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Glenn Ratcliffe (vegan) – The Complete Actor with A Mission, Part 2 of 2



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It is often quoted, “When a disciple is ready, the Master appears.” Following Glenn’s near-tragic car accident and powerful near-death experience that gave him the cosmic view of how life exists beyond the physical, a bigger spiritual awakening was waiting for him. Realizing that destiny had guided him to this point, after his deep study of Master’s teachings, Glenn decided to travel to Taiwan and receive initiation into the Quan Yin method with Supreme Master Ching Hai. The more Glenn pursued his spiritual practice, the more he began to relate to the roles he had played over his years of acting and the meaning behind them. So, it dawned on me through recapitulation and looking at my life, that I'd been tested.

Before long, it dawned on Glenn that his story and his philosophy represented the universal human struggle of this world. He decided to make a movie in the hope of awakening the viewers to seek and embrace a spiritual change in their lives. “This movie is telling us we're all being tested, but it's also to know how to react to that test, and not slide down the snake in Snakes and Ladders, but continue up the ladder, through humility, through understanding, through not being a victim, through being grateful for life.”

“Every person that comes into your life, there's a reason. So, you want to have a compassionate understanding of that reason. So, you're forgiving yourself, you're coming from compassion. Always eat vegan, you must always do that. And always do your meditation and practice. The only key is love.”

This echoes the message Supreme Master Ching Hai has been graciously spreading around the world for over three decades. “The essence of life is love. The essence of God, of Buddha, of Allah, is love. There's nothing else but love. When we make the choice of love, that's the highest choice, the noblest choice, which is our true Self, we will feel that we are very near to God, very near to Buddha.”

Actor Glenn Ratcliffe would also like to dedicate this special message to Supreme Master Ching Hai: “To Supreme Master Ching Hai: I love You with all my heart. You are my Master, I surrender to You; and I'll serve You till the day I die. You're a gift to the planet and I will continually send You all my love.”

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