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In today’s news, France supports Sudan for food security and healthcare resilience in response to COVID-19, global food prices see sharp rise as a result of pandemic and global warming, remote inhabited archipelago in Atlantic Ocean declared Marine Protection Zone, Kazakhstan signs deal for major new wind farm, seven-year-old from Chicago, United States, raises money to buy protective gear for hospital staff, Spanish vegan animal companion food company launches nutritious new product for cats, and humpback whale sighted in New York City’s Hudson River.

France supports food security and healthcare resilience in Sudan.

France has donated €4 million through the French Development Agency to help improve Sudan’s COVID-19 response plan and crop safety. Of the total amount, €1.2 million will be allocated to Save the Children of the United Kingdom to provide nutrition services and upgrade health centers in regards to precautionary and infection control measures. Through the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture, €2.8 million will be used to develop an easy-to-use and safe method to ensure crop yields, such as of maize, sorghum, peanut, sesame and cotton. Our heartfelt appreciation, France, for your generous assistance as well as Save the Children and International Institute for Tropical Agriculture, for your humanitarian support. May the kind people of Sudan be blessed with a bright future of abundance, in Heaven’s uplifting love.

World food prices increase due to COVID-19 and global warming.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization’s food price index has shown a fast rise in the last year and reached the highest level since 2014. Following the COVID-19 outbreak and unfavorable weather from climate change, the index went up 3.5% between October and November alone. Vegetable oils increased the most in one month at 14.5%, while cereal prices are currently nearly 20% higher compared to 2019. The steeper costs have caused food security issues for many families, with 45 nations in need of international support. Thank you, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, for helping us to be more aware of the rising global food prices. In the mercy of the Providence, may the pandemic quickly end and the planet’s climate stabilize through humans’ rapid adoption of the win-win vegan diet.

Up next, remote inhabited archipelago in South Atlantic Ocean declared Marine Protection Zone. We’ll now give thanks to the speechwriters, who help to research on topics and write important briefings and statements for the public. Please stay for more beneficial news on Supreme Master Television.

Hey, optimistic friends, how are you doing? I’m Libby the vegan Lioness. I love eating plant-based foods as it fills my heart with love. Be more loving by being vegan, like me! Here’s my tip of the day. If you want to add a finish, also known as a stain, to a piece of woodwork, you can save money by making your own. First, put a steel wool pad into a mason jar and pour in about 60 ml of used coffee grounds and approximately 350 ml of vinegar. After closing the jar and shaking it well, allow the mixture to sit overnight. Next, carefully mix the stain, and wearing gloves, take out the steel wool. You can then spread the stain onto the project. The stain will turn darker as it dries, so you should wait 20 minutes if you want to apply an additional coat to get the color you like. Thank you for tuning in and much love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet thus save the world! Now, the weather around our beautiful globe.

One of the world’s most remote inhabited archipelagos establishes Marine Protection Zone.

The Tristan da Cunha archipelago in the South Atlantic Ocean has declared over 687,000 square kilometers of their land and sea to be protected. Ninety percent of their oceans will be completely off limits to any kind of fishing, as this United Kingdom’s Overseas Territory will now have a preserved area almost three times as large as Britain’s land area. The region is home to millions of birds, including rockhopper penguins and the Atlantic yellow-nosed albatross, some of whom are endangered, as well as countless fish and mammals. Many thanks, loving residents of Tristan da Cunha and all involved. We pray that your caring and protective actions will be emulated worldwide so we may peacefully reside alongside our animal friends, in Divine light.

Kazakhstan signs deal for major new wind farm.

Kazakhstan is set to build a 100-megawatt wind electricity plant worth over US$95 million in the southern part of the nation, making it one of the biggest wind facilities across the region. The Zhanatas Wind Farm is financed by loans from the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, and the Green Climate Fund. While creating more jobs, the plant helps to decrease coal production and energy-related carbon emissions by approximately 262,000 metric tons annually. Great work, Kazakhstan, and much appreciation, all the investors involved. In Celestial grace, may all nations dedicate their efforts to transforming our planet into a flourishing green paradise.

Kindhearted school girl helps provide protective gear for hospital.

