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Whatever You Do Is All for Yourself, Part 8 of 9, Jan. 21, 2022

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Because science develops many things, and technical developments are very impressive so people keep thinking in that direction, and running after them and forget that we have other healing powers within. But the healing power has to have some special ingredients. Like, if we want to awaken our Godly power of protection, of enlightenment, of wisdom, then we have to combine it with ingredients like benevolence, like a nonviolent diet and lifestyle. It doesn’t work otherwise. This is very scientific.

I’m telling you, humans are forever relying on material things or tech or science, but they don’t know that there is something beyond science. (Yes.) Super science that nobody can catch up with. So, people in this world, they just run after material comfort or richness or fame or even rely on weapons or atom bombs they develop to keep themselves safe. No, no, these things are not guarantees at all. (Yes, Master.) And now they have vaccines for the normal COVID-19, but it seems useless. (Yes.) Even if they press for all these vaccines, it doesn’t help much with the new variants. (Yes, that’s right.) After Omicron even. They don’t even know what it is, what they are up against yet, what kind of side effects. (Yes, Master.)

Omicron is already scary enough from what I know, from inside knowledge. They will not be able to find the slow but permanent side effects. OK? (Yes. Understand.) Even the normal COVID-19, before Omicron, before Delta, many people had long-term effects. They even lose the capability of the brain already. (Yes. That’s right.) And they have many other nightmarish side effects, that make their life hell. (Yes. They feel weak.) Yeah, weakened and turned hellish, they couldn’t do anything much. They live like in a languishing kind of situation. (Yes, Master.) Terrible. It’s so terrible.

“Media report from FOX News July. 25, 2020 – Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Specialist Mount Sinai Hospital New York, USA, Dr. Zijian Chen (m): A COVID long-hauler is what has been used to describe patients who are post the initial COVID infection and now are having significant symptoms that have lasted weeks and months past their initial infection. These are symptoms that may be very mild, but much of the time it’s very severe. And this is definitely something that you do not want.”

“Media Report from SKY News Jan. 17, 2022 - American actress, producer, singer, author, and activist USA, Alyssa Milano (f): I still have long COVID. I still get heart palpitations and shortness of breath, and tingling in my hands and feet. And it’ll just come out of nowhere, like I’ll be good for, I don’t know, a week, ten days. And then all of a sudden, I’ll be hit pretty hard with it. And I had COVID two years ago. So, it is not just a cold.”

“Media Report from CBS Boston Aug. 2, 2020 - Award-winning sports anchor and reporter WBZ-TV News Boston, USA, Dan Roche (m): Eduardo Rodríguez was a 19-game winner for the Red Sox last year. Just 27 years old, he was going to be a huge part of this year’s team, but he tested positive for the coronavirus. And due to the complications from it, his season has come to an end.”

“Media report from FOX News July. 25, 2020 Dr. Zijian Chen (m): Eduardo Rodríguez is a perfect example of what can happen to patients. He’s young, he’s healthy. He’s actually probably healthier than much of the population. But having had COVID, now he’s having symptoms of post-COVID. And this can happen to anyone in the population itself. So, we’re looking at many, many symptoms, from various organ systems. There are many patients who are having neurological symptoms, such as weakness, they are having brain fog, having fatigue, they’re having poor concentration. Other patients may have things like shortness of breath or difficulty with breathing when they are exercising. There are very young patients who were completely healthy before they had the COVID infection, and then after the infection they are having these symptoms as well. The biggest example is someone who had the COVID infection, and they’re remaining on oxygen, many months after they’ve been infected. And these patients are not back to their baseline. They have a lot of difficulty trying to breathe day by day, and they are just not having any success in getting treatment for it.

FOX reporter (f): And it’s not only elderly patients, right?

Dr. Zijian Chen (m): No.

FOX reporter (f): You’re saying this can happen to young people?

Dr. Zijian Chen (m): Absolutely. It can happen to young people. People at any age, any sex, any race.”

“Media Report from Euronews Apr. 7, 2021 - FRCPsych Professor of Psychiatry University of Oxford, United Kingdom, Dr. Paul Harrison (m):COVID is itself doing something to our brains. Conditions, for example, like stroke and brain hemorrhage were notable.”

“Media Report from KSDK Nov. 12, 2021 - Neurologist Saint Louis University Hospital, United States, Dr. Guillermo Linares (m) What we do know is that about a third of the people that are infected with the virus will end up experiencing long-lasting symptoms and many of the symptoms, if not all of them, happen to be nervous system symptoms.

