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Appreciate Good Thoughts: Selections from “The Pathway of Life” by Leo Tolstoy (vegetarian): Volume 2, Part 2 of 2

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“Christ said: When thou pray, pray in secret (Matthew 6, 5–6). Only then will God hear you, God who is within you, and in order that He may hear you, you must only dispel all that conceals Him from you.”

“Pray unceasingly. The most needful and the most difficult of prayers is to remember amid the activities of life your duties before God and His law. Have you been frightened, angered, confused, or tempted – make an effort, remember who you are and what you ought to do. Herein is prayer. This is difficult at first, but the habit may be developed.”

“Meditation is the path to immortality; frivolity is the path to death. Those who are watchful in meditation never die, but the frivolous and unbelievers are even as the dead. Arouse thyself, then protected by thyself and penetrating into thyself, thou will be immutable. The true strength of man is not in impulse, but in the uninterrupted steady striving after good which he determines in his thoughts, expresses in his words, and realizes in his actions.”

“Thought activity is precious not only because it corrects our life but also because it is helpful in the life of other people as well. This is what makes the effort of thought so valuable.”

“Having endowed us with reason, God put at our disposal that which is most needful. Giving us reason, it is as though He said: In order that you may avoid evil and lay hold on the blessings of life, I have implanted within you a Divine particle of Myself. I have given you reason. If you apply it to all that happens to you, nothing in the world will be an obstacle or impediment to you on the road which I have designed for you, and you will never complain of your fate or against people, you will never judge them or cringe before them. Do not reproach me for not having given you more. Is it not enough for you to be able to live your life reasonably, peacefully, and happily?”

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