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The Reunion of Souls: Questions and Answers, Part 8 of 11

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Meditation doesn’t change the world, it changes you, and then, if everyone changes themselves, the world becomes peaceful. We only make war because we are not peaceful ourselves, because we could not know the person next to us is God, we could not realize that we are God and we could not realize that the one we kill, we shoot, we torture, is also God, and that’s why the world is not peaceful.

(Does meditation work for those who steal and take (addictive) drugs?)

Steal? If you are hungry... if you are hungry, it’s OK. And drugs, you don’t need to take (addictive) drugs in order to feel not hungry, so it’s not a necessity. Jesus said that the one who steals for bread is not guilty. I say the same. But (addictive) drug is not a necessity, and it damages your body, your brain, and it damages the happiness of your relationship with your family and other friends. It is better to be away from it. Today, it’s easy to cure yourself of drug addiction. Just enlist yourself to drugs - or alcoholics anonymous; they’ll help you. Clean yourself, so that you will be whole again.

(Thank You for coming to New Zealand. When we feel intense fear, what is the reason for this? What is life trying to tell us?)

It depends, it depends. If you are in a fearful situation, that is all right to feel fear, but just we have to not let the fear overcome us, so that we are paralyzed and do not know how to react a better way. Fear is a natural emotion. Fear, love are natural emotions, you don’t have to suppress it, you just have to understand it and handle it. For example, you think I don’t have fear? I do! I feared to come here and I didn’t know what to talk to you… I feared that I didn’t know how to make you understand what I understand. I really did fear. Today I arrived early and then I went to have tea in a shop because I didn’t have anything since yesterday. I just kind of... couldn’t eat on the airplane and I was very tired physically, because I had to rush up a lot of things in order to pack and then go. And so I didn’t sleep at all from..., you know, a long time. So when on the airplane, I couldn’t eat anything; just tried to sleep or quiet down. So this morning, I was worried that I might sleep again in the lecture hall, so I went to grab some tea. And then I saw a lot of people, they sat there and had tea and they talked about all kinds of things, and I was wondering, “How am I going to tell all these people about God? Do they really care about God? They are so happy with their physical lives, whom am I going to talk to, and what?” But then I still do it, you see? I have fear, but I go through it; not that I don’t have it.

We have fear but we have to go through it. If it is a fearful situation, we have to think, “OK, what can we do to make it better?” If it’s a fearful person, we try to use love to overcome his own fear. The person who is sometimes bad to us, makes us fearful, because he himself is an insecure person. So it depends on the situation. Anyway, even if we have fear, we must calm down and think, “OK, I have fear, but now, what must I do in this kind of situation to get myself out of this fear?” You have to take control of yourself to get rid of the fear. Take control of yourself means, OK, deal with the situation, so that we become secure, better, and then the fear will disappear. We cannot suppress the fear, we have to deal with it, make it better.

Oh, are we OK with time? Because people need initiation. Whoever likes to have a deeper spiritual instruction and deeper, more commitment and wants initiation, should leave and go out and register yourself so we can call you later. We’ll know your name and call you later. And after this finishes, we initiates here? (Yes, right.) Here, right? Here, then we have to clear up. Even though we can stay forever, but the people will sleep here if we stay too long. How many more questions? (There’s at least another 30 here.) Wow! (Thirty.) Thirty. That takes a long time. Just go through fast and the important ones first, OK?

(OK. It is my belief that we choose our parents. Is this correct? If so, why do some of us choose to be born in various religions that take a long path to God?)

That’s the way we choose to do. That makes up the varieties of this life. Otherwise, if everybody chooses the same thing at the same time, then there’s no need to choose anything. Even though roses are the best flowers that people think are the best, we have chrysanthemums, we have peach blossoms, etc., just for variety. It’s cool.

(What is Your relationship with the ascended Masters?) They helped me. They’re my friends. I am continuing Their job. Colleagues.

(If God is inside of me, then I am God. So when I want to do something dangerous, stupid things, does it mean God controls me or wants me to do these bad things? And should I do them?)

Nope! There is God inside us, but because we work through the brain – sometimes the brain is bad, the computer is damaged – and that’s why we do bad things. So, if we think it is a bad thing, that means the God-voice inside us told us not to do it. If you already know it’s bad, that means it’s bad, it’s no good, don’t do it. Sometimes, you drive your car, you have the first class driver’s license, and you drive perfectly, but sometimes your car... Yes, thank you! Sometimes your car’s damaged, the engine’s dead or the tire blows out. You cannot blame yourself for all these. It’s not the driver, it’s the car. So, if it’s good driving, everything, then the driver is good, the car is good. If the car blows out and everything, then the engine is bad, the car is bad, the driver is still good! So you make the distinction between the driver and the car, between God and the brain, then there will be no problem. If it’s bad, don’t do it. If it’s good, do it right away. Very simple. Yes?

(If there’s a Heaven and angels, is there such a thing as evil and demons?)

Yes, human beings do some evil things. Yes, there are some bad energies hanging in the atmosphere and sometimes we can feel it. But originally, there is no devil, no evil. It’s just because we sometimes think in a wrong way, think in a bad way, and all this generates these evil energies. And so sometimes we call this evil and it affects us.

