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Shining World Compassion Award Recipient: StreetVet and Street Paws

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Today we travel to England, United Kingdom, to learn about Street Paws and StreetVet. Street Paws was established in 2013 and StreetVet was founded in 2016. Both organizations work together to provide free fundamental veterinary care for animal companions of homeless people. Besides offering checkups, vaccinations and life-saving operations, they also provide free warm clothing for furry friends, bowls, beds, collars, food and other necessities. Our Association members had exclusive interviews with Jade Statt, Co-founder and Director of StreetVet, and Michelle Southern, Founder and Director of Street Paws. These two remarkable organizations have been doing extraordinary work to help the animal companions of displaced individuals. Eight cities in the south of England are served by 300 volunteer vets and nurses of StreetVet, while 175 Street Paws volunteers work in 18 locations in the north. Upon learning of the dedication of Jade, Michelle and their teams, our beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai “gratefully present StreetVet and Street Paws the Shining World Compassion Award, plus US$15,000 each for extra support toward their noble endeavor. May God forever bless and protect you and all involved, as well as all under your care.” Ms. Jade Statt kindly accepted the award and shared with us what they plan to use the fund for. “Thank you so much. When we received an acknowledgement that we've got this and it's been... Yeah, an amazing contribution, to help us with the work that we're doing and help us expand into more locations across the UK. We are so, so grateful that there are people and organizations like yourself, that believe in the service that we're providing and want to support us 'cause it means that it's validating our work and allows us to help more and more animals.”
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