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The Holy Names and Gift, Charged by Master Power, Are Indeed Extremely Powerful to the Pure and Sincere at Heart

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Greetings to our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai, I always pray for Your health. I had an experience on the first night of June that I want to share with You. That night, after an hour and a half of meditation, I went to sleep. But I was still repeating the Holy Names and the Gift until I fell asleep. I woke up about two and a half hours later. Although it was spring, I shivered from the cold when I woke up, as if I were asleep in ice water. I had pain all over my body. I immediately threw another blanket next to me on the blanket I had, but it was useless. I was thinking of You at that time. I had not yet asked for help when I saw and felt Your presence, and You slowly relieved all the pain and cold that I had in me. I felt Your presence in every part of my body, and although I was suffering from much pain and cold, I was not worried because You were helping me. I felt and saw Your energy flow in me, and I was proud to have such a Master.

Dear Supreme Master, when You were in my being to heal me, it came to me that probably this, in the beginning, was a lot of karma for me, and You reduced it to a level that I could bear it, and You even helped me to get rid of the rest of the karma too. After recovering, I got up and noticed that the air in my room was very mild. This severe cold was only in my body. You healed me. This was a Blessing from You. Then, I started repeating the Holy Names and the Gift and meditated for about two and a half hours on the inner Heavenly Light and fell asleep again.

My good and loving Supreme Master, although I always feel Your presence by my side and I am with You every moment of my life, that night became a memorable one for me. I love You very, very much. With the hope for a peaceful vegan world, Delara from Iran

Radiant Delara, It takes eons to meet a great Master, let alone to receive initiation. We are very lucky to be disciples of Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan). The rare opportunity to be part of a bigger family of brothers and sisters who share the same Love and life ideals is truly a gift.

Here is a loving message from Master to brighten your day: “Buoyant Delara, the Holy Names and Gift, charged by Master Power, are indeed extremely powerful to the pure and sincere at heart. The effect of consciously repeating them is far beyond what you can imagine. It pleases my heart to know that you personally experience this and very much treasure what was given to you, as countless may not have the affinity to receive it in this lifetime. Rest assured that you will be well taken care of as long as you practice the Quan Yin Method with devotion, faith and sincerity. May peace and bliss be upon you and the intelligent people of Iran.”

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