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The Reunion of Souls: Gathering with Association Members after the Lecture, Part 9 of 11

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You know the nature of the soul is not that “I am here and I have one soul in here” – it’s not like that! My soul is bigger than just in here. It might be all over here, it might be all me, but it looks different. I know, I know... It’s not like, OK, “God is one and everybody is one with God” – it’s not in that sense. It’s in the sense that one individual can have a great soul that encompasses many so-called bodies. So we can happen to identify, just like each other.

(Can You please teach me how to love?)

I can’t, but you can teach yourself by going in the Ocean of Love, which you are, by remembering it, by going back into it, swimming in it every day, saturating yourself with blessings from Heaven, beloved by God, feel loved by our Father, then you will be loving automatically. I can’t teach you, not even in a thousand years, because you are love incarnated – you are already love. No one can teach you. You just awaken, remember, walk the way you should be as a loving being, as a representative of God, then you will know love.

(This is in three parts. What is a noble idea? What should we do continuously in order to fulfill the noble idea in our mind? And then in order to work in a big company and make lots of money, is this not a noble idea?)

Oh, it is. It depends on what kind of company and depends on what you do with the money you earn. The noble idea is to know God. That’s the noblest idea. And everything else follows. It’s OK to earn money. You have to take care of this temple. Take care of God inside. And you have to take care of your friends, your family, your wife, your kids. It is a noble idea to earn money, take care of your loved ones, and “by the way” knowing God. If just earning money to take care of this physical body and their physical body, it’s not enough, that’s all. Have to know God and work at the same time. I am knowing God, I’m working, earning money too. I use the money in different ways, and I am very happy with it. Earning money is good, very noble. I’m proud of my money because a lot of people need it. I am always happy when I can give somebody something. It’s a very noble feeling.

(If a person who, in a previous life, has done some bad things, what should he do to liberate in this life, and where can he liberate to, and for how long?)

The only thing you should do is just know yourself. Doesn’t matter how bad you have been in the past, it doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter how long this hall has been dark, tonight they just lit the light and everything is brilliant again, even if it has been dark here for 300 years. It doesn’t matter at all. Get enlightened and everything else is clear.

(Why is God so hidden, so hard to realize or hard to find?)

Hes is not! My God! Hes is dying to come out to shake hands with you! It’s just you don’t look for Hirm. Quiet yourself, like 10 minutes, 20 minutes, half an hour, one hour, two hours, a day, and then Hes appears, immediately. Just look into where God is and don’t look into the world. Meditation means we retire from the world for a while. It doesn’t mean go into the Himalayas, but retire inside, forget the world, forget every trouble for a while and then remember God, then God will come.

(How do we know that we are one? How do we know we are complete when we give so much and ask for nothing more but true acceptance? Is this a sign of not knowing oneself?)

We only know we are one when we are enlightened. Anything else nobody can explain to us. Once we meditate, we’re inside the spiritual experience, we will see that, just like I see you, that we are one.

Yes, honey? Finished? Cool! (All finished.) Yes! Good! Thank you so much for your love and your patience! (Thank You!) You are a wonderful audience! You can take some fruit if you like to. You’ve been sitting so long, maybe you feel tired and dry. They’re all yours! Thank you and God bless you! God already does!

Did I forget something? Do you want to come up and get it? Do you want to come and get it? Here! Oh my God, so many! Come, come! Here. There you go. Fruit, this is different. Apples. Here. Do you want some?

(If anyone is interested in learning any of the two meditation techniques taught free of charge by the Supreme Master Ching Hai, would you please make your way now to the foyer where the working staff are most happy to guide you through to the registration area.)

Quick, quick, bring. Here, brother. Banana. Share. Share. Take the whole thing, brother. OK, just one. Wait, wait. Keep fighting with me, the banana even. Here, baby. Oops! Catch! Catch! Use your hands and wisdom, whatever. Here, baby! Back, yes! Two hands. Two hands is easier. Here, for you. Give this to the lady. Here you are. I can’t give to all, OK? Just symbolic, all right? Go up and get it yourself. Here. The kid. Here, darling. Catch! Here! Sorry. Catch, whoever can. Oops, sorry. Oh, that’s good! Lady, here. Here. Let her, let her.

