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In today’s news, United Nations assists Ethiopian refugees in Sudan, bushfire in Western Australia burns thousands of hectares causing evacuations, His Royal Highness Prince Charles voices concern about livestock industry pollution, robots in United States master a dance routine, paraplegic climber scales tower for charity in Hong Kong, major cosmetics company bans animal hair brushes, and Germany prohibits cruel killing of male chicks.

UN agency supports Ethiopian refugees in Sudan.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has allocated over US$2 million to assist 58,000 refugees from Ethiopia now residing in Sudan. This aid will be used to establish basic services and deliver essential supplies. Up to now, assistance has been sent mainly to two refugee camps, seven adjacent host communities, and the border region. Initiatives include the creation of over 1,000 jobs for refugees and locals to carry out UNDP’s work, an upgrade of a 10-kilometer road, and installation of 70 solar-powered streetlights around the camps. In addition, healthcare facilities will be expanded to treat COVID-19 cases and three mobile clinics will be deployed. Our grateful applause, United Nations Development Programme, for your much needed assistance. May Heavens bless the kind Sudanese and Ethiopian people with abundant care and comfort.

Bushfires spread in Western Australia.

A massive fire east of Perth has burned more than 9,000 hectares of land and destroyed many homes, in the latest of frequent devastating fires in Australia that have worsened due to climate change. Dry conditions, strong winds, and temperatures as high as 40 degrees Celsius made it difficult for the 200-plus firefighters to contain the blaze, which also caused the evacuation of 300 people and widespread power outages. Despite a COVID-19 lockdown in place, residents were urged to leave their homes if they felt they were under threat. While giving a COVID-19 update, West Australia’s Premier The Honorable Mark McGowan said that the state was battling “two different kinds of emergencies.” Our hearts go out to you, Western Australia residents and firefighters, as we also mourn the loss of precious animals and trees. During these extreme and difficult times, we pray for your safety and protection, in God’s mercy.

Up next, His Royal Highness Prince Charles raises issue of livestock industry pollution. We’ll take a moment to thank the septic tank servicers and sewer pipe cleaners, who play an important role in keeping our cities sanitary and safe. When we return, more lively news ahead, here on Supreme Master Television!

Hallo, nice friends, I’m Danielle the vegan Douroucouli. Join us in making proper amends to all animal friends and go vegan today! If you have animal companions, power cords should be kept safely out of their reach. But if they somehow chewed up a cord, you’ll want to replace or fix it right away. If the metal is exposed, get a pair of wire cutters to cut off the damaged part (while the cord is unplugged, of course!). Next, use wire strippers to remove about 2.5 centimeters of the insulation from all four wires, being careful not to cut the copper wires inside. You can now solder, or melt, the corresponding ends together. Lastly, after wrapping the spot with electric tape, slip a heat shrink tube over the cord where it is to be reconnected, then apply heat evenly with a lighter until the tube shrinks. Love you for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants. Thank you for watching. And now, the weather around the world.

Prince of Wales voices concern about livestock industry pollution.

To help solve the world’s environmental crisis, His Royal Highness Prince Charles, a Shining World Leadership Awards for Protection and World Protection laureate, recently stated that a system should be implemented where industries pay for the pollution they create. He spoke out against the overuse of antibiotics and growth hormones by the livestock industry, which is known to cause the contamination of ecosystems and drinking water supplies. His Royal Highness also expressed his worry about the use of artificial chemicals and fossil fuel-based fertilizers in commercial crop farming, saying, “You have to remember that nature is not a monoculture, it is based on immense diversity. So all these things made me feel that it would end up in tears if it went too far, and that there would be no tomorrow.” Thank you, Your Royal Highness Prince Charles, for your earnest warning. In Heaven’s wisdom, may all nations focus on organic vegan farming to save our planet.

Agile robots perform lively dance.              

The Boston Dynamics company from the United States has trained a group of its robots to dance together to the upbeat song “Do You Love Me” by the American singing group known as The Contours. In the released video, two of their human-like robots named Atlas display exceptional dance skills, rhythm and coordination while jiving to the tune. Later in the song, the company’s dog-shaped robot named Spot also joins in the performance along with the robot called Handle, which was designed for handling boxes. What a fun display of your exceptional accomplishments in this field, Boston Dynamics In Celestial blessing, may such technologies continue to advance and help to make life better, while giving people more free time to contemplate the God power within.

Paraplegic athlete climbs skyscraper to raise funds in Hong Kong.

