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A Tribute to Art in the Name of Love: The 2021 International Artist Day Celebration, Part 5 of 5

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The last performance of the day was presented by the Taipei Royal Ballet. First, a tribute was paid to the master dancer and the director of the troupe, Ms. Li Cai-E, a recipient of both the National Art Heritage Award and Lifetime Achievement Award, who has devoted about 70 years to dancing and education. “To understand the spirit of the performance, I had a deep talk with Grandma. She told me at that time that she devoted all her life to dancing and her most cherished values are ‘truth, goodness, and beauty.’”

Next featured in the documentary were the Artistic Supervisor of the Taipei Royal Ballet, Ms. Wu Ching-Yin and its Artistic Director, Hong Kang- Jie. “I created this group in order to pass on to the next generation what I have learned. Actually, in dance performance, the dance techniques and acting skills should be in balance. To play a leading role in a dance drama, you should have both so that audiences will be attracted to you.” “In the future, we would like to bring classical pieces to the Taichung audiences, or to the south. We would also like to give more opportunities to the students; to the children who like to dance classical ballet.”

For the International Artist Day, the Taipei Royal Ballet performed a dance trio “Ocean and Pearls” from the classical piece, “The Little Humpbacked Horse,” based on a Russian fairytale. Let’s watch a part of their performance.

That concluded the 2021 International Artist Day celebration. “I believe the intention is very noble. If the International Artist Day can be celebrated continuously in the future, I believe the energy will gradually accumulate, unite, and grow bigger and stronger.”

“This time the hosting of International Artist Day in Kaohsiung is magnificent and heartwarming. We are grateful for our initiator, Supreme Master Ching Hai, who expresses Her love and care for all the people around the world through the medium of art. Be Vegan, Make Peace. Happy International Artist Day!”
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