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Between Master and Disciples

Develop Compassion and Love Along with Spiritual Practice, Part 2 of 8, Apr. 8, 2012

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“Learning doesn’t mean just to know the words or to listen to it or to memorize, but to assimilate, to digest it, and it becomes yours, in your system. Then you are convinced about it, about the knowledge that you understood, really understood. Not intellectually understood, but really understood from the heart level, at least. Not from the soul maybe, but from the heart. Then, you can be truly convinced, from inside out, and then you can convince others.”

“Now, we talk about this world again. See, so much struggle to survive. So if we live until this day already, we should feel that we’re lucky and grateful to all Heaven for protection, and to our merit of luck. It’s a wonder that we live, every day, with so much bacteria and fungus and viruses in the air, the environmental toxins. And we still live, so we’re already lucky. One day we live longer, one day we inch higher, to a higher dimension. So every day we live is a precious day.”

“Now, my advice to you is, recite the Holy Names anyway. And even if the snake bites you, at least he’s blessed. And recite, and even she’s also afraid of ghosts. So even if the ghosts go near you or scare you somewhere, at least he’s also benedicted. Why always think about yourself? When you recite the Holy Names, if the snakes bite you, at least your blood is pure at that moment, so you don’t poison him. Remember the others, not just yourself. Honestly, I don’t know if the animals will be scared of the Holy Names or not. Did you ever try? No, huh? Listen, just be loving and connect with the animals.”

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