Thirty-eight-year-old Lai Chi Wai, a four-time Asian Rock Climbing Champion, recently raised over US$670,000 in donations to help spinal cord patients, by scaling approximately 250 meters up the Nina Tower. Mr. Lai, who became paralyzed after a road accident in 2011, used a pulley system attached to his wheelchair as he pulled himself up the 89-story building for over 10 hours. The funds will be given to Hong Kong non-profit Ignite Community Services, which is funding research and exoskeletons to help paraplegic individuals walk. Mr. Lai had an encouraging message for his co-citizens, saying, “Chase your dream, even if you only have a pair of hands that you can use.” Our big applause and salute, Lai Chi Wai, for your impressive feat of perseverence. May we all turn life’s adversities into opportunities to discover more of our greatness, in Divine strength.

Coming up, leading cosmetics company bans animal hair brushes. We’ll pause now to learn a little about the language, dance and music of the Garifuna, a UNESCO-recognized Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity from the Central American Atlantic coast. You’re watching Noteworthy News on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Outstanding News for a Resplendent World.

Major cosmetics company pledges to stop using animal hair in their brushes.

The French company L'Oréal made the compassionate decision to leave all animal hair out of their brushes, following appeals from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and almost 80,000 supporters. After conducting investigations, PETA released video exposés of the badger and goat hair industry, revealing footage of gruesome conditions and brutal treatment. This convinced both the men’s grooming product maker Baxter of California and its parent company L'Oréal to join the almost 100 cosmetics, shaving and paintbrush companies worldwide who have stopped using badger hair. Well done, PETA and supporters, and our wholehearted round of applause, L'Oréal Group, for your ethical decision! In the goodwill of the Providence, may your actions inspire the entire beauty industry to embrace compassionate, loving alternatives.

Germany bans cruel practice of killing chicks.

Around the world, egg farms routinely dispose of millions of day-old male chicks by shredding. This amounts to approximately 45 million annually, in Germany alone. The horrific practice is carried out to maximize profits, since only female chickens can lay eggs. Germany’s Agriculture Minister, Her Excellency Julia Klöckner, has called chicken shredding morally unacceptable and now the country is the first to commit to putting an end to it. Germany’s Cabinet passed draft legislation prohibiting the killing of day-old chicks, with the law to go into effect by 2022. Germany is a Shining World Caring Leadership Award and Shining World Leaderhip Awards for Compassion and Wise Governance laureate. Our appreciation, Germany and Your Excellency Julia Klöckner. We pray to Heaven that further measures will follow, and globally, allowing all beings to live free of pain in a humane vegan world.

And now we’d like to add some more cheer to your day with a joke called, “Stuck.”

After he finished his route, a bus driver had to explain to the supervisor why he was 10 minutes late.

"I was stuck behind a big truck."

Then the boss reminded him:

"But yesterday you were 10 minutes early."

"Yes. But yesterday I was stuck behind a Porsche."

And now we have a heartline from Janie in the Republic of Suriname:

Dear Master and Supreme Master Television team, A few years ago, when Supreme Master TV relaunched, I was asking why Supreme Master TV had started again as I thought that the planet was going in the right direction with the number of vegans growing. One night while meditating, I was granted a vision to answer my question. In that vision, it was shown to me that the Earth was headed to Armageddon in which 95% of the population would perish due to infectious diseases, plagues of locusts, natural disasters, food insecurity, meteor strikes and civil unrest. It was also revealed that this was due to the heavy karma incurred from the killing of animals for food. However, due to the Master’s Power and the spread of Supreme Master TV to every corner of the globe, the world would be saved. In this vision, Master cast a physical net of light over the Earth using Supreme Master TV, and through meditation, pushed love and merit through this net. This happened for many, many years until the planet was saved and eventually elevated to Eden. Thank You so much, most precious and all-powerful Master, for giving Earth a second chance and humans the opportunity to evolve and know their true compassionate nature. And thank you, Supreme Master TV team, for your selfless dedication to create such noble programming and for spreading Supreme Master TV. Your devoted disciple, Janie from the Republic of Suriname

Insightful Janie, Thank you for writing about your incredible vision regarding Master’s intervention to save humanity. You have seen inside the severity of our planet’s situation and the immediate need for people to be vegan and live cruelty-free to take advantage of the second chance. May the Godses bless you and the lively Surinamese with vibrant health and well-being, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has some words for you: “Highly Spiritual Janie, thank you for reminding all of us of the fatal consequences of killing our animal friends. Truly, we can change our world’s fate for the better if we embrace compassionate living, including the loving plant-based diet. May God’s Love bathe you and the affectionate people of Suriname as we all share the benevolent merit with your nation and the world. Love you!”

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