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Karma (retribution) in Religion - Part 3 of 3 (Sikhism, Taoism, Theosophical Society, Universal white brotherhood, Zoroastrianism)

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“The body is the field of karma in this age; WHATEVER YOU PLANT, YOU SHALL HARVEST.” ~ Holy Sri Guru Granth Sahib

“According to the DEEDS WHICH ONE DOES, SO ARE THE FRUITS ONE OBTAINS.” ~ Holy Sri Guru Granth Sahib


“There are no special doors for calamity and happiness (in men's lot); they come as men themselves call them. THEIR RECOMPENSES FOLLOW GOOD AND EVIL AS THE SHADOW FOLLOWS THE SUBSTANCE.” ~ Taishang Ganying Pian

“Accordingly, in heaven and earth there are spirits that take account of men's transgressions, and, ACCORDING TO THE LIGHTNESS OR GRAVITY OF THEIR OFFENSES, TAKE AWAY FROM THEIR TERM OF LIFE. WHEN THAT TERM IS CURTAILED, MEN BECOME POOR AND REDUCED, AND MEET WITH MANY SORROWS AND AFFLICTIONS. All (other) men hate them; punishments and calamities attend them; good luck and occasions for felicitation shun them; evil stars send down misfortune on them. ... when parties by wrong and violence take the money of others, an account is taken, and set against its amount, of their wives and children, and all the members of their families, when these gradually die. If they do not die, there are the disasters from water, fire, thieves, robbers, from losses of property, illnesses, and (evil) tongues to balance the value of their wicked appropriations. FURTHER, THOSE WHO WRONGFULLY KILL MEN ARE (ONLY) PUTTING THEIR WEAPONS INTO THE HANDS OF OTHERS WHO WILL IN THEIR TURN KILL THEM.” ~ Taishang Ganying Pian

“[...] Therefore the good man speaks what is good, contemplates what is good, and does what is good; every day he has these three virtues: — at the end of three years Heaven is sure to send down blessing on him. THE BAD MAN SPEAKS WHAT IS WICKED, CONTEMPLATES WHAT IS WICKED, AND DOES WHAT IS WICKED EVERY DAY HE HAS THESE THREE VICES: — AT THE END OF THREE YEARS, HEAVEN IS SURE TO SEND DOWN MISERY ON HIM.” ~ Taishang Ganying Pian

Theosophical Society

“SOW KINDLY ACTS AND THOU SHALT REAP THEIR FRUITION. [...] If thou would’st reap sweet peace and rest, Disciple, sow with the seeds of merit the fields of future harvests.” ~ The Voice of the Silence by Madame H. P. Blavatsky (vegetarian)

“Enquirer: Why should this Ego receive PUNISHMENT AS THE RESULT OF DEEDS which it has forgotten? Theosophist: It has not forgotten them; IT KNOWS AND REMEMBERS ITS MISDEEDS AS WELL AS YOU REMEMBER WHAT YOU HAVE DONE YESTERDAY.” ~ The Key to Theosophy by Madame H. P. Blavatsky (vegetarian)

“NO CAUSE REMAINS WITHOUT ITS DUE EFFECT from greatest to least, from a cosmic disturbance down to the movement of your hand, and as like produces like, KARMA IS THAT UNSEEN AND UNKNOWN LAW WHICH ADJUSTS WISELY, INTELLIGENTLY AND EQUITABLY EACH EFFECT TO ITS CAUSE, tracing the latter back to its producer.” ~ The Key to Theosophy by Madame H. P. Blavatsky (vegetarian)

Universal white brotherhood

“Karma is a law of cause and effect. It does not forgive anything: YOU WILL PAY THE EXACT SUM EVEN WITH THE INTEREST. Therefore, karma does not excuse even the interest. The karmic law is drastic. It excuses only when everything is paid off.” ~ Master Beinsa Douno (vegetarian)


“Each good, which you do in the world, no matter how microscopic it is, brings its benefit. No exceptions! 1000 years may pass, but the law is true. No matter how small is your mistake, it will be turned back to you, the law is true. YOU DO GOOD AND IT TURNS BACK TO YOU; YOU DO AN EVIL THING AND IT TURNS BACK TO YOU.” ~ Master Beinsa Douno (vegetarian)


“[...] even FOR THOSE DEEDS OF YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS IS THE REWARD GIVEN UNTO YOU that reward which is much given by Ohrmazd.” ~ The Dēnkard

“Be it known that, for man there are both these things from the holy Dadar [Creator] – REWARD FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS, AND PUNISHMENT FOR SIN. In particular, (man) becomes (deserving) of the punishment of sin by remaining aloof from doing righteousness, and by knowingly committing sin; And he becomes (an observer) of the law, fit to be approved for his own sake, by remaining aloof from committing sin and by doing deeds of righteousness.” ~ The Dēnkard

“I recognised you to be holy, Ahura Mazda, as soon as I found you to be the foremost, at the creation of life, and AS YOU AWARD REQUITEFUL DEEDS, AS WELL AS (WHAT ARE) REQUITEFUL WORDS, VIZ. ILL TO THE ILL, AND GOOD EXCELLENCE TO THE GOOD, by Thy laws, at the next turn of life.” ~ The Hymns of Atharvan


So, you see, all religions point to the same thing. IF YOU DO GOOD, YOU WILL SEE IT, AND REAP THE REWARD, AND GO TO HEAVEN. IF YOU DO BAD, YOU WILL SEE IT, REAP THE RETRIBUTION, AND GO TO HELL. That’s it, very simple.

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