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Rebellyous Foods: From Aerospace to Plant-Based – with Christie Lagally (vegan), Part 2 of 2



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Christie has been a vegan since 1994, and has had a soft spot for animal-persons since she was little. “I cared a lot about animals. And so, I quickly eschewed any animal, like meat products.”

After identifying the issues with traditional methods of making meat alternatives, Christie and her team of more than 30 food experts and engineers worked tirelessly for three years to develop a continuous-process system of making vegan plant-based meat.

“The chicken industry is oftentimes overlooked as a source of greenhouse gas emissions. But the truth of the matter is, beef is one of the largest contributors from the food industry, and also just one of the largest contributors in general of greenhouse gas emissions. And our new technology to make plant-based meat faster, better, and at lower cost will actually be applicable to the plant-based beef industry as well.”

Today, Rebellyous vegan chicken nuggets, tenders, and patties can be found in 335 retail stores in the USA and Canada and online on GTFOitsvegan.com. The retail market, however, only constitutes roughly half of Rebellyous Foods’ sales. The other half is the foodservice market, which includes large institutions such as corporate cafeterias, public schools, hospitals, stadiums, and restaurants. From a nutritional standpoint, foodservice professionals are also excited about Rebellyous Foods’ products because they are completely free from the unhealthy components found in meat products, such as saturated fat, antibiotics, hormones, and LDL cholesterol.

Our beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai has often spoken about technology and why it is important to continually elevate our level of consciousness ahead of our technological advancement. “If we have the spiritual eye, we will find that past civilizations, both on Earth and other planets, sometimes developed too quickly in the technological sense, but the spiritual development, their store of love, was low or empty. And what do we see? We see the pattern is that no society can last long if they refuse to sustain the lives of their own members and fellow beings. I mean, including all the beings, like animal-people and trees. Or, if they destroy the environment they live in, then that society cannot live long.”

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