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In today’s news, our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai graciously presents Shining World Invention Award to Polish scientist for furthering solar technology, Canada supports food security for Palestinian families, green energy development rises in Spain, United States researchers develop battery components from plastic, firefighter helps neighbors in need amid lockdown in India, celebrated basketball player inspires others with plant-based diet, and Kenyan conservationist devoted to protecting antelopes.

In Shining World Invention Award News from Poland…

In 2013, Dr. Olga Malinkiewicz discovered a method to inkjet-print solar cells using perovskite crystals. This new type of solar cell can transform the solar industry, as perovskite is less expensive than current solar cells, and potentially more efficient than current silicon models. It can also be used indoors and in the shade. Dr. Malinkiewicz is the co-founder of Saule Technologies, a start-up company that seeks to produce 180,000 square meters of perovskite panels in 2020. “In fact, we now have a situation when for the first time in history, the cost of producing green energy, energy generated by perovskite cells, can beat the cost of producing energy obtained using traditional methods, i.e. fossil fuels.” Our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai gratefully presented the Shining World Invention Award to Dr. Olga Malinkiewicz “plus a loving gift of US$21,000 for extra support for this wonderful and world protecting project, in God’s wonder.”

Our Association members in Warsaw, Poland, were pleased to present the Award letter, crystalline plaque, Master’s publications and DVDs, as well as a check of Master’s contribution of US$21,000 to Dr. Malinkiewicz. “This Award is presented in recognition of your creative brilliance, scientific genius and ability to reinvent and adapt technology to help save our planet. Our future is in good hands with imaginative scientists like you.” “I would like to immensely thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for this wonderful Award. It is a great honor for me and great luck to be recognized by Supreme Master Ching Hai.”

Our heartfelt congratulations, Dr. Olga Malinkiewicz. May your pioneering perovskite solar cell technology be successfully implemented around the world, in Divine benevolence. For the full presentation of the Shining World Invention Award to Dr. Malinkiewicz, please tune in to our Shining World Award program at a later date.

Canada provides food aid to Palestinian families in Gaza and the West Bank.

The government of Canada, a Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion and Protection laureate, donated US$4.3 million to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). It will be used to provide essential food aid to vulnerable individuals in Gaza and the West Bank. In Gaza, electronic food vouchers with credit of US$10.30 per person per month will allow over 100,000 disadvantaged non-refugee recipients to purchase a variety of food for two months that they select from 200 designated retail outlets. In the West Bank, the funding will be used to provide six months of food rations of fortified wheat flour, pulses, oil and salt to 37,000 individuals. The initiative seeks to provide food security for the most vulnerable people during the time of COVID-19. Our accolades and gratitude, Canada and World Food Programme, for your praiseworthy effort. May the loving Palestinian people soon greet brighter tomorrows, in Allah’s grace.

Up next, green energy development rises in Spain. We’ll pause to thank the narwhals for helping climate scientists take ocean temperatures in hard-to-reach regions and thus better understand the ice melt in the Arctic. Will return with more leading news after these messages here on Supreme Master Television.

Hallo folks, I’m Sy the vegan Squirrel! Do you want to feel beautiful, light and strong? Be vegan! Here is a gardening tip for you today. A cozy bug hotel can be beneficial for your garden. It will attract pollinators like bees and other helpful insects like ladybugs and earwigs. One way to create a simple bug hotel is to cut a used two-liter plastic bottle into two cylinders. Then insert dried twigs, leaves, bark, pine cones, hollow bamboo canes, straw, or even pebbles. Ensure the natural materials are packed tightly then loop a long strand of twine around the cylinders, and hang your instant bug hotel from a tree branch or fence in a place with sunlight or light shade, preferably 1.5 meters off the ground. Lots of love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet, for all of us humans and all co-inhabitants alike. And thank you for watching. Now, the weather around the world.

Spain, a Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion laureate, increases its renewable share.

Sunco Capital, a clean energy management firm based in the country, has begun construction of two new solar farms in Manzanares municipality in Ciudad Real. The project is financed through Spain-headquartered international bank, Banco Santander, and will be built upon 191 hectares of land and operate at 83 megawatts solar capacity. The energy produced can power approximately50,000 homes and will be sold through a long-term Power Purchase Agreement with Shell Energy Europe. Sunco will continue to manage the site after construction is completed in 2021. It’s estimated the two solar plants will result in an annual reduction of approximately 35,000 metric tons of emissions as Spain continues to work towards being 100% renewably powered by 2050. Congratulations, Spain and Sunco Capital, on these two new solar farms. May sustainable industries continue growing in a new vegan world, in Heaven’s brilliance.

Scientists discover method to convert plastic bottles into battery components.

