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In today’s news, European Union makes contribution to strengthen Somalia’s health care systems, researchers discover genes that determine susceptibility to respiratory viral infections, university study finds lifestyle choices affect the body’s immune response to vaccines, Thai shopping mall creates adjoining recreational park, Mexico enacts protections for young asylum seekers and refugees, survey finds fewer people eating meat in Netherlands, and two dogs in United States achieve Guinness world record.

World Health Organization (WHO) receives funding from European Union for Somalia.

In a move to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and strengthen the African nation’s health care infrastructure, the EU has pledged €5 million. The multi-year financial support will enable Somalia’s Ministry of Health and WHO to take steps that will enhance the safety of the citizens. Such measures include improved access to public health services, wellness information campaigns that reach the most vulnerable communities, better coronavirus testing and contact tracing, as well as establishing an effective system for monitoring and responding to other disease outbreaks. The European Union is a recipient of four Shining World Leadership Awards for Humanitarianism, two Shining World Leadership Awards for Peace, and a Shining World Leadership Award for Earth Protection; and a laureate of two Shining World Leadership Awards for Humanitarianism and Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, Unconditional World Care and True Caring. Our heartfelt gratefulness, European Union, World Health Organization, and the Somalian Ministry of Health, for your dedicated humanitarian assistance to at-risk populations. May the colorful Somalis soon see brighter and happier days, in Divine upliftment.

New study reveals unusual genes in COVID-19 patients.

Under the direction of the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom, scientists compared genic information from people who were severely challenged by the coronavirus with data from healthy individuals. The researchers discovered that those whose cases were life-threatening shared the same eight genetic sequences. For example, the gene known as TYK2 has been linked to the excessive release of inflammatory proteins called cytokines, which can destroy tissues and damage organs. These findings could help pharmaceutical companies repurpose existing drugs that effectively suppress TYK2 in other diseases, thus accelerating clinical trials for COVID-19 remedies. Wonderful news, University of Edinburgh and all scientists on the research team. In the sheltering grace of the Providence, we pray for humanity's acceptance of the life-preserving vegan diet and a prompt end to the pandemic.

Up next, university study finds lifestyle choices affect the body’s immune response to vaccines. We’ll take a moment to thank the training and development specialists, who assess the needs of organizations and develop custom enrichment programs that expand the knowledge and skills of employees. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more rewarding news.

It’s a beautiful day, blissful viewers! I’m Leiji the vegan Leaf Sheep. Do you want to know the secret of my personal inner peace? My vegan lifestyle ensures that no one gets hurt! If you wear makeup, especially waterproof mascara, I have a tip for you. When it’s time to remove the cosmetics, you can save money and avoid unnecessary chemicals by using one of several plant-based oils that you may already have. Coconut oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and olive oil are all gentle makeup removers. Simply apply with your fingers or a cotton ball, and then wash your face with your favorite soap and lukewarm water. Lots of love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all us humans and all co-inhabitants alike. Thank you for watching. Now for the weather from around the world.

Healthy habits shown to make vaccines more effective.

Researchers at Ohio State University in the United States have determined that unhealthy nutrition and lifestyle choices compromise the body’s ability to benefit from inoculations. After reviewing several dozen reports from the past 30 years on vaccination outcomes, the academics found that people who smoked, drank alcohol, and whose diets included a lot of processed food and saturated fat experienced a relatively weak immune response. On the other hand, individuals who avoided toxic substances, ate a whole food, plant-based diet, and regularly exercised displayed robust immunity after being vaccinated. Way to go, Ohio State University researchers! May your insightful work revealing the importance of making wise lifestyle decisions motivate all planetary citizens to be vegan – for their own sake and the greater good of society.

Massive Thai mall on the outskirts of Bangkok adds unique green space.

One of the largest retail centers in Southeast Asia, Megabangna, has created an outdoor nature area to enhance their customers’ shopping experience. A firm named Architectkidd was contracted to design an elevated walkway that leads from the interior stores toward the exterior landscaped grounds. The structure is called Megapark and was nominated for the ArchDaily 2021 Building of the Year Award. Galvanized steel columns provide structural support as well as a framework for vertical vegetation. Visitors are welcome to enjoy the natural daylight and fresh air, stroll around the gardens, and perhaps attend a performance in the amphitheater. What a wonderfully inventive concept, Megabangna and Architectkidd! Your successful combination of practical and artistic values satisfies our love for beauty and reminds us of our connection with nature.

