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The Purpose of Being Human, Part 9 of 12: Questions and Answers

Език:English,Vietnamese(Tiếng Âu Lạc (Tiếng Việt))


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If you want to learn to become a Buddha or a Bodhisattva, then you have to come down to this school, which is this Samsara world. In the universe, it’s arranged like that. This is the school that teaches you to be a Buddha, a Bodhisattva. So now, if you want to learn, then go register, so you can practice the Quan Yin Method right away.

(This is a question from an American. If eating vegetables better than eating meat, in Your opinion. Why did God put animals on this Earth for? Don’t tell me that they are on this Earth to grow up and look pretty.) In the Bible, there is an answer for you, already. “I made the animal-people to befriend you, to be of help to you.” God already told you what Hes made animal-people for. Why do you ask me what Hiers work is? You should ask Hirm why Hes made the animal-people? Hes doesn’t say, “I made animal-people for you to eat,” anyhow. If Hes made them for other purposes, I don’t remember Hes said, “I made animal-people for you to eat.” Hes said, “You can rule over the animal-people. They will be your helpers and friends.” And Hes also said very clearly that all the herbs in the field, all the fruits that look pretty to the eyes and beautiful to the taste, these are your food. So that’s clearly animal-people are not our food. What else can I tell you except what is in the Bible?

The American asked me if I think eating vegetables is better than eating meat, then why did God create these animal-people? He also said that I should not answer him that God created those animal-people to beautify the Earth. He tried to muzzle me, you know? So, I said, “In the Bible, God said clearly to us what God created the animal-people for. So, why do you ask me?” I reminded him that in the Bible, God said that Hes created the animal-people to be our friends, to help us. Right? Even though he didn’t believe that God created the animal-people for other purposes, then I said to him that I don’t remember God said Hes created the animal-people for us to eat them! God never said that. I didn’t see that in the Bible. So, even if we don’t know the purpose, we still know that it is not for us to kill the animal-people to eat. Because God also said very clearly. “I give you every seed-bearing plant that is upon all the Earth, and every tree that has seed-bearing fruit; they shall be yours for food.” Right?

(Dear Master, in the Buddhist Sutra, it says to recite “Amitabha Buddha” to practice the Pure Land Method, then when we die, we go to the Western Paradise. So, if we practice the Quan Yin Method, then when we die, where will we go? Please explain.) This is a secret. But it’s all right. We are relatives, so I will tell you. But I wasn’t supposed to tell you. Because I am not sure you will believe me. How come you believe in going to Nirvana, but do not believe in going to other Worlds? Nirvana was the story which Shakyamuni Buddha told about two thousand five hundred years ago, and you always believe it, but what I am telling you at this moment, you don’t believe. The Western Paradise is nothing yet. There are many other worlds that are even more beautiful, more magnificent. But if you want to go to the Western Paradise, I will give you a ride. Since I pass by that way, I will take you there. But there's nothing to fear. I can give you a lift. Many of my disciples could run up to the Western Paradise and come back, like going to the market. The Western Paradise is very close to us. There are many worlds farther, but more beautiful, more glorious, where you can never reach, and Shakyamuni Buddha never talked about it. So, do you want to go there or not, and I can let you hitch-hike? OK.

(Dear Master, there is news that Maitreya Bodhisattva came down and became a Buddha in Âu Lạc [Vietnam], and preached the Buddhist Dharma. If it is true, then Âu Lạc [Vietnam] will become the Holy Land, like India. Please let us know whether this news is true or not? May You always be peaceful and have eternal wisdom, to lead Buddhists around the world during the Dharma Ending Age.) It is Maitreya Buddha’s business. Why are you asking me? Each person does his or her own business, why ask me? If you know who Maitreya Buddha is, then you follow, study, and find out whether it is true or not? Why are you asking me? Now, if Maitreya Buddha already came down, how would you recognize Him? Would He bring down His fat belly and naked chest for you to see? And then He would write the word Maitreya here for you to know? Now for example, if you know someone who is Maitreya Buddha, even if I know Him, and I say yes, yes, yes, I found Him. Here, here is Maitreya Buddha. Would you believe it? I am not so sure you’d believe. OK. That’s number one.

Now, let me explain to you what ‘Maitreya’ is? ‘Maitreya’ is from ‘Matrayda’ in Sanskrit, meaning blissful, happy. Anyone who has a joyful spirit, has inner joy, is ‘Maitreya.’ That is the disciple of Maitreya, the manifestation of Maitreya. Anyone who can teach you the way to have inner joy, to rejoice in spirit, that is Maitreya Buddha. Otherwise, where could you find Him? Just practice the Quan Yin Method, then everyone will become Maitreya, no need to go find Him.

(Dear Master, in Buddhist Sutras, it says that in hell, there are devils who torture the dead, like cut their tongues off, push them into boiling water, into burning fire,) Terrible! (or let tiger-, leopard-, snake-people bite them. Is it true or superstition?) Yes. It is true. Where does this kind of cruelty, persecution come from, do you know? It comes from the heart of those who do evil, think evil and speak evil. When you open your mouth and say something evil, and if you have the “wisdom” eye, you can see a poisonous serpent-person coming forth from that mouth; if you do some evil act, then there is a tiger-person manifested; if you think evil thoughts, then the lion-people come forth. So, those things are saved for that kind of special world, waiting for the ones who were the parents of those serpent-, tiger-, and lion-people to go down there and enjoy family life with them. It is a so-called reunion. If we create them, we must nurture them. If we can’t nurture them, then they bite us, tear us apart, punish us. That is true. Those devils are created by their evil hearts, not by Heaven and Earth. Hell is real. The torment of conscience is sometimes even more painful than hell. They were created by the torment of conscience.

