don’t be stupid and commit suicide. I already said, if this work is not successful, then you go looking for other work, if this person doesn’t love you, then you go looking for someone else to love. Why give your love to someone who doesn’t love you? It’s a waste! If that person doesn’t want it, then you save it for someone else later. Just like money, if someone doesn’t accept your gift, then you save it, why throwing money away. So stupid. There is nothing worth committing suicide over. Tomorrow will be different. Tomorrow, we look at life with different eyes. There may be other amazing things that happen for you. Don’t commit suicide. It is a waste. OK. Are we done?

(No, Master. We still have a lot of questions.) So, when do we have the initiation ceremony? (Dear Master, 5pm. Now, it is 15 minutes to 5pm, Master.) What time do we have to leave this venue? (11 pm, Master.) Ah, that’s it. Then we still have some more time. But whoever wants to get initiated must start to prepare. (Yes.) Do we have a private room for them? (Yes, Master, we do.) Ah, OK. So, you announce about the initiation, before reading the questions again. (Yes.) Whoever wants to get initiated must go out and prepare. The ones who don’t want to get initiated but have questions, then stay here.

(Ladies and gentlemen, whoever already applied for initiation, please go to the outside room, we will invite you to a private room to prepare for initiation.)

You have to prepare yourselves to stay until 11 pm, don’t think it will only take a little time. Giving initiation doesn’t take time, but your spiritual path is long, so I have to show you how. For example, when you encounter some obstacles, or other problems, then what can you do? Do you understand? Otherwise, the initiation ceremony will not take that long.

(Dear Master, there are some monks who wrote a letter to alert the Buddhists that You are not a true Buddhist. Please explain to us, so we understand clearly.) Right, right! I am not a true Buddhist according to your definition of what true Buddhism is. If true Buddhist means that you go to a temple and bow to the wooden Buddha, bribe the Buddha with some fruits and flowers, then I am not that. I will go out, I don’t want to be that kind of Buddhist.

But if true Buddhism means to enlighten people, to help them realize their own greatness, to find their Buddha Nature, to be their own master, to be a living Buddha in this world, then I am a true Buddhist!

(Dear Master, the Bible never mentioned that Lord Jesus was the incarnation of anyone.) When someone asked, “Master Jesus, were You the reincarnation of that person?” Jesus was silent. Silence meant “yes.” He didn’t say, “No, no, no. You talk nonsense, this is a wrong teaching.” Silence is agreeing. In the old days, it was like that. In the Buddha’s time, it was the same, when someone invited the Buddha… I mean about 2,500 years ago, silence was consent. So whenever someone wanted to invite the Buddha to have a meal or to lecture, and if the Buddha was silent, they knew that He accepted the invitation. In general, it was like that. I said a little, but you should understand. Why try to split hairs in order to find fault, as if you are that stupid. I said so much but you still don’t understand!

(Dear Master, I bowed to the Buddha for many years already. I am now 88 years old and vegan for almost a year. Can Supreme Master give me initiation now?) Yes, yes. Welcome! If you’ve been vegan for a long time, you can get initiated immediately.

(Dear Master, when a loved one dies, and the family knows a little bit about religion, will it help the loved one to reduce their sins if they offer vegan food to the dead and pray?) Yes. But they have to offer vegan food, and pray sincerely, then it helps. But the best is to pray to spiritual practitioners who have great merit, rather than praying vaguely to the God and Buddha that you don’t know.

(Dear Master, is it true that people die due to their fate? Was there someone who died unjustly? And if dying unjustly, where does that person’s soul go, and will that soul stay around the living ones?) People have their fate. But in that fate, many times there are misfortunes. It was arranged so that their life was not as normal as other lives, so it is called dying unjustly. Because they caused some unjust karma in the past, but in fact, no one dies unjustly. But when… and what else? You asked about dying unjustly, and then what else? If a person dies unjustly, where does the soul go, and does the soul stay around the living people? Sometimes they stay around, sometimes they go to Heaven, sometimes they go to hell, and sometimes they reincarnate as other people or other beings. It depends on their actions, thoughts, and words when he or she was alive. If it was good, they go to the good realm; if evil, they go to the evil realm; if average, they stay around as ghosts for a while, then they have to go to other realms, depending on their previous karma or their left-over karma.

(Dear Master, Buddhism has 84,000 different methods for people of different spiritual backgrounds and levels. Please tell us if the Quan Yin Method applies to everyone or only to certain people?) Everyone can practice the Quan Yin Method. In due course, the Quan Yin Method, later 84,000 methods sprung forth from it. Depending on people’s spiritual aptitudes, I will teach them different methods. I don’t give initiation to people only one time, and it is done. There are many decades left, that I need, to teach from within. I teach while you sleep, teach while you eat, teach while you can’t see where I am! I have to use my consciousness to teach your consciousness, not that I give you initiation, and then it is enough. No, it is only the introduction, just signing up. OK!

