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Overcome the Many Influences in Life Through Diligent Meditation, Part 3 of 3 May 5, Jun 30 & Sep 1, 2019

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Never mind, just recite the Five (Holy) Names, thank all involved, visible and invisible, for your beautiful food. Let it nourish your body and your spiritual body. Say like that, “thank you” and eat, in all love and faith.

So, in this lifetime, for you also, it’s not easy to have always smooth sailing in your life because many things influence you. Because you practice, so you feel your life is much better; a lot of miracles happen. Big things become small; big trouble becomes small, small trouble becomes none, and this is OK, very good. But trouble doesn’t always come from your karma. Well, in a way, it does because maybe the karma leads you to eat that thing that day, and normally, you wouldn’t have this trouble. But because you ate that, it’s the catalyst to make trouble for your life, for that moment. So, sometimes, your wife, your kids behave so erratically, some unusual things; you just wait, meditate, give them blessing, share your merit. Then, when that hour, when that minute, that hour passes by, you will be OK; he will be back to his usual self. Even between parents and children, between husband and wife, you don’t always have good sailing, not just because of her character or your personality. We are just victims of anything – anything, anything at all. So, try to meditate, so you can sail over it.

Otherwise, there is no way I can tell you, “OK, don’t eat that, don’t eat this.” Then I’d have to prescribe each one of you a special menu, because each one of you is different; different karma, different enemies, different physical makeup, different background, different meditation diligence, different level of consciousness. Then I don’t have time for anything. I’d just sit here and write you one, you, you, you, you, you; and it’s not that easy even. Like a doctor, he has to listen to your heart, to your lungs, and everything, and then prescribe something.

I was sick before, and they said, “Try this first. If it doesn’t work...” After all the X-rays and listening to my heart, my lungs, my nose, my ears, everything already, “Try this first.” I said, “It works, doctor?” “Well, try it. If it doesn’t work, we will make another one.” Just like that; and my medicine piled up like a mountain on the table. I’m not kidding. I’m not exaggerating. It was like that. This table would be full from one end to the other and heaped up like that. All the medicines that later on they found out that was wrong and leftover; not just all of them together, leftover. I should have taken a photo and shown it to you, but I thought, “Oh, these things are too negative. I don’t even want to remember.”

One time, I was very sick, it was like that. So, even doctors, they learned so many years and have experience with so many thousands of patients; they still don’t know. These are big hospitals that I had been to, many big hospitals. And all the doctors still did not have a clue what was wrong with me. I had to wear – what do you call it, this kind of thing? – collar and things like that already; and every little move hurt. But they did not even find out that I had some broken bones inside, and they had X-rays and everything. So many doctors! You can’t blame them, it’s the karma that I had to go through. Finally, one of your doctors in Taiwan (Formosa) suspected the real cause of it. And then they suspected that and they sent me to another hospital, and then the doctor said, “Immediately, must operate.” And then, a different medicine; and then, after two years, I recovered. Now it’s gone, I can tell you a little bit, not everything. In Mexico, Cancun, I was still under treatment. I could not walk. If it was flat, I could walk. But if it was going down the stairs or up a little bit, I needed somebody to help me; even a cane was not enough. I could not even get up from the bed. I had to have a medical bed that you push the button and then the bed slowly, slowly rises up halfway, then I could sit up. I could not even sit up; too much pain. Twenty doctors could not find the problem until the end, when I was almost kaput already.

Luckily, they found it on time. If just a little bit more time, then either I’d be half-paralyzed or dead. So, even doctors want to prescribe something to me, even 10, 20 experienced doctors, they are not bad doctors; it’s just the karma covered it. Truly; because they took X-rays also. If the doctor, the last doctor, could see it, then the previous doctor should have been able to see it. But no, they didn’t. And then they sent me from one machine to another, one room to another. Anyway, finally it’s OK. Otherwise, that year, I should have been gone already. I still live a little longer. Maybe some of you prayed or something. Thank you. Any of you who prayed for me at that time, thank you. Thank you, for you, that I’m still here, that you still can see me.

