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Spiritual “Dos and Don’ts”

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Normal vegetarian restaurants, they gain 5,000 spiritual merit points per year (for each staff member).

One acre of organic vegetarian farming, gain 30,000 points per year.

Now, rescue animals or birds, you gain about 200,000 to 900,000 points per year.

Now, if you rescue animals, providing medical costs and all that, but not raising, just rescue, you earn 50,000 to 800,000 points.

Go to meat-eating restaurant, lost 300 spiritual points; eat stuffs with animal’s (products), minimum lost 700, maximum 1,000.

All this is deduction from your spiritual merit.

Now, selling meat, fish, eggs, you will lose 100 million to half a billion per year.

Now, if somebody owns a meat or fish restaurant, lose 500,000 to one billion points spiritual per year;

own a slaughterhouse, lose half a billion to six billion points a year. Own a meat animal farm, lose one billion to three billion per year; own or working on a fishing boat, lose half a billion to three billion per year. And work as fisherman, a worker for that, for money, lose 300 million to one billion per year.

My God, these people, they will never be able to go to Heaven. They keep having to reincarnate again and again because they keep losing so much spiritual merit that even if they have a lot in the store, they will lose them all.

If you kill one animal or one bird, you lose 800,000 to 3 million points – depends on the size and all that.

One day, one time in our world, killing animals will be also a crime, charged like killing humans. One time in our world, it will happen.

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