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Between Master and Disciples

Representatives of the Positive Power are Beneficial to Humankind, Part 3 of 6, May 9, 2022

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Nothing better. But the solution is veganism, that’s what it is. If we stop killing other beings, then we will not be killed in war anymore. Peace will last forever. If we grant peace to other beings, we will have peace. That’s the law of cause and effect.

Can you hear me? (Very staticky, Master.) It’s static, right? (Yes.) Also here, I don’t know why. The phone is still on the table. One moment. I check out the connection. (Yes, Master.) Everything is kind of do-it-yourself here. (We understand.) Don’t blame the electric company or the phone company. It’s me. (Yes.) I didn’t connect it well. (Yes, Master.) I did connect the phone myself using extensions. Can you hear me still? (Yes, Master. We can hear.) I’ll check the phone first. (Yes, Master.)

It’s OK now? (Yes, Master.) I told you, everything is do-it-yourself here. I just extended the telephone to suit my location. I did not want to ask anybody to come. (Yes, Master.) I don’t have anyone here, so don’t blame anybody. Only me. (We just blame the phone only.) You can’t blame the phone either.

It’s me. I’m not a professional. And I try to do everything myself, that’s why. And, don’t blame the phone company, don’t blame the electricity, nothing. It’s me. I didn’t fix it well. And I stretched it, so sometimes it gets loose. (Yes, Master.) Because I don’t have a professional office where everything’s just left there untouched all the time. Sometimes I have to clean the table of dust. And sometimes I have to move the keyboard or the computer to arrange things because the table is full of wires and devices. (Yes, Master.) Like a loudspeaker, two of them. And two computers, many phones, cameras, a mid-sized monitor and big monitors, blah, blah, blah. I have to move sometimes the phone to different locations. (Yes, Master.) And that’s probably how it got loosened. (Yes.)

So now, what did I say before? Just now? (We were talking about President Lula.)

He wanted to make noise just to be in the political arena because he has been blamed for something before. (Yes.) And now his name is cleared. I wonder if it's really cleared or not. And he wanted to be the next president. He's already campaigning for the presidential race. (Yes, Master. Yes.) So, he just wants to chip in, to make noise, or to please Russia or something.

You cannot blame Ukraine. (Understand, Master. Yes, Master.) Never should. Even if Ukraine wants to join NATO, that’s their right. (Yes.) They join wherever they want to. They’re a free country. (Yes, Master.) They are their own sovereignty. They could join anywhere they want.

You see, if NATO accepts Ukraine right away, as I said, it would give people more confidence to fight for freedom. For the world, not just Ukraine. And also, the people would feel justified, and the deceased souls would feel some comfort that their sacrifice for freedom and democracy is not in vain. (Yes, Master.) That's why NATO should have accepted Ukraine already. (Yes, Master.) Because, Russia said if Ukraine joins NATO, then they will invade Ukraine. But Russia already invaded Ukraine. So, what do they have to lose? (Right, Master.)

I just feel so ashamed for NATO that they did not accept them immediately. (Yes, Master. Right.) If I were NATO, I would take Ukraine under my wing immediately to protect their people. (Yes, Master.) At least Russia would think twice to continue the war. (Yes.) And Ukrainian people would feel more confident that they have backup. (Yes.) Something like that. But, no, they didn’t do anything for Ukraine. Such a shameful organization. No matter what excuse they make.

That’s my opinion. (Yes, Master.) I guess nobody cares. I am just an old woman. I still voice my opinion nevertheless.

So don’t believe all this. Don’t believe all this nonsense. (Understand, Master.) You know already, you can see the news if you have time.

So, Zelenskyy is not at fault. Also maybe Lalu or Lula. (Lula.) Lula. Maybe he’s jealous, because he says, everybody praises Zelenskyy instead of negotiating. They did negotiations. They even poisoned the Ukrainian negotiators for the peace talks. (Yes.)

In the old rules, when two countries were at war, you didn’t harm the messenger. (Yes, Master.) But you can see Russia is so petty, so low, lowlife. They even poisoned the opponents. Poisoned their own just to blur people’s eyes. (Yes, Master.) Just to get some sympathy or to distract the free world. (Yes.) So lowlife, truly. If it’s not evil at least, in this world, it’s lowlife.

When two countries are at war, they should let the messenger be. Because they just come in, by order, to try to talk with each other. (Yes.) But that was the rule in the old times, when the two countries are at war, they should not harm the messenger. Like Ukraine sent people to the peace talks. That’s their messenger. (Yes, Master.) Russia even poisoned them. So there’s nothing, there’s no need to talk to Putin anymore. Just get him out. The sooner the better for the world. (Yes, Master. Right.) Not just for Ukraine, but for the world. Before people starve to death, and before more people become crippled and lame, and die in agony. (Yes.)

Putin must be out. But I’m worried, if Putin is out, I don’t know if somebody better will come up. (Oh. That’s right.) Because he would choose his favorite. (Oh. Yes, Master. That’s right, Master.) And his favorite means the same in the evil pack. (Oh.)

Nothing better. But the solution is veganism, that’s what it is. If we stop killing other beings, then we will not be killed in war anymore. Peace will last forever. If we grant peace to other beings, we will have peace. That’s the law of cause and effect. (Yes, Master.) So, there’s no need to talk a lot anyway. I’m just talking a lot because I am sorry for the innocent children, women and elderly that die. I’m sorry for a nation who was peaceful, and is being bullied by the big giant next door. So, I cannot help but just say something. Because my heart just feels so much pain, I have to scream it out. Otherwise the world has to change. All people must change in order to avoid all this bloodshed, pain and suffering. (Yes, Master.)

Alright, anything else? (Recently, President Macron said that Ukraine’s bid to join the EU will take decades. He suggested Ukraine join a parallel EU political community while awaiting membership. Is this good for Ukraine, Master?)

I don’t think it’s an honest plan, because that is just almost like nothing. It’s not officially an EU member. (Yes.) It’s almost like, “OK, we don’t know yet.” (Yes, Master.) I don’t know why he has this type of suggestion that is against the whole EU. Because the chief of EU, the boss, said that Ukraine can join the EU in a matter of weeks. (Yes, Master.) Not years. And now he says decades. I don’t know what he wants to be. I don’t know if he wants to be with Russia or if he wants to be with the EU. (Ah, yes.)

(Why did he say that, Master?) I have a couple of ideas just flashing through my head. Maybe he just wants to be like a leader, but in the wrong direction. (Yes.) You know, men like to be the boss. OK? Maybe he doesn’t want to listen to von der Leyen, the lady chief of the EU. Because she’s a woman. (Ah, yes.) It’s difficult to work in a man’s world, but he should, for the sake of the unity of Europe. Because right now Europe needs unity to counter Russia.

Unless he’s pro-Russia because maybe he’s afraid of nuclear weapons. But France has nuclear weapons also. (Yes.) I remember a long time ago, under another former president, they tested a nuclear bomb and Greenpeace went all over to protest it. So, France should not be afraid of Russia because of nuclear weapons. (Yes, Master.)

So, I don't know why he's doing this. Maybe he's jealous or maybe he’s not comfortable that everybody in the world praises Zelenskyy and went there to help Ukraine, to show support and to visit Zelenskyy. As a man, it feels like another rival. (Yes, Master.) And France is big, much bigger than Ukraine (Yes.) and has more prestige. (Yes, Master.) The French people, they feel something.

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