Веганството: Благородният начин на живот

The Vegan Leather Lifesavers, Part 2 of 2

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Traditionally, the pineapple has been harvested specifically for the fruit, with only local Philippine villagers taking advantage of the precious fibers that can be utilized for exquisite and durable clothing. After much research and experimentation, Dr. Hijosa, with the help of local farmers and scientists, created Piñatex, a natural vegan leather-like material. Using a material that is a waste by-product to most farmers, Piñatex is now generating an additional income for the farmers, reducing waste, and creating an exciting new textile for the fashion industry. The characteristics of Piñatex are a highly durable and versatile material which can be embossed, colored, sewn, and used in shoes, clothing, bags and numerous other ways, its use is only limited by one’s imagination.

Fruit disposal or the removal of decomposing fruit in Rotterdam is a costly business for the local shops. With the planet’s sustainability at the forefront of their intentions, Koen Meerkerk and Hugo de Boon started experimenting with the problem at hand, and created Fruitleather. And with this product came an exemplary model of a circular economical solution, that also has fashion designers swooning at the new material. Not only is it stylish but marketing such a versatile material with a sustainable impact on the planet speaks for itself.

Its creation will mitigate the suffering of animals raised for their hides, while giving fashion designers and manufacturers a compassionate alternative. These animal leather industries are not only detrimental to the environment and workers with the toxic chemicals and processing methods, but they also bring an untold burden upon themselves with a karmic price that has to be repaid. Supreme Master Ching Hai enlightens us with Her insightful knowledge and warnings to these industries. “Whatever we cause, we have to bear the consequence. There is no escape from this spiritual law. So, if we sell meat or open a meat restaurant, sometimes even killing raw fish or even live seafood and animals and all that. This is incurring terrible, bad karma (retribution). Anyone who opens a meat or fish or these animals’ products restaurant or even shop, they do not know how much harm they’re doing to themselves. That’s why they’re doing it.”

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