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Reverend William Melton (vegan) – Fostering Spiritual Growth and Veganism, Part 2 of 2

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Our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai said that She is “soo grateful to Reverend William Melton for all that he is doing to save the suffering animal-people. She would also love to make an offering for a small part of the film project, with a humble token contribution of US$10,000, and prays for the Reverend and all involved, that they will continue their noble work with shining success.”

Today, we will learn more about the original initiatives, caring service and sound spirituality of Rev. William Melton and the members of his Compassion Consortium. “I actually attended the seminary to minister to animals and to humans in their relationship [to] animals and to help humans treat all living beings with compassion. However, I will say that there is one similarity that I firmly believe exists between humans and non-human animals. And that is that both humans and animals all have a soul and there is a connection between the souls of all living beings, and our mission at the Compassion Consortium is to help humans recognize and appreciate this soul connection.”

We asked Rev. Melton if he envisioned a special Sunday School geared specifically to have children and animal-people participate, interact, learn and grow in empathy, caring and spirituality. “I actually believe that it's very important to reach out to young people in achieving the mission of compassion to all beings, reach out to them before they have been eating meat for 20, 30, or 40 years, reach out to them before they think it’s the normal thing to do, reach out to them before they become desensitized to the pain and suffering caused by human food and fashion choices. So that is why I'm happy to see young people leading the way.”

“Victoria [Moran] and I wrote ‘Miss Liberty’ as a feature film. And it tells a story of a cow that escapes from a slaughterhouse in the Midwest, in a small town, and a New York City animal rights lawyer travels to this small town in the Midwest to save this cow. And so, this’ll be one of the first feature films addressing these issues. And it's a family film and it's specifically aimed at all audiences, particularly non-vegans.”
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