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Stepping Stones in Application: From “Christ Consciousness” by Edgar Cayce, Part 1 of 2



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Internationally known clairvoyant Edgar Cayce was called “the sleeping prophet” due to the seemingly “deep sleep” he entered before he started a prophecy. He performed some 22,000 readings over four decades, from 1901 to 1944. Of these readings, more than 14,000 were recorded, ranging on topics such as reincarnation, oneness, the Akashic records (a library of all human events), ancient mysteries, universal laws, and the importance of meditation and prayer. Today, we present some of Edgar Cayce’s insightful readings on God’s Love and how to apply God’s Love, into our everyday life.

“Speak gently. Smile often. Let the love of the Father through the blessings in Him shine in thy life day by day. Then the clouds of doubt will dissipate and the brightness of the Christ-Consciousness will give thee purposefulness in all thy dealings - and His blessings will be continually with thee…. Know that as ye walk with Him in the promises that are given in those passages indicated, He abides with thee. And if He abides with thee, what CAN make thee afraid? For, He is life, light, hope, patience, love; in its essence. And as ye manifest same in thy conversation, in thy thoughts, in thy dealings with thy fellow men, ye are indeed His.”

“Hence there should be persistence. Never become weary in well doing. But not for self and not for any cause save that which is impelled through the way and the truth and the light, or the Christ-consciousness.”

“Lose sight of self in love for others. These then may bring for the entity an experience that will be a vision of a consciousness that becomes as a oneness with the Creative Forces.”

“As we have indicated, first find self in its relationship to spiritual things. Not of self but of that influence, that power those which man may attain to the greater consciousness of his oneness with the universe, yes - but as of a personal Savior, a personal God - not as an individual. For the individuality of a soul must be lost in the personality of the Christ - in God. These become unified, then, in their activities in relationships with others.”

“Replace animosities, hates and fears with faith, hope, longsuffering patience and with the purposes not merely of self, but of self applying the principles of the Christ-Consciousness.”
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