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In today’s news, Netherlands contributes to global educational funding, Australian university student shows time travel is possible, scientists develop way to extend battery life in robots, green energy development advances in Morocco, respected Buddhist abbot promotes plastic recycling in Myanmar, United States research finds consumers buy vegan products to replace meat, and new study highlights the important role of male elephants within their society. All this and more, on Supreme Master Television, your constructive global network.

Netherlands supports education of vulnerable children during COVID-19.

The government of the Netherlands has contributed an additional €6 million to the global fund Education Cannot Wait (ECW) to expand their COVID-19 education response efforts in various countries. An anticipated 850,000 children will receive help, including at least 650,000 refugees and internally displaced youth, 460,000 girls, and 50,000 children with disabilities. Along with preparations for safe school reopenings, ECW emphasizes ongoing learning for children who have been out of school, through distance teaching and accelerated education programs. Countries benefitting from the contribution include Bangladesh, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Iraq, Kenya, Lebanon, Libya, South Sudan, Tanzania and Zambia. Our sincere appreciation, the Netherlands and Education Cannot Wait. May our youth and children be well cared for during this time, in Heaven’s love.

Young physicist theoretically proves possibility of paradox-free time travel.

Up until his discovery, the concept of time travel was paradoxical, meaning that if someone went back in time and changed an event, it could remove their purpose for going back in time in the first place – possibly even changing events enough to stop the time traveler’s birth. However, Germain Tobar, a student of advanced science from the University of Queensland in Australia, has theoretically proven with mathematics that if someone journeyed back in time and changed something, the universe would rearrange itself so the event would occur in some other way, thus leading to the same future. Mr. Tobar’s adviser, physicist Dr. Fabio Costa, said that the calculations could have meaningful consequences for physics theories. Our accolades, Germain Tobar, for your neat findings about the possibilities in our universe. We look forward to the time when science and spiritual understanding become one, in Celestial upliftment.

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Hallo adventurous viewers, I am Gaby the vegan Giant Otter. People say being vegan keeps you young and happy, look at me, I’m the proof! Now that wearing a mask is a part of our everyday lifestyle to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, I have a tip for looking cool and being comfortable at the same time. You can turn your mask from ordinary to chic by simply accessorizing it using chains, straps or lanyards. These not only make your masks fashionable, but they also ensure you or your children don’t lose or drop them. There are a variety of different options, including metal chains, beaded straps and woven lanyards, that let you hang your mask around your neck when you’re not using it. Thank you for your attention, and love you a lot for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all of us humans and all co-inhabitants alike. Now, the worldwide weather.

Researchers determine method to increase robots’ battery capacity.

Dr. Nicholas Kotov and co-researchers from the University of Michigan in the United States, have developed a technique that could enhance the capacity of robot batteries by an estimated 72 times, while also reducing the robot’s overall weight. This involves giving robots an energy storage source similar to biological fat in humans, which would be distributed throughout the robot’s structure while also protecting the inner “organs.” The new zinc batteries can move energy through a special layer made of mostly non-toxic nanofibers that are bound by a water-based gel. The advancement could save both space and weight of around 20% of the total robot. Way to go, Dr. Nicholas Kotov and co-researchers. In God’s blessings, may we continue to further technology in ever wiser ways.

Construction of Moroccan wind farm begins.

The Taza wind farm project recently began construction after gaining financing from many public and private investors. Located on approximately 800 hectares of land in the northern region of Morocco, the wind plant will ultimately include 45 wind turbines with a total capacity of 159 megawatts. Once the wind farm goes online in 2022, it is expected to produce enough energy to be consumed by 350,000 people, or around 70% of the population within the province. In addition, this project will further Morocco’s plans of generating 52% of its electricity from renewables by 2030. Bravo, Morocco! May Allah bless this major project and your laudable sustainability goals for the prosperity and well-being of your precious citizens.

Buddhist monk in Myanmar launches recycling initiative during pandemic.