Scientists from Purdue University in the United States have found a method to transform polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which is the type of plastic that bottles are made of, into battery components. After microwaving the flaked plastic pieces for two minutes, the material was converted into disodium terephthalate, which can be used on the anodes of lithium ion or sodium ion batteries. The research paper, written by the scientists to describe their findings, notes that the material is a “low-cost, environmentally-benign, organic molecular compound.” What an amazing discovery, Purdue University scientists! May your green innovation help to increase recycling rates of PET as we strive to convert our current economic system into a circular one by reusing and recycling all materials, and thus protect our earthly home.

Kind fireman in India delivers medications during coronavirus lockdown. Maneesh Pant, a firefighter with the Uttarakhand Police Fire Department in north India, launched “Operation Sanjeevani” to bring urgently needed medicines to people who otherwise could not access them during the nationwide lockdown. After Mr. Pant’s elderly neighbor’s family approached him for assistance with getting a blood pressure medication, he realized that others had similar challenges. In a social media post, the altruistic man asked people to contact him, posting their delivery location and a picture of their prescription, if they needed assistance in this matter. With the help of the local police vehicle and friends, Mr. Pant has had much-needed medications brought to at least 100 individuals throughout the state. The compassionate gentleman has also paid for medicines for low-income wage earners. Our warm appreciation, Maneesh Pant, for your willingness to go the extra mile and serve your co-citizens in need. May the Divine bless you and the courageous people of India with well-being, safety and comfort.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Thankfully present the Shining World Caring Award to Maneesh Pant, with high salute and a small contribution of US$10,000 toward helping the needy in time of our world trouble. May Heaven shield your life and uplift your soul.”

Coming up, celebrated basketball player inspires others with plant-based diet. We are going for a short brisk walk outdoors; a simple exercise that also strengthens the bones and improves our balance. Supreme Master Television will return in just a moment with more supporting news.

Welcome back to Noteworthy News - Improving News for an Alleviating World.

Acclaimed American basketball player credits vegan diet for boosting athletic performance.

Superstar Chris Paul has been winning on the basketball court for a decade and a half, gaining accolades along the way from the National Basketball Association (NBA) that include Rookie of the Year and All-Star Game Most Valuable Player as well as winning two Olympic gold medals. Last year, the veteran player fully committed to a plant-based diet, which he describes as making him feel more energetic and spirited as well as playing better than ever now that his body heals faster after games and practices. The celebrated athlete co-produced the influential pro-vegan documentary, The Game Changers. He is also an investor in vegan meat company, Beyond Meat, and has previously shared that he ate “a Beyond Burger after every game to aid with recovery times and inflammation.” Three hearty cheers, Chris Paul! Your plant-strong diet is surely an inspiration to many. Being your best on and off the court lights up our lives as the Heavens radiate loving mercy on all for a vegan planet!

Kenyan conservationist awarded for his dedicated efforts to protect antelopes.

Dr. Abdullahi Hussein Ali, founder of the Hirola Conservation Program in Kenya, has been honored with a Whitley Award for his dedication to protecting the critically endangered hirola antelope, whose population has decreased by over 95% since 1980 and is considered at high risk of extinction. The United Kingdom-based conservation charity, Whitley Fund for Nature, presented the award and will provide £40,000 in project funding. Dr. Ali and his team will focus on restoring the vital grassland habitats of the hirola antelope through participatory conservation, community involvement and education. Their mission includes teaching farmers how to track hirola sightings and use land sustainably. In addition, the team has started an anti-poaching program to protect elephants, who play a key role in helping to maintain the grassland habitat of the antelopes. A big thanks, Dr. Abdullai Hussein Ali and the conservation team, for your tireless efforts in saving the gentle herbivorous hirola population. May the antelopes and all other irreplaceable animal friends be safeguarded in the care and shelter of the Providence.

We bet you won’t be able to hold back a laugh when you hear the hilarious joke of the day called, “Frugal Way.”

“You know Julia, my mom considers food to be precious and so eats very little. Is there any way to make her eat more?”

“Sure! Just tell her when the food is going to expire, then she will quickly eat it all up!”

And now we have a heartline from Venus in China:

Dear Master and the Supreme Master TV team, I enjoy very much the loving scenes of the harmonious coexistence of earthly beings broadcasted just before the daily Noteworthy News. My heart happily melts while watching them. I think if people watch these touching pictures more, they will be healed. The relationship between humans and animals will be more harmonious. I hope there is an outlet where people around the world can submit loving scenes recorded by themselves, where more love will be discovered, transmitted, and touched. Thanks to all sentient beings! Thank God. Venus from China

Treasured Venus, Your tender message is much appreciated. Animals are beautiful angels in furry or fantastic disguise. They selflessly bless us every day, and their unconditional love is enormous. May Heavenly abundance be with you and the benevolent inhabitants of China, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master said: “Elevated Venus, thank you for your sweet, encouraging note. I too love those animal recordings very much! The animals are so pure and such a joy to watch. I really hope those clips will touch humans’ hearts and awaken their innate innocence, for this is our true Self. May you, yours and welcoming China be in the Buddhas’ favor, always.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

Thank you for your company on Noteworthy News. May your days be graced with good will and compassion to all beings.

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