So, what I mean is, to prescribe for each of you what to eat and not to eat is impossible; it’s impossible; it’d take my whole lifetime. For one person even, to detail, I’d have to spend at least three days, at least. Uncomplicated, normal, not too complicated; if complicated, maybe 30 days. (Wow.) Better not to know anything; ignorance is bliss. That’s what they say. I do take care of myself wherever I can. So, if I send back something, please don’t think that I don’t eat because it doesn’t taste good. If it doesn’t taste good, I just put some soya sauce or hot sauce, then it tastes good right away. You know. The chili covers everything, so it doesn’t taste good or not good. OK then, now you know.

Just try to meditate more, to counter all these obstructions and trouble in your life. Some of the food is also poisonous. Don’t ask me why very innocent-looking grapes are so bad like that, evoke your enemy to revenge on you, to attack you, to give you big trouble, or small trouble, it depends.

Each thing on this planet has a spirit inside, has their function. Like the Sun, don’t ask me why it’s hot, it’s just like that; the fire is hot. So, if you don’t like it, then you sit further away, or avoid making fire.

The same if any fruit, any food is no good for you, you don’t eat that. So, if you eat some fruit or some food several times, or every time you… you watch it. OK? Every time you feel not easy, meditate not well, or something bad happens, then maybe next time don’t eat. But don’t try too many times, then you’ll have nothing except rice and soya sauce, and then blame me.

Never mind, just recite the Five (Holy) Names, thank all involved, visible and invisible, for your beautiful food. Let it nourish your body and your spiritual body. Say like that, “thank you” and eat, in all love and faith.

Each one has their own quality and function. So, even just a small little pill like this, it stops your pain, because they put ingredients in there, which come from plants, fruit and sometimes trees; you know, right? And even sometimes from animals, but we avoid, not to. So, what I mean is that, similar to that, every little thing, flowers or food, or fruit, does have their special quality. So, in that way, it affects you, because we are all connected, even though you don’t see it.

That’s why you eat that, you connect with that, and your enemies happen to connect with that, and then you’re in trouble. So, there’s nothing like superstition or nothing like that; it’s all logical and scientific. So, even some little plant, very small but poisonous, if you eat it, you’ll die. Just some plant is beneficial; if you eat it, your fever’s gone. Like quinine, also a plant; and in Chinese medicine, they take only from herbs, and from plants, from trees. For example, like that.

So, some fruit or food is especially just for some different species. Like for example, the koala, the very cute cuddly Australian little climbing black and white animal? It’s very docile and sweet in the daytime, but at night time, don’t try to go too near. Yeah, daytime they’re inactive, right? Night time they’re aggressive. But that’s not to talk about that; just by the way. They eat these (Eucalyptus.) eucalyptus bark or leaves, they’re OK. Don’t try; you understand what I’m saying? (Yes.) And panda, they eat only bamboo; bamboo tree, bamboo root, bamboo big, bamboo small, bamboo leaves… Can you? You cannot digest it; even if you can, don’t try to put it in a blender because you want to look cute like a panda; blender or chop, chop, chop, make it into powder and drink. No, you cannot digest it; not like the panda, they eat that, they can digest it, but you cannot. There are many other species, which can eat something, which is very poisonous to us. They can digest it, we just cannot, and that is that. There’s nothing we can do about it. Don’t have to try to do anything about it, OK? We have plenty other food to eat. That’s what I meant.

Even tofu, it is poisonous; many people cannot eat it. Even bread, with the gluten, poisonous; many people cannot eat it. They eat, they get sick in different ways. They’re itching or they’re in pain, or heart problem, anything. You know many people cannot eat bread, right? (Yes.) Wheat gluten, right? You know that. That’s a fact you should know; if you don’t know, you look on the internet. What I mean is that, it’s not like you should know, but if you want to verify what I’m saying is true or not, that’s the way I explain it to you.