(What do Divine love and human love have in common?) Human love is a part of Divine love. Yes, a small part, a small part, and if two persons, when they love each other unconditionally, that is the Divine love in action also.

(Do we go through many lifetimes and collect karmic (retributive) debt along the way? Does reincarnation exist?)

Yes, it does. It does. We don’t collect, really, karmic (retributive) deeds; we just experience different things. We have chosen to do this, to do that, just to experience, yes? And once we finish, and we don’t want it any more, we return to God, we remember ourselves – that’s when we become enlightened.

 (What is the meaning when I occasionally see flashing purple light?) Oh, that’s good. That’s spiritual experience, but that’s not very high level – Astral Level. We have many more levels beyond that. But it’s good already, that you’re already so concentrated alone by yourself, that you can get some experience. Go ahead.

(Why is it that though we are all equal in God’s creation, some of us suffer so much misery while certain others, though they have a life of evil misdeeds, materially prosper?)

Well, it’s because of different paths that we have chosen. When we gain material wealth or comfort, that doesn’t mean we are blessed or we are anything good, because soon we’ll die, we’ll leave everything behind. If we gain spiritual knowledge and wealth, that is the everlasting one. So, do not envy those who only acquire material possession but have nothing for their soul, because soon they will be empty. But you, even though you don’t have much of material acquisition, but are rich in your heart have great love, great compassion, great knowledge and wisdom. Like the Buddha, like Jesus, They were walking on bare feet; They didn’t have any money, They didn’t have cars, They had nothing and people fell at their feet to worship Them. People listened to everything They said and are still worshipping Them two, three thousand years later. Who is the richer? The millionaires out there? Or Jesus, or Buddha? You already know the answer. There’s no need to compare ourselves with others; we have to know what we are worth inside. That is important.

(Why do we keep coming back, even if we have remembered that we have God within us each lifetime?) No, we haven’t remembered. That’s why we came back.

(What is Your definition or understanding of “hell”?)

I don’t want to understand. No, hell is when we suffer or when we cause suffering to someone else. I am sorry if I didn’t look at you this way. ‘Cause I keep looking at her. She’s so attractive... vegetarian (vegan)!’ Anyway. Hell is not just a place, though some people do go there to suffer because they want to clear themselves of some misconception while they were alive. You know we are our own selves, God, so we judge ourselves if we did some terrible things in life.

Sometimes we choose to go to some purification places just like the hospital, cut off all the bad cells, and then you become healthy again. So, hell is a place of suffering, and it could be on this physical planet as well. When you go through intense pain, mentally or physically, or when you cause intense pain to someone else, even animals, that is hell for that person.

(From my understanding, the way to practice the Quan Yin Method is by meditation. I am wondering how meditation can help to change the world to be peaceful and in harmony – an ideal world.)

Yes, that’s the right question. Meditation doesn’t change the world, it changes you, and then, if everyone changes themselves, the world becomes peaceful. We only make war because we are not peaceful ourselves, because we could not know the person next to us is God, we could not realize that we are God and we could not realize that the one we kill, we shoot, we torture, is also God, and that’s why the world is not peaceful. Once we meditate – it doesn’t mean you have to meditate – you have to enter yourself, and I have to show you that.

I have to reconnect you with your true Self, then that is true meditation, not just sitting there like a statue. You have to really reconnect with God first and then that is a true meditation. Once that has taken place, your being is changed forever. You become a peaceful example of a walking god on this planet, and even if you don’t do anything, people see you, they feel peace, and they want to learn ‘what did you do that makes you feel what you are.’ They want to be around you; they want to take advice from you; they want to learn your example, and that’s how the world will become peaceful. It’s very logical, nothing mysterious.

(Is praying meditation?) Yes, yes! It is a kind of meditation, but praying is only a “one-way” meditation. Like, we talk, talk, talk to God, “Oh, God! God, please do this, do that...” but we don’t hear what Hes says; that’s why it’s “one-way.” Meditation is a “two-way” communication. We offer our pain, our sorrow, our happiness, our gratitude to God, and Hes in turn lets us know what we should do next; or we have communication, we have connection with God. And praying is just talk, talk, talk, one person - we don’t hear what God says at all - but in meditation we hear, we know. Hes guides us; Hes brightens our lives with a thousand suns inside; Hes makes us shining, loving, wise, humorous, beautiful, inside out. That’s the difference.

(Do we move between different levels of consciousness from moment to moment, or are we at a certain level, until we grow spiritually, and then move up?) One by one, just like in school. One class after another. Some move quicker, some move slower.

 (Is our destiny fixed?)

Yes and no. Yes and no. There are two kinds of destiny: one is still in store, waiting; the other one is already written for this lifetime. That’s why you are born in a certain family and have to walk the way you do and experience pain and pleasure the way you do. But even then, you can correct that. Once we go to a higher level, we can look down and see what’s wrong in our lives, and then we can fix the different departments and make our lives better. That’s why meditating people, they become happier and their lives smoother; they’re clearer and everything’s better for them automatically. “Seek you first the Kingdom of God and all the things shall be added unto you,” that’s what it means.

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