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A Practical Guide to Animal-people Activism: Books by Mark Hawthorne (vegan), Part 2 of 2

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Today, we are honored to continue our interview with Mark Hawthorne as he introduces his book “Bleating Hearts: The Hidden World of Animal Suffering.” He voices his thoughts and observations on how the current COVID-19 pandemic is primarily the result of cause and effect directly related to animal-people cruelty in raising animal-people for food. “‘Bleating Hearts,’ this book here, it took me five years to research it and to write it. And it explores the many ways that humans exploit animals. I think of ‘Bleating Hearts’ as more of a prequel to ‘Striking at the Roots.’ The first book, ‘Bleating Hearts,’ explaining what the cruelties are, and ‘Striking at the Roots’ talking about ways that we can make a difference for animals.”

In 2016, Mark published “A Vegan Ethic: Embracing a Life of Compassion Toward All,” which also explores the vegan lifestyle’s relationship with social justice. “The book ‘A Vegan Ethic’ argues that if veganism is about doing your best not to harm any sentient life, then we must logically extend that circle of compassion to human animals as well. It’s a practical guide to veganismand to animal rights, along with advice for going and staying vegan, an overview of animal exploitation, and answers to common questions about ethical eating, such as, ‘Isn’t humane meat a good option?’ Or, ‘Don’t plants feel pain?’”

In July 2021, Mark Hawthorne launched his new book, “The Way of the Rabbit.” “I love rabbits. I love how gentle they are, and I love that they’re vegan. So, I wanted to create a book that celebrates rabbits as individuals. There’s nothing in the book about how rabbits are used for fur, or for meat, or for animal research. It’s a happy book, not a sad book.”

To conclude today’s program, Mark has a few closing messages for our viewers. “One of the things that the recent pandemic has shown us is that the world can heal. We’ve seen how humanity can better coexist with nature. So, I would say my wish is that we truly learn from these lessons and that they inspire us to do better for the entire planet as the pandemic eventually comes to an end.”
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