Seven-year-old Hayley Orlinsky from Chicago, United States, has raised over US$26,000 for the city’s Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital to purchase urgently needed personal protective equipment for the staff dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. She has sold approximately 9,000 multicolored bracelets she made from rubber bands with help from her family and other well-wishers. Hayley, who received life-saving care at the hospital as an infant, has far surpassed her modest goal of US$200 after her mother Lori, a children’s book author, publicized her initiative on social media. The noble cause has received support from the Mayor of Chicago, the Honorable Lori Lightfoot, famed Broadway actor Miguel Cervantes, and the Chicago White Sox baseball team. May God bless you, Hayley Orlinsky, and also shield the diligent frontline medical workers. Wishing your altruistic actions to inspire many, in Heaven’s benevolence.

Up next on Noteworthy News, Spanish vegan animal companion food company launches nutritious new products for cats. We’ll just go online to research about food labeling so we can better identify products that are free of any animal ingredients and have not been tested on animals. We’ll return with more touching news on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News - Uplifting News for a Higher Standard World.

Spain-based vegan dog and cat food supplier introduces new product.

VeggieAnimals has recently brought to market their VeggieAnimals PLUS for cats. This nourishing new formula contains tapioca, iron, pumpkin and cranberries to support digestion, bones and the urinary system. Established by Spanish vegan activist Sonia España Ribera in 2014, VeggieAnimals’ plant-based products were created by a group of veterinarians and are available across 15 countries. The German-based data analytics company Statista has revealed that the global animal companion food business accounts for a significant part of the environmental degradation caused by the meat industry, related to pesticides, land use, water and fossil fuel consumption. Kudos, VeggieAnimals, for developing wholesome vegan meals for felines. In God’s loving care, may the entire animal companion food industry soon follow your compassionate, healthful and greener example.

New Yorkers delight at humpback whale sighting.

The cetacean was seen in the Hudson River against urban backdrops like Midtown Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. This is the first sighting of a whale in the river in about four years. The US non-profit research group Gotham Whale raised concerns about this marine friend’s safety in relation to the river traffic and challenges in finding his way back to the ocean, and asked boat captains to slown down in the area. Fortunately, the noble mammal looked healthy. All our best wishes for safe travels and joyous reunions, beautiful friend. May all our cetacean co-inhabitants flourish in Divine glory evermore so that we may enjoy their wondrous and loving presence for ages to come.

Looking for a fun and easy exercise? It’s now time to laugh your way to a six-pack with today’s joke called, “Wedding Photographer.”

Two friends, Jake and Dylan, were hanging out in a vegan restaurant, catching up on the latest news after Jake’s wedding last week.

“Suzy and I just got our wedding photos yesterday. They are so good. I’m sorry again that you could not be our wedding photographer due to your travel plans.”

“That’s all right. As long as you are happy with the result!”

“Oh, yes. We are definitely happy with it. We hired a really good photographer. But not as good as you.”

“Oh, thank you...”

“She is actually better.”

And now we have a heartline from Danelle in South Africa:

Dear Master, I am so far away from You, and I miss You so much, but when I see the photos that You’ve taken, I suddenly feel so close to You; my heart jumps every time. I feel that I am with You again through Your beautiful, thoughtful photos. They are all so touching. To imagine that You are presenting us with a gift of what beauty looks like through Your eyes is simply amazing. I'm overwhelmed with how the photos convey all this love shining through the subjects, a little flower or the depth of feeling that comes from a photo of something like stone steps in the dark. It's like You are showing us the beautiful atmosphere and Buddha Nature of everything around us. I look forward to seeing them every time. I'm really drawn to them. Thank You for finding so many ways to connect with us. I truly Love You and wish that one day I can see You again. Thank You for sharing this beauty, Master! Danelle from South Africa

Art-loving Danelle, Thank you for your heartfelt message.

Master has a reply for you: “Warm-hearted Danelle, I appreciate your loving thoughts and am glad that you experience the joys of God’s creativity in my pictures. I love taking photos of nature and animals whenever possible, though sometimes it’s quite challenging, but because it brings joy to people like you, it’s all worthwhile. I encourage you to see also through your own eyes the beauty around you and within you. Much Love and a big hug. May God grace you, your loved ones and the joyous South African people with nobility, peace, and good health.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

Thank you for spending time with us on Noteworthy News. May wisdom and love be your trusted guide and loyal companion.

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