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Refarm’d: Switching to Plant-Based Milk Farming with Geraldine Starke, Part 1 of 2

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Today, we will look into the exciting, innovative, and compassionate way that Geraldine Starke is helping to convert dairy farms into plant-based milk farms. The plant-based milk trend is growing exponentially, worldwide, as people are now choosing plant-based over dairy. Geraldine’s inspiration led to the turning of small to medium-sized dairy farms into the dynamic new age, alternative non-dairy milk-producing farms using nuts, grains, and legumes. 
Geraldine loves animals and her dream was to build her own sanctuary to help as many as possible. “But we really wanted to help more. So, I never really got to the point of doing it. But I always had that in the back of my mind. Then one day, I just realized that dairy farms or meat farms - are actually the perfect place for a sanctuary. Of course, I'm talking small farm, not factory farms, because they already have the land, they already have animals, and they already have the people caring for these animals.” It didn't take Geraldine long to establish the business model and real workable solutions. 
Geraldine spent one and a half years doing tons of research, which involved checking out the local farmers who were already farming, what they were farming, was it being farmed organically, and if these farms were capable of being converted into vegan farms. While doing her research, Geraldine also spoke to farmers about her concept of changing dairy and meat farms into sustainable farms producing plant-based milk. “The idea is that they will source the ingredients from the local farms around, depending on what milk they will do, regarding their locality. The process of making milk is very simple. So, we would be there to help them make it, train them, and provide materials. So, we really want to have a transition that can be easy and quick, not much time for them or risk for them.” 
“So, the idea is that they don't grow ingredients directly on their land, because we need them to keep the land for the animals. Because they will keep the animals, so they will source locally and then just make the milk, plant-based milk themselves, and sell it. So, we will provide them with a platform for that.”
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