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Venerated Saint Mary Magdalene (vegetarian): The Apostle to the Apostles, Part 1 of 2

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Saint Mary Magdalene, sometimes referred to as Mary of Magdala, is the patron Saint of women, among many others. A close disciple of Lord Jesus Christ, She was one of His earliest followers. In the four canonical gospels of the New Testament, Saint Mary is mentioned at least 12 times by name. She is also referenced by numerous gnostic gospels and historical documents.

Saint Mary Magdalene was with the Prince of Peace, Lord Jesus Christ, when He began His ministry in Galilee. She was believed to be financially independent and to have provided funding for the small ministry. She traveled alongside the venerated enlightened Master and accompanied Him on His missionary activities to help share the Gospel, or “good news,” and to spread the word of God to earnest truth seekers. Saint Mary Magdalene was one of the earliest to preach the faith that would later become known as Christianity.

Non-canonical gospels, including the “Gospel of Thomas,” “Gospel of Philip,” and “Acts of Peter,” portray Mary Magdalene as a natural-born leader and an individual of practical character who held a deeper level of spiritual understanding of Lord Jesus’ teachings than His other disciples. When they were confused, She would frequently ask informed and intelligent questions. Saint Mary Magdalene is therefore regarded in these texts as Lord Jesus’ much-loved disciple due to Her knowledge and wisdom.

Saint Mary Magdalene was a sincere disciple, and she remained steadfast in Her devotion to Lord Jesus and His teachings even after He ascended back to God. According to the Bible, she bared witness to two major events involving the Son of God: the tragic crucifixion and burial and the miraculous resurrection. Saint Mary Magdalene was the first to witness the resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ. She was also entrusted with the responsibility of sharing the wonderous news of the Savior’s resurrection. Mary Magdalene became the first messenger of the risen Son of God, and therefore, early Christians considered her the “Apostle to the Apostles.”

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