Some food, some fruit are not suitable for humans, and not suitable for some humans, or some animals. Like, we love chocolate, right? All of us, I mean most of us like it, but you cannot give it to your dog; it’ll poison him, make him sick; for example. Or avocado, cannot give to dogs, even though it’s very nutritious, and full of protein and vitamins and phosphorus, whatever, but you cannot give to dogs; apples also, apple seeds, you cannot. You see what I am saying? (Yes.) So, furthermore, many foods, many fruits, many vegetables, are also unsuitable for many humans, or for me also. It’s true like that… many people are allergic to many things, including meat, or vegetables, or fruit, or gluten, or tofu. Some people cannot eat tofu; it’s truly like that. And tofu is delicious for us, for many of us. But if you give it to a seal, for example, they cannot digest, they’ll be sick. It might burn their intestines or something like that.

So, this is a problem with our world. It’s not because you eat vegan and then you’re guaranteed a smooth sailing all your life, 24/7. So, we eat vegan because we are compassionate. We try to minimize suffering wherever we can. Plants also suffer. That’s why the Buddha ate only once a day, and ate whatever was given, already cooked. He didn’t want to get involved in any killing, even a plant. And that’s why all the Masters choose vegan, at least vegetarian. But different vegetarian, like in India, you see the cows roaming around, free everywhere. Sometimes the cars have to stop, wait for the cow to finish the rest, and then drive through; it is still in his rest. Taking an afternoon nap. His afternoon tea break, he sleeps; all the cars waiting in a long queue in India. Wait till his rest is finished, means sleeping at noon, afternoon, then he walks slowly, out to the grass, and then they can drive. Nobody touches the cow at that time, at least the Hindu people, the Indian people. Even if they eat meat, they don’t hurt the cow; they don’t kill it themselves. But maybe other religious followers will kill it for them. In Tibet, it is also like that. They don’t kill any lamb or any animal to eat. It’s just there are some people who kill it. But if you eat, somebody has to. Right? Some other religious people, they don’t believe in not-killing, so they do that as a job; it’s just for example. But Masters, They don’t; if They’re really enlightened Masters, They don’t eat meat, They don’t eat fish, They don’t eat anything that moves, because of love for all beings, not because of thinking that they’re healthier or better, whatever; mostly for love, for compassion.

So, even if you eat vegan, you try to eat just enough. Don’t eat just because it tastes too good or eat a lot. Maybe now and then; wedding day, you must, or whatever, mother-in-law cooks, you cannot not eat. Otherwise, try to eat just enough, 80%, and then another 10% water; the rest is for the Light. Otherwise, too full, sleepy. Meditating very diligently, you sit there for three hours… OK? (Yes, Master.)

So, don’t ask me why you are vegan and you are still sick. It’s nothing you can avoid by being vegan, except of course, you feel healthier than before. But you must also choose to eat, I mean, moderately. And don’t always eat the same thing all the time, in case it’s too poisonous, or it’s not compatible with you. And if you keep repeating, repeating, then it’s even worse. It gets worse, till your body cannot… How do you say “resistance?” (Resistance.) Your resistance; your body’s resistance. But of course, some people do that and they’re still alive, because they have a lot of merits, or maybe they have nothing, or that vegetable or that thing has nothing against them; there is no contradicting affinity. But don’t think that it is always like that. You must also eat a variety; it’s better.

And if you eat something, and any time you eat that thing, it’s something wrong, emotionally, spiritually, or physically, then you should know – avoid that thing. I don’t always have to make my body a laboratory, because I know; I check before I eat. You know, nowadays. Before, when you don’t have a lot of karma, you don’t have a lot of disciples, OK. But if you have a lot, then your body’s resistance is different, less than before, and you have to save your energy for your disciples and for yourself, enough, not to overspend. So, that’s like that; now you know. (Yes, Master.) Any questions about what you should eat tomorrow? No? Wow, you’re all enlightened! So what should I do? I’ll go now. I have work to do. Good luck! Buddha bless you. God bless you.

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