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Stepping Stones in Application: From “Christ Consciousness” by Edgar Cayce, Part 2 of 2



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Let us continue exploring Edgar Cayce’s spiritual readings on God’s Love, filled with wisdom and insight on how we can become closer to God.

“‘As the spirit of the Christ leads me, I can do no wrong. When myself alone leads me, I may err - but with the Christ as my guide, as my companion, as my savior, I will rest my case, my troubles, my pleasures, my joys, with Him.’ For, be ye joyous in the service of men. For, the Father would have his children be happy, be joyous, and not sad.”

“But as He manifests - as a portion of that Godhead that is represented in thee, as IN thy Mind - then ye become aware that ye are INDEED a child of the living God, and are in materiality for those purposes of manifesting those very things that are the fruits of the Spirit in thy dealings with thy fellow man. For as ye measure to thy fellow man it is measured to thee again. This is an UNCHANGEABLE law! For as ye ask for forgiveness, only in those measures in which ye forgive may ye be forgiven. For are ye not seeking to be one with Him? Then only AS ye forgive may ye BE forgiven! Only AS ye show forth love may love be shown forth to thee!”

“‘Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, thy mind, thy body; thy neighbor as thyself.’ This as He gave is the whole law. There is none above that. And ye may, as He has promised, become aware in thy own consciousness of His abiding presence, by the awarenesses that may come to thee as ye meditate, as ye pray from day to day. Ask and He will give. For as ye walk, as ye talk with Him, ye become aware of His presence abiding with thee.”

“‘A new commandment give I unto you, that ye love one another.’ What, then, are the fruits of love? The fruits of the spirit; which are kindness, hope, fellowship, brotherly love, friendship, patience; these are the fruits of the spirit; these are the commands of Him that ye manifest them in whatsoever place ye find yourself, and your soul shall grow in grace, in knowledge, in understanding, and that joy that comes with a perfect knowledge in Him brings the joys of Earth, the joys of the mental mind, or joys of the spheres, and the GLORY of the Father in thine experience.”
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