Children seeking asylum in Mexico will not be detained in immigration facilities.

The Mexican government has enacted a law that protects the rights of boys and girls who enter the country seeking asylum, whether or not they are accompanied by an adult. Alternative accommodations based in the community will be arranged by Mexico’s family development agency, so that no young person has to stay in a detention center. In addition, youngsters will be eligible for temporary humanitarian visas, so that they are not deported and their best interests can be considered. The move has been lauded by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, which is working with Mexico to implement the reforms. Mexico is a Shining World Leadership Award for Environmental Protection laureate and recipient, and Shining World Leadership Award for Good Governance laureate. Our profound appreciation, Mexico, for your constructive approach to migrant juveniles. In God’s mercy, we pray that children everywhere will be appreciated and cherished as gifts from Heaven.

Coming up, survey finds fewer people eating meat in The Netherlands. We will take a moment to sing a simple song that expresses gratitude for the beauty and truth in our lives, with a chorus that gives praise to the one, universal creator God. More outstanding news when we return! Please stay with us here on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Uplifting News for a Wondrous World.

Environmental group in Netherlands foresees sustainable future.

Natuur & Milieu is a nonprofit organization that looks for new ways of living and working that do no harm to the planet. Their Vegamonitor 2020 survey of more than a thousand Dutch citizens found that the number of meat eaters is dwindling. Leading the trend are people under the age of 40 who are interested in preserving the world for future generations. Actually, men and women under 30 are twice as likely to be vegetarian or vegan compared with the general population. Younger people are better aware of the consequences of eating animals and more willing to change their diets. And when teenagers start saying no to meat, it often influences their elders to cut back as well. Thank you, Natuur & Milieu, for highlighting the progress being made by Netherlanders. May their transition to a plant-based society continue gathering momentum, in Celestial delight.

Advanced training technique yields accomplished canines.

Wish and Halo, border collies from San Diego, California, USA, have set a Guinness World Record by performing 28 tricks in one minute. Their caregiver and trainer, Emily Larlham, has coined the term “progressive reinforcement” to refer to the positive ways she teaches dogs. The owner of her own training school called Dogmantics, she has produced hundreds of video tutorials demonstrating how she gets her four-legged friends to cooperate while considering their physical and emotional wellbeing. Ms. Larlham believes that posting these free lessons online will not only improve how people treat animals, but also how humans interact with each other. Your enlightened ways inspire us, Emily Larlham! Congratulations and Heaven’s blessings to Wish, Halo and yourself, for showcasing what can be achieved when we bring more compassion and positive energy into our lives.

It’s time to tickle your sense of humor with today’s joke entitled, “Impatient Youth.”

Young Private Keillor requested a furlough so that he could get married. His commanding officer tried to impart some wisdom.

“How long have you known this girl, soldier?”

“A week, sir.”

“Why, my lad, that’s not long enough! I suggest you wait a couple of months, and then, if you still want to get married, I will approve the furlough.”

Two months later, Private Keillor was back, reminding the staff sergeant of his promise.

“So, you still want to get married? I didn’t think that a man your age would stay interested in the same girl for a couple of months.”

“Correct, sir. This is a different girl.”

And now we have a heartline from Jack in Taiwan, also known as Formosa:

I now have a very important awareness that humans must be vegans. God is helping us; all Godses are helping us, and we humans must help ourselves too. Killing animals to satisfy our palate is never right because it’s not compassionate or loving. Killing also annihilates the original nature and kindness of humans. In the past, US President Abraham Lincoln freed the African American slaves and became a great man. Now each of us doesn't have to become a great person, but, as Supreme Master Ching Hai said, we should become a hero, a hero who protects the Earth and takes care of family. And it is very easy, just forgo that morsel of meat in your mouth; let animals live freely and enjoy a peaceful, loving environment. That’s what we humans should and must do! Jack from Taiwan (Formosa)

Laudable Jack, Thank you for conveying your thoughts through your powerful message. We fully agree that the adoption of the vegan diet by the global population is the foremost change now needed to save humankind. We pray that all can now join hands to manifest Eden on Earth by being living examples of love and compassion to all beings. May you and beautiful Taiwan (Formosa) always know Buddha’s guiding Light, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has some words for you: “Enlightened Jack, you are right that anyone truly wanting to become vegan in this period will receive Divine help; they just need to make the genuine effort to change. We all can be heroes to save our world by following a plant-based lifestyle. May Heaven’s boundless upliftment grace you and the sincere Taiwanese (Formosan) people.”

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