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General Hygiene Notes from Master (Supreme Master Ching Hai [Vegan])

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General Hygiene Notes from Master (Supreme Master Ching Hai [Vegan])

These notes have more details because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Originally these were for us, but Master asked us to share them with the public.

- Wear hat/mask/gloves/ goggles; if have, wear face shield, like those used by welders, or your shielded motorcycle helmet. Don’t touch above your neck if it feels itchy, (scratch with a small clean stick or some similar device.) Take a shower from head to toe and wash clothes with hot water after going out to public areas or shopping, etc....

- Sanitize your gloves, and spray your clothes with vinegar / medical alcohol / disinfectant before re-entering your car.

- Wash your hands often. Put a note “wash your hands” to remind everyone.

- Use 100% vinegar or alcohol to wipe the surfaces that outside people touched, after they left.

- Use UV machine to sanitize dishes, or use hot water for the final rinse.

- Make sure to use soap, toothpaste, detergent, etc., and cleaning liquid to clean accordingly. Warm water alone is not enough.

- Wipe all groceries/packages that are from outside with 100% pure vinegar / medical alcohol / disinfectant...  Throw away the packaging or bags, or wipe them if they are to be reused. Put shopping bags under sunshine for as long as can, before reusing.

- When buying new items from outside, first wipe (using gloves) with 100% vinegar, then wipe with hot water. Then discard gloves. Then can use “in-house” gloves.

- Keep a distance from others when outside / shopping; keep at least a 3-meter distance.

- In time of personal sickness and/or pandemic: Meditate at home, don’t go to group meditation.

- When a contagious disease is widespread: Avoid eating raw, at least for example; tomatoes / lettuce, rinse them with boiling water before eating.

- In a normal situation: Use natural fruit & vegetable wash to wash veggies or soak them in salt water for at least 5 minutes, then wash them under running water and final rinse with filtered water.

- Do not reuse disposable gloves too many times; throw them away when they’re dirty. If not dirty, can wash them with soap under hot water, before reusing.

- When going out must wear a mask, wear a good mask, a thick mask. If can, better wear a hat to cover head and hair. When coming back home, have to throw the mask away; if have to reuse, wash them in hot water and detergent.

- When going out have to wear gloves – don’t touch your face – USE tissue if have for sneezing / coughing / or on the inside arm, NOT on your hands.

- When coming back wash hands / or sanitize hands outside of rooms, before touching your own door, public doors, kitchen, etc. Put soap outside where outside water tap (basin) is.

- When going out take pure vinegar spray with you, buy some hand sanitizer and put in car, keep extra gloves in pocket. Throw away dirty gloves used to touch things outside.

- If outside and suspect got touched by others, then wipe yourself / clothes with alcohol / disinfectant / pure vinegar + tissue.

- Wipe steering wheel clean, remove gloves used outside before touching steering wheel and other.  (Because have used hand gloves to touch things outside,  so throw away before touching steering wheel etc., or at least sanitize them first.)

- When coming back have to take shower from hair to toe, remove clothes and change into new clothes.

- Wash clothes, and hang clothes in the sun to dry, not ONLY to rely on tumble dryers.  Because the Sun kills germs. Or put clothes in fresh air to dry.

- Go out into the fresh air / sunshine, 1 or more x per day. Can do some exercise (like push-ups, aerobics / rope jumping, no need equipment, and is quick.) 1 x day - Go cleaning outside environment for exercise and fresh air.

- Outside shoes; keep outside of room and put in the sun, don’t bring them inside.  Better use slippers inside house; Wash them as often as clothes.

* This is not a complete guidance, you have to handle according to the situation, and seek medical help if needed.

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