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Between Master and Disciples / The Surangama Sutra

The Surangama Sutra: The Influence of Demons on Spiritual Practitioners Greedy for Immortality, Part 2 of 2, Jan. 20, 2019

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But this world is bigger than a film. It’s bigger than the computer game and it’s more intricate. It’s more complex; it’s more sophisticatedly made. That’s why it is more real, more real than in the film. And we, the souls, have been captured in the so-called also unreal body, but mistaken it for real, and everything became more real. And whatever you want, it will manifest also.

Are you still there? (We are. We are still here.) Good. Good. Because I’m using a mobile phone, I’m not sure when it will go off and the landline phone didn’t work. I live in a new newly created island and in a cave, so it’s not very modernized. I’m not complaining. It’s good for me. It’s just that you can’t have everything.

And actually, the cave island has existed only since like almost 30 years ago. It did not exist before. It’s kind of new. It’s good so. I became a caveman again, cavewoman. But I feel OK. I feel comfortable on the island and in a cave. And nobody wanted it, so it’s the best place to be.

All right. Yes, because I can see sometimes that the humans, even some of you, so-called initiates, are still very much attached to whatever is outside there, because you do not go inside enough to see the wonder inside. And you just see everything outside. And everything outside is created to make you feel that it’s real, that it is all there is, and it’s so beautiful and wonderful. Of course, it does look like that, but it is not.

And I feel so very sorry for all of you, for everyone, being so bound here. They are binding you so tightly that you hardly understand. The humans hardly understand where they are and what they’re doing. Just like some people who are so engaged in the computer games or internet.

I never played it, but I saw some people they are so engrossed in it that they forgot everything else outside. But that is also another illusion within this illusionary world. And sometimes they forget. It seems so real. It’s so real that I heard that somebody even leant on the table and fell down on the floor, but the table is created by the computer in the game. Just like when we go to see movies. Everything, the big screen in front of us, makes us so glued to the screen, to the cinema screen and then we forgot everything else around us, almost. And then we cry with the characters in the film. We hate some of the baddies in the film. And we laugh with some funny scenery in the scene, in the cinema scene, (Yes.) (Right.) Yes. It’s like that. It’s like that.

But this world is bigger than a film. It’s bigger than the computer game and it’s more intricate. It’s more complex; it’s more sophisticatedly made. That’s why it is more real, more real than in the film. And we, the souls, have been captured in the so-called also unreal body, but mistaken it for real, and everything became more real. And whatever you want, it will manifest also. And therefore, so many people want many different things and the games keep changing, the games keep getting more complicated, more intricate and more real with each person’s desires coming into effect. And we cannot, the humans cannot understand that this is just a game. And that’s why I’m so sorry, I am so sorry for everyone on this planet.

That’s why I am so sorry for each and every sentient being on this planet. Every little false move, your life is in trouble. Even the great, the biggest criminal or any people who are bad, we call bad on this planet, even the worst ones, they just play the wrong game, play the wrong move. Just like in the computer, you have a reward and you have punishment in the game. (Yes, Master.) Is that correct? (Correct, Master.) I imagine so. I have never played any games, but I believe it is so. And sometimes they advertise on TV, like a war game or something like that. And of course, if you make a wrong move, you will lose the war, right?

(They often get three lives in the games.) Three lives. Well, we have many lives, we just don’t know it. Three lives, you mean you die and come back again? (Yes, in the games, they normally give you three lives.) Understand.

Now, similarly, in this world, we are given many lives. And again, and again and again, we are returning, we return to the world, so-called world, to play the same game, hoping, vowing, wanting, to play it right. But we don’t always remember how to play it right. And thus, we’re being punished, being dead or going to hell or whatever is that.

Even though it’s all fake, it’s real. It’s real because your mind cannot differentiate between the real and the unreal. And whatever happens to you, it feels so real, even in hell or in this world or in any wars or any suffering, anything at all, it feels so real because the game is so sophisticated, so high tech, so that we are trapped in the body, we feel everything’s real. Even the astral body, it still has a body, so that’s why it feels real.