Tracy Hinson (f): And what you will learn is the nervous system controls a lot in our bodies.

Dr. Guillermo Linares (m): Mood or memory or anxiety or energy level.

Tracy Hinson (f): There is a clear link between contracting COVID and brain function issues for about 30% of patients and how the virus is getting to the brain in the first place is likely through the nose.

Dr. Guillermo Linares (m): We have figured out that it is likely that the virus can also access the brain by traveling through the olfactory fibers. People who have COVID and also have a stroke, there’s probably a direct correlation of COVID and the blood vessels in the brain.”

Because science develops many things, and technical developments are very impressive so people keep thinking in that direction, and running after them and forget that we have other healing powers within. But the healing power has to have some special ingredients. Like, if we want to awaken our Godly power of protection, of enlightenment, of wisdom, then we have to combine it with ingredients like benevolence, like a nonviolent diet and lifestyle. It doesn’t work otherwise. This is very scientific. Like many ingredients of food, or of medicine, they have to combine many elements, (That’s right.) many materials together in order to make one pill, or one injection, etc. Even vaccines, they have to combine many things. (Yes.)

So how can they not understand that in order to awaken this mighty God power within our soul, within our cells, within our being, we have to combine it with benevolence, with a nonviolent lifestyle, like a vegan diet and compassion for others. (Yes, Master.)

So, without all these combinations, the power of love, the power of protection, the power of God within us, will not be able to emerge or be revealed. So, we cannot use it. We have it but we cannot use it. (Understand.) Even if the money in the bank is yours, but you need your ID, your signature, or even your fingerprint or maybe electronic device in order to take it out. (Yes.) You have a credit card, it’s yours but you have to go to the ATM machine or go to the bank and combine. (Yes.) So this is some combination. The same if you build a car, there are many combinations to make the car. (Yes) And the food you eat is also a combination of different ingredients, (Yes) like that.

So, it’s very scientific that if you want to really protect yourself, you must rely on the God Power within. Not too much of the outside. Outside things, of course, we need for the physical things, for the visible things. But some invisible things are hard to see, like viruses or infections and all that. We have to use other kinds of combinations. Not just the medicine, but we must rely also on the God Power within. And in order to use that power, in order to awaken this power, we must combine it with benevolence, and a non-violent vegan lifestyle.

So simple. Just be vegan and things get better. Many people turn vegan and then their heart disease is gone, their cancer disappears, their migraine is gone, their brain trouble is gone. Many diseases are gone. Many wrong things become rectified. (That’s right.) Yes, because that’s the right way.

If you give coffee to your car, even though you love coffee and you love your car, you want to share the coffee, the car won’t work. (That’s right. That’s true.) It’s like that. It’s very scientific, but how come no one listens, I mean very few. Too slow, too slow for my liking.

(Maybe they don’t know the recipe.) Maybe they know, but they don’t want to take it. (Yes.) They don’t want it. It’s not that they don’t know. Many people know, but they still continue on purpose. (Yes, Master.)

Like there was a Czech singer star, she caught COVID-19 on purpose (Yes, I saw that.) and then she died. Even though the son and the husband had it, but did not die, she died. Everyone reacts differently to the virus. (Yes, Master.) And just because your husband and your son had it, and they might recover and then be over it, but you are not.

Different people, different karma. Of course, they don’t know. They think, “OK, if the other can recover, I will also. So, I just get it so that it will be done with, and then I will have like a passport. Immunity, and then proof that I had it, so that I can continue my work, and no restrictions, and no need anything else. No need to stop working, singing or concerts, or whatever.” Many concerts are closed, stopped, right now, most of them, because of Omicron. (Yes.)

And it affects too many things; all the drivers, and all the goods that are supposed to be imported are all just stuck somewhere. (Yes, Master.) They don’t have enough manpower, don’t have enough people to even replace. (Yes.) And then also the vaccine restrictions. Boosters and all that. If you don’t have it, you can’t work, you’re not allowed to. Many jobs are like that. And then people also die of COVID. It’s getting shorter and shorter, and the food supply chain is in trouble. (Yes, Master.) Because in some countries, the population is big, but they have to rely on many things, like they rely on some food from China, (Yes.) or Europe. But even China cannot completely feed themselves, because they have a big population. (Yes, Master.) So, this is terrible.

And some countries still continue to bicker with neighbors and threaten war and threaten with weapons, new weapons, new atom bombs or whatever. I think it’s all so stupid and so crazy. (Yes, Master.)

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