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Between Master and Disciples

Meditate More to Realize Our Planet-Saving Power (Part 2 of 2) Mar. 30, 2012

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(I want to say, a few days ago I switched on, and I was...) Switched on inside, your inside button. (Yes, yes.) And then what happened? (Yes, and I, it was my experience of this Center. This place, it’s really, it really is Heaven. And it’s so abundant and beautiful and its energy, even the things that I could see. And that the physical reality is only trying to mimic its beauty, but it’s nothing of…) It’s a copy, yes. I told you. (Because it’s real beauty is just amazing.) Yes. (I made eye contact with one of the beautiful pigeons and that pigeon knows that this is Heaven. And that’s why they are so at ease here, they are so tame and so… And I just thought, “I wish it was like this for every pigeon,” when I think of the pigeons in like London or something.) Yes, yes. (And I just thought, if the whole planet is like this, I’m just so privileged to be here at this time. And thank you for creating this for all of us, because I could just see that this is what the whole planet is going to be like.) If. (Hopefully. So thank you.) Yes. It’s getting better, love. Yes. The whole planet will be similar and better. Okay? Soon. 
But you have to meditate, at home, or here, wherever you can. And you must also let me meditate. Don’t keep praying that Master sees us and this. You see me all the time at home, you know that. Especially at least you. You saw me all the time in England, even when I am not there physically. Just “switch on” like her. Yes? Switch on. She said whenever she switches on, she sees the real reality. So please try to forget your mundane problems. Try to concentrate more inside on the positive energy and the real thing.
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