(Dear Master, people often say “The sins of the fathers are visited upon the children.” So, if the parents did bad and immoral things, will their children bear the consequences?) They do, they do, they do. For example, if the parents earn their money from killing, and used that money to raise their children, then their children will grow up with all kinds of illnesses. The children depend on that sinful money to grow up, then they have to share the burden. It is like that, “children bear the sins of their father.” “The sins of the fathers are visited upon the children.” Yes, that is true. But if the parents do good, earn their money in wholesome and decent ways, then the children will grow up healthily. They will be intelligent; they don’t suffer the hardships in life, or the unusual accidents, or unexpected things.

(Dear Master, there are many methods, and each one claims to be the highest. Why is there competition instead of cooperation? Is there a good connection among the Masters in the world now?) The true Master will know which method is the highest. All Masters who teach the highest method will say Their method is the highest. And those who teach a method that is not high but say it is the highest, it is their right, we can’t dispute it. Just like in this world, there are many types of chocolates, each would claim that their chocolate is the best. My car is the best, my washer is the most famous, it is their right. But you’re a human being with wisdom, so you have to judge. You have to know which method will give you liberation in one lifetime, with a clear guarantee. And when you practice a method, you have an inner experience right away, have the benefits for your mind, body, and wisdom, then you should know. You listen to the Master’s teachings and see whether or not he is worthy to be called a Master who teaches the highest method. Or you can listen to other Masters and compare carefully. You’re not an unintelligent person who would listen to whatever others say, and then sit there in fear.

(Master, can You tell us if there is an unchanging soul? For example, when people die, their soul reincarnates into another body, just like changing clothes, is that true?) Yes, it is true, it is true. When the person is still in a lower level, still does not understand, is bound in ignorance, then there is such a soul. But after the person understands, the soul does exist but doesn’t exist, and one is all, all is one.

(Is there a reason or a symbol, why do practitioners shave their heads?) Ah, that’s an old Indian custom. But they are meant to shave their heads one time only, that means making a new life, eliminating all old afflictions, and later they grow their hair back. But many people are used to shaved heads, it is cool, so they continue shaving their heads. Many people think shaving their heads is more dignified, more clean-cut, so they shave all the time. In Âu Lạc (Vietnam), they shave (head) all the time and get used to it. But as for Indians, they practice like in the Buddha’s time. The Buddha didn’t shave His head. He had a hair bun on His head, you see?

Yeah, because we do whatever we want. Now, if the Aulacese (Vietnamese) or Chinese practitioners shave their heads, and you keep your hair, they would gossip about it. Just shave your head to be like them. And now, I have a headache, it hurts if I shave, so I am lazy and I don’t shave anymore, no. If you want to shave your head, then shave it; if not, then don’t. It is your right, OK? There is nothing to it.

(This is the last question [that I am going to read]. But there are a lot [more] questions. Outside, we have a book called “Immediate Enlightenment, Questions and Answers.” In that book, there are a lot of Master’s answers. It is a very precious book. So, if you want, please go to the table with Master’s books, and ask for it.)

(Dear Master, I know that Your teachings are correct, and I really want to follow. But dear Master, I am so easily tempted by many bad things. And the environment where I live is very sinful. How can I keep my heart on the right path? How can I avoid temptations?) Because you live in that sinful environment, you want to escape. If you lived in a completely favorable environment, then you’d already be in Nirvana, then you would not practice. I lived in a sinful environment in the past, and now I still live in a sinful environment. Is there anywhere that is not a sinful environment? But because you’re tired of that kind of environment, or condition, you want to become a lotus flower in the mud. So go ahead and practice. Don’t be afraid!

(Dear Master, it is 5pm.) OK, thank you. (May I have Your permission. We, all the disciples would like to thank You for accepting our invitation to come here) Thank you. (to give Your lecture. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming to attend this lecture today.)

OK, I wish you all the best, as well as enlightenment in this lifetime.

(Ladies and gentlemen, please stay seated. You can stand up to bid Master goodbye, but please stand where you are. The blessed flowers, cakes, and fruits from Master, later on, will be distributed by the hufas to fellow citizens and guests attending the ceremony today. We customarily come up here to receive the blessed foods.) These are the flowers and fruits to offer to you living Buddhas. Tell them, for them to know. Find the microphone. This is an offering to the living Buddhas.

(Thank you very much for attending the lecture. The food and flowers up here, you are all welcome to take them.) We don’t have enough time. Tell them that I will come out here again, after giving initiation. (Yes. After Master gives initiation, She will come out here to talk to fellow citizens and others. Whoever would like to stay, we will be honored to greet you right here. And outside, there is some food and drink, you can go out temporarily. Thank you. Whoever applied for initiation, please go out and get some food first, because the initiation process will be very long, maybe up to 4 to 5 hours, so we have to prepare first.)

(If there are any initiates or any guests who want to see Master privately, please be prepared to ask Master to arrange to see you privately.)

(Ladies and gentlemen, if anyone would like to see our Master, please come by this way and Master will talk to you one by one.)

(Whoever is ready to get initiated today, please go get some food. You can eat outside for your convenience. Whoever wants to wait for Master can sit on these chairs up here.)

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