Here, brother. I think I just… (Thank You.) Here. Here. Good! Hey, brother! Wow! One more? (…fell over.) Oh, man. Mother here, here. Here. Mother here, come. Hold your hands up. For you. No, for her. Hold your hands. Here, here. OK. Let her, let her. OK. Wait, wait. Here.

Cool. Good. This is fun when you get one, you know? (Yes.) It’s not about apple, it’s if you are lucky. Here! Oh, sorry. Here, darling. Here. Here is for you. Yes. I’m sorry I couldn’t reach everybody. Yeah, here, here, here. Yes! Oh, again! (I tried my best.) Oh, again! Yes!

Give it to... Can you bring the whole box and give to people over there, please? Here you are! My God! Let the old lady and gentleman take. Here you are, father. Here. It’s for him. Yes. Anyone? Elder people first, please, senior citizens and unable people. Here. Don’t push to the front. Yes. Here! Here, baby. I’d like to give everybody, it’s just impossible. Pushing. Do you have it, brother? Here. Oh, man. Next one. Here, here, here. Here.

Anyhow, whatever. Here. Where are the… You want to give me that? Here. Orange? Here, darling. OK, mother, the white lady. Here! Let the white lady behind you get. Yes. You missed it again. (Orange!) Orange. Here you are! Here. Here. Here, darling, whoever. There you go. Forever fruit. I’ve got to go, OK? Otherwise, we don’t… (One more!) Again? Oh man, every time. Please leave there for me. I’ve got to go. Working. I’ll come here. This way, go this way? It’s OK. Thank you. I will just drop it and... Keep it. Please, for you. Help yourself, please. It’s just due to time. OK? I would like to give. OK, guys. Can you please bring the fruit here? Hey! Yes? Bring over here. Please bring some more over here. Yeah? You wish? All right. OK. I’ll touch them all. Hoola hup! How are you? (I am good.) Some refreshment. (Now I know... I have one Master…) Yes. Right. Thank you. Thank you, darling. You have to see in order to believe? (That’s true. Seeing is believing.) Take care, darling. I touched that. You help yourself. Here. You OK? All yours. Yes, yes. Take. They’re all yours. Again? It’s in here, not in here. Brother. And you. Wow, my God, that’s professional! Ooh, he’s good. Here. You guys, all yours, OK? Here! One more chance. Good. See you after. I’ll come back here. What is that?

Money’s all the groups of people? (Yes.) What people do for money, you don’t think like that because it’s a wrong conception. Actually, we should not need money, you’re right. But just in this society, it’s already established by money. So, we have to earn money to use it to exchange for something more loving, that’s all. Otherwise money is no need. In a higher society, they just exchange. Like you make potatoes and I make apples, and we exchange. That’s the best way. But I can’t change the world in two minutes. I work with it, so that it’s much more comfort. Oh, sure, honey. Take care. OK. I love you.

(Thank You. Really, really lovely to meet You here again.) (We all love You.) (Ten years ago.) Ten years ago? You still look the same. (Yes.) (Two years ago, I read all Your books. I’m really lucky.) Oh, yeah? (Yes.) OK. (Thank You, Master. My mom sent me all Your books in Australia.) Oh, really. (I’m so pleased to see You again. I’m so happy! And I told my mother-in-law, that couldn’t make it tonight, I’ll take that home for her,) OK, yes. (85 years old.) Give my love. Give my love. OK? (And all the best for Your journey.) Thank you, thank you. I’ll come back. This way or that way? I’ll come back for the initiation. I’ll come back soon. I have to leave so that they can come here. (Yes.) OK, guys. (See You later.) See you. See you. (Waiting for You.) I’m really grateful for your love and your blessing. The people behind there don’t have. Bring it to them. See you. I’m going. Bye. (Can I have one?)