The Venerable Reverend Abbot Sayadaw Ottamasara, founder of the Thabarwa Meditation Center in Yangon, Myanmar, and his team of volunteers have recycled 200,000 plastic bottles or the equivalent of two tons plastic waste since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Concerned by the alarming increase in plastic debris on the streets during this period, Abbot Ottamasara asked neighborhood residents to also give their plastic waste to him during the monk’s daily rounds to collect food donations. With the help of volunteers, the plastic has since been repurposed into food containers, building materials, and sunshades for the meditation center. Reverend Ottamasara said, “I intend to continue using the waste… as a way to not only share awareness of plastic waste but also partially solve the waste problem.” We respectfully applaud your positive project, Reverend Abbot Sayadaw Ottamasara, and thank the volunteers and community members involved. May the Buddhas bless the virtuous renunciates and citizens of Myanmar. Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Humbly offer Reverend Abbot Sayadaw U. Ottamasara US$10,000 for His personal necessities, so that His Reverend can continue to benefit others with His benevolent work or to be used in any way He deems fit. May the Buddhas’ forever blessing be with Your enlightenment Goal always. May you be well.”

Coming up, United States research finds that consumers buy vegan meat to replace animal meat. We’ll take a moment to pray that we become good stewards of the spiritual gifts God has bestowed upon us. We’ll be right back with more motivating news here on Supreme Master Television.

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Research discovers that Impossible Burger sales displace meat.

A report by global consumer insights company Numerator has revealed that 72% of the sales from Impossible Foods’ vegan burger in the United States are made by people who have switched from purchasing meat. The product is now available in all 50 states at 11,000 retail locations that include Trader Joe’s, Kroger, Walmart, and Target. In addition, three out of four US citizens now live within 16 kilometers of a store selling Impossible Burgers, with the company’s retail presence increasing in the last year by 7,700%. Fantastic news, Numerator, on the growing shift in the United States to vegan protein products. In Heaven’s grace, may the trend continue at pace around the world towards a cleaner and kinder plant-based diet.

New study highlights important role of male elephants within their society.

In a recent article published in the journal Scientific Reports, researchers from the University of Exeter and Elephants for Africa, both in the United Kingdom, revealed that mature male elephants may pass on vital knowledge to younger males. The researchers examined the behavior of over 1,250 male African savannah elephants in the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park of Botswana. They observed that the older males in the herd often traveled at the front of groups of male elephants, thus suggesting their role as influential leaders in the herd, with valuable social and ecological knowledge such as food and water locations. Thank you, respected researchers, for helping us to appreciate the fascinating lives of the magnificent elephants. May all the loving and intelligent animals walk the Earth in Divine peace.

How about a joke of the day to bring out a smile? This one’s called “Being Coherent.”

During physics class, Mr. Walter asked: “Let’s hear Maggie. How can you prove the Earth is round?”

“I can’t. Besides, I never said it was.”

And now we have a heartline from Lam in the Netherlands:

Dear Supreme Master TV team, I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for all the hard work that you do. I know from watching Supreme Master TV that you guys work very hard and that you do your best to be a perfect tool in the hands of Supreme Master Ching Hai. You both work together as ONE team to help the world by giving them the right knowledge and wisdom. Supreme Master TV is the lighthouse of this world, a beacon of Supreme Wisdom. I hope that very soon all your efforts will bear fruit and that everyone on this planet, animals, trees, plants, rivers, mountains, and men live together in harmony and peace. See the attachment where you will find photoshopped images I made for Master, and thank Her for Her gift to me and the whole world. Love, Lam from the Netherlands

Creative Lam, We enjoyed reading your message expressing your love and appreciation for Master and Supreme Master TV and viewing your beautiful presentation of a poignant reminder from our Beloved Master. She said, “Walk inside to go Home,” during a teleconference with disciples on January 20, 2019, and is in the Between Master and Disciples program “The Surangama Sutra: The Influence of Demons on Spiritual Practitioners Greedy for Immortality, Part 2 of 2,” that can be found by visiting SupremeMasterTV.com/download and searching for the title. Master knows how easily we can be drawn into this illusionary material world and guides us back to the Divine within, our true Home. May God fill your days with inspiration and bless the innovative Dutch people, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master also said: “Generous Lam, I am happy you enjoy Supreme Master Television and appreciate your sharing of your artistic talent with the images you have created. As people’s hearts embrace veganism, harmony and peace will prevail. Heaven’s radiance to you and the progressive Netherlands.”

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