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There Are No Excuses for Invading a Country, Part 7 of 8, Apr. 25, 2022

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I guess to take up the whole country, it’s a bigger excuse they need. But to take up one small region, they think they might be able to get away with it. But they will not. (Yes, Master.) They will not. Heaven will judge them. I don't need to talk bad about anybody.

Anything else, please, tell me. (Master, Ukrainian business association reports most companies are ready for post-war reconstruction. The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine says it is “the most respected business association in Ukraine.” 103 member companies completed the latest member survey called, “Doing Business during War in Ukraine.” 41% of AmCham Ukraine members are fully operational, 50% of AmCham Ukraine members continue to work partially in Ukraine and 87% of AmCham members are ready to actively participate in Ukraine’s post-war economic rebuilding.) One of Ukraine’s billionaires also said that he will rebuild Mariupol. (Yes, Master. Wow.) I guess by his own finances. (Oh. That’s nice.)

The world is really supporting peace and fairness. Only Russia is bