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Singing Peace with Giles Bryant (vegan): Radiating Love for All Beings, Part 2 of 2

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A well-known musician, yoga teacher, planet healer, and vegan activist, Giles Bryant has dedicated himself wholeheartedly to the noble cause of extending the vibrations of peace and love to all corners of the world. For him, yoga, land healing, the vegan lifestyle, and music, all bring about the oscillations of peace and love. To spread this vibration and to awaken the public’s awareness to ethical responsibility for the animal-people, Mr. Bryant has been working with like-minded musicians on the musical collective “Peace On Your Plate.” The first single of the musical collective was released in December 2019, in the hopes of reaching as wide an audience as possible by Christmas that year. Besides delivering a compassionate vegan message, the song raised valuable funds to support charities such as Animal Aid, Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary, Viva! and Vegan Organic Network.

“And I think for us, it’s not just about music, it’s about the food. It’s about peace. It’s about meditation. It’s about our yoga practice. It’s about kindness.”

In 2020, Peace On Your Plate released its second song, “Ask Me Why,” with powerful lyrics like, “I’m on a quest for a better world, caring and compassionate.” “And you ask me why am I vegan? I am because I’m a compassionate human. You should ask yourself why you’re not...”

Since its launch in 2019, Peace On Your Plate has become the name of a new vegan band that continuously creates new songs to deliver the message of peace. During the interview with Supreme Master TV, Mr. Bryant shared his experience of seeing people transforming themselves as the songs touched their hearts.

Mr. Bryant further talked about the importance of tuning in with the Divine vibrations of peace and love that connect us all. “It’s like right now. There are radio waves, there are microwaves, there are these messages coming through this air. And if we can tune into it, we can receive it.”
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