Only when you jump over to the Fourth World, at least, past the Three Worlds, then the body is more subtle, so that the negative power cannot catch it and cannot punish or cannot make use of you for their amusement in any way. I feel so sorry for everyone. It’s just a game and they just pushed maybe the wrong button or made a little wrong move and they lost. And they get punished, they go to hell or whatever it is. Just all games. And even if you win, so what? You will be also recycled again, again, and again in this world and/or the next, or become even ghosts and demons and never get out of that position, pathetic and pitiful positions, or become again animals, humans, suffering hunger, cold, even, not just suffer birth, old age and sickness and death. All these pains will plague you, life after life. So even if you win, it is a loss, in any case.

And I feel so sorry, so sorry. There are no words that can express my sorrowful feeling for all beings, that is feeling their suffering so much. Just a game and then just made the wrong move. They’ve done nothing wrong at all, just the wrong move in a game. And this terrible game, it goes on forever.

At least for you, my so-called disciples, please be diligent. Just keep looking inside. Don’t care for the outside. Maybe you can enjoy, or you can look, but don’t feel too attached to it. Always remember the real life is inside. You have a real life, real, real, real, real, true life. This life is not yours. Whatever you see outside is not what it is.

So please, just try to remember. Recite the Five Names. Keep the Gift that I gave to you more than your life. Treasure it more than your so-called physical life here. And meditate and remember well, always pray for protection and for improvement in spiritual progress. Walk inside to go Home. Walk back Home. There’s nothing here for you, even if you like anything here, sooner or later, you have to relinquish it anyway.

So please, just do meditate as much as you can, anywhere, anytime you have time. Save any time from gossiping or anything that’s unnecessary, just to meditate. One minute, two minutes, they all count. They all add up. Do not bother about the game that’s going on in this illusionary world, in this shadow world. Do you understand me? (We understand You Master.) Yes. OK. (Very clearly.) All right. Very good. Very good.

(And we thank You for constantly being there for us as the example, so that we have that light to follow.) I hope that’s what I can do for you. I hope. I hope that’s what the influence can have on you. More, I cannot. (Master, You are the perfect example for us and the perfect guide and there is nothing more that we need other than to look towards You every moment and keep pursuing the highest and most noble thoughts and actions.)

I am not sure what kind of example that I made that impresses you, but I just hope that it gives you good influence for your spiritual practice and progress and continuation with your spiritual road, your spiritual path. And that you will improve and reach your Home soon. Of course, I am there always for you, but you also should always remember where Home is. Look inside to see it, then you see everything here, there’s nothing, all disappeared. Nothing at all really exists.

So just remember God. Remember liberation. Remember that this world is shadow when you really remember. We just want to go to our True Home. Liberated from here, that’s all. Otherwise, you get trapped here forever. Many Masters come and go. And some souls are still reincarnated here and there because they did not listen to the Master and being engrossed, being so captured by this illusionary world and suffer all the time. It’s not real. It’s like a computer game only. And if you make the wrong move, you’ll be in trouble. And it’s so easy to make a wrong move, so easy, because of so much distraction, so much temptation, so many things that want to bind you and pull you into the game forever.

The computer games, some people say they are so addicted, and they cannot, kind of, stop, but at least they can stop. They stop when they want. They stop when they have to or when they go to eat or go to the bathroom or do some of their jobs, or whatever. But this computer game of the so-called life on Earth is so difficult to shut off. So, the only way is going back inside, where the Master shows you the way to go and recite the Holy Names to protect you. And recite the Gift to help you, to boost more your energy to go up, OK? (Yes, Master. Thank You so much, Master.) OK, I wish all of you whatever spiritual wish you have come true, for your liberation. (Thank You.)

So that is that for today and next time maybe again. (Thank You so much, Master.) All of you go and get some rest and eat. Then go home. OK? OK. I have some work to do. I am going to work now. Recently there’re a lot of extra work. Too much. I have a lot of extra work, more so recently because of the new place. So, it’s a lot of work now. I’ll see you or talk to you another time. (Thank You, Master.) God bless. God bless. God bless. Buddha bless. Please remember your real Home. We will remember. (Thank You so much, Master.) Bye for now, Andrew and Nick and everyone else. (Thank You, Master.) See you again. I’m getting back to work. Bye. Thank you. (Goodbye, Master. Thank You, Master.)

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