You guys! You want to sit here with me? Come here. Yes. Sit anywhere. You look like a monk! Baby, come here! Here, you want some cake for your mother? OK, then sit there if you want. So cute! So nice of kids to do this, so nice!

Later we share, yes? (Yes!) We share all these, yes? (Yes!) Make it dry and hang it there, yeah? Some people put them in tea. I don’t recommend it because some flowers I don’t know if it’s safe... Thank you darling! ...you can take that fan in here. Boy! Sit if you want, yeah! Take the flowers and give... put it over here, put it here! You can help yourselves to the candies here if you want. Thank you! Wow! Beautiful... oh my God! Thank you so much! Thank you! I am sorry, guys, if you didn’t come to the stage, but here is fine, too! Yes! Leave it there! Let me blow something cool, cool, cool... He likes it. Oh yeah! He takes the whooh....

How come you are so good? You know, why you are so good? Because you are me! Yes! We get on fabulously well because we are one! Thanks! You know the nature of the soul is not that “I am here and I have one soul in here” – it’s not like that! My soul is bigger than just in here. It might be all over here, it might be all me, but it looks different. I know, I know... It’s not like, OK, “God is one and everybody is one with God” – it’s not in that sense. It’s in the sense that one individual can have a great soul that encompasses many so-called bodies. So we can happen to identify, just like each other. Just like sometimes we have two persons, but they think exactly the same thing at the same moment. That is because that is one soul, not because they are one with God or they are one with each other, but they are one soul, just like twins, you see. They’re like soul mates, something like that.

But soul mates don’t necessarily mean only one; means a lot, a lot of them... Can be a lot, because some great souls, they encompass a lot, a lot of other beings for their own purposes. Therefore, we feel like brothers and sisters, we feel like one. Sometimes you feel very good with your sister or your brother, your mother, your father, because that’s you. You make it become family, but it’s only one, one soul as many individuals. Understand? No? No. That’s all right. But that’s why, sometimes we say, “I have affinity with that person,” or “she is my soul mate,” “he is my soul mate,” because it’s you, it is really you! I mean, that’s your individual soul group in one soul, see what I mean?

Apart from that, we are one with God and one with everybody else. We have also individual souls which can house many... big group of people as just one soul, but it looks different. No? You don’t understand? Never mind! It’s OK! You do understand? Yes! So that’s why sometimes we feel so good with a group of people. The more we’re with them, the more we feel strengthened, because we’re at home with ourselves; we are together, we’re pieced together, you see?

No wonder we work so well. Can you imagine, you are me? But how come I am the only beautiful one in here? Don’t tell anybody! I am very humble. I love you so much! (We love You too!) Ah, if I don’t come see you, it’s not because I don’t love you, Ok? Yeah! But also because I don’t feel the separation. Maybe you do. Sometimes, I do miss you a lot. Some people, especially some people, if I’ve known a long time, or even like one of the residents died or something, I know I can see her anytime, but it’s different. You see what I mean? It’s different, like I cannot keep calling her, “Come on down here and visit me!” It’s not fair. But when we’re physically together, we can. See what I mean?

And sometimes... So nice, so nice people that I also want to stay there with them forever. Just like, for example now, I invite some representatives, some contact persons to my room and we share some food, eat together – they eat together, I share the food and they eat together – and it’s just so nice; feels like family and feels like they are so good. I also love to be around good people, it makes you feel good, too. It makes you feel life is worth living and everything you do is really worthwhile. It’s really, really nice. So I also did not want them to leave and I also did not want to leave New Zealand; I just get sentimental like that. And perhaps you do feel like that when we are not together, and in some moments like that, I understand how you feel, but otherwise, most of the time I don’t feel the separateness between us at all, and I do not feel that the world needs me even. I’ve told you that many times, but it’s difficult for you to understand.

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