(Dear Master, when we sweep the floor, wash the dishes, we kill a lot of ant- and insect-people. What can we do? Do we sin or not?) Yes, you sin a little. If you want to avoid sin, even it is small, you should keep the house clean, wipe all the grease, and clean the stove right away after cooking. Don’t leave the stuff out, but put them inside a sealed container, put left-over food in the fridge. If your house is clean, hygienic, then ant- and cockroach-people will not come in, then your health will be better and better. If your house is messy, then it doesn’t matter how many times you spray (repellent), they still come in.

(This is a question from an American. I’d like to be a vegetarian, but how? I’m a student and there is no time to select what I’m going to eat.) That’s bad. It’s difficult. Why don’t you cook yourselves? Buy a cookbook and experiment some new dimension, or buy a survival in the 21th century and eat raw. There are many things you can choose. I understand that being a student is very busy. But I was busy at one time, when I was working for the Aulacese (Vietnamese) refugees. I had no time at all. From 7 o’clock in the morning to 11 o’clock at night, every day. So what I do is, when I have time, or at night, when I come back, I cook. I cook once or twice a week. One big pot of all kinds of sautéed vegetables inside. And one big pot of rice. And then I warm it up every day from the fridge, the amount I need. And when I finish it, I’ll cook another pot. The big pot is full of proteins, vitamins, greens, iron. All kind of things I throw it inside. That’s how I live until now. Otherwise, I would have died. I’m a vegan, you see? And when I was out, I buy some vegan sandwiches or things like that, nuts, and fruits. These are enough for survival. Actually, we don’t need that much. Once we practice the Quan Yin Method, these small things will also come our way. When there is a will, there is a way.

I’m happy that you have asked. That means you are truly sincere and interested. Otherwise, you are not, you would just “Ah, I know it’s impossible. I cannot.” You know, you don’t even give me a chance to help you. So that’s very good that you asked. It’s very easy, and also Vegan restaurants are plenty. Also, you can get in touch with the Aulacese (Vietnamese), how to say, fellow practitioners. Some of them cook vegan food and deliver it to your house, and very cheap price. And if you’re a student, they’d probably make it even cheaper for you. Just to help you, they are helping each other nowadays. Is that not so? OK. Thank you very much. They will help you. You ask the… You contact the responsible person here and you’ll have plenty of food. You don’t eat enough. You probably… How to say? You can’t eat them all. They will feed you.

He said he is a student who has no time and no menu selection [to eat vegan food]. Then I said, that in the past, I was also very busy. I was working for the Aulacese (Vietnamese) refugees from seven am to eleven pm each day, so I did not have time either. Sometimes, when I came home, I cooked twice a week, or once a week. I cooked a big pot with all kinds of nutritious things in it. Each meal, I took a little from the pot and added some rice and then I reheated it. I also ate fresh fruits and vegetables and that was enough. When going out, I bought a sandwich, and also ate fresh fruits. Or I ate nuts such as peanut, or walnuts, they are also nutritious. Then I drank vegan milk and ate vegan cheese. Then, I could survive every day. But I didn’t die. Then I told him to contact some Aulacese (Vietnamese) who cook vegan food, and order from them. If he has little money, then tell them you are a student, then they would cook cheaply for you. They don’t aim to make money, but to help initiates, so they will help you. Don’t worry. Isn’t that right? Or am I lying? (Yes, it is true. True.)

(Dear Supreme Master Ching Hai, the Buddha said that life is a sea of suffering. Why can’t we discard this body, and practice spiritually with our soul in other realms?) Yes, you can. But practicing in those realms is slow. When you are suffering, you want to practice. When you are happy, who wants to practice then? One practices spiritually to be happy. Too much suffering, so we practice spiritually to have less suffering. Don’t think that wanting less suffering is greedy. No, no. It is the right of humans. Don’t let others intimidate you, saying that “being a spiritual practitioner, why do you want to be happy, why do you want to be rich?” No. If you want to, it is OK. It’s your right. It is the basic human life. We are supposed to be like that. It is not greedy. It is not that we desire only wealth and happiness, but we also want to be liberated forever. Then, that is correct.

Because if we want to be rich and stay here forever to enjoy our wealth, then it is limited. So now, if you want to practice spiritually, you have to stay in this world. It is the best. Because here, you have a school. For example, if you want to study medicine, you have to attend medical school. If you want to study engineering, then you have to attend an engineering school in order to learn. If you want to learn to become a Buddha or a Bodhisattva, then you have to come down to this school, which is this Samsara world. In the universe, it’s arranged like that. But now you want to learn to be Buddhas or Bodhisattvas, but you attend the school teaching you to be demons or to be angels, or some small gods in other worlds, then you learn the wrong way! This is the school that teaches you to be a Buddha, a Bodhisattva. So now, if you want to learn, then go register, so you can practice the Quan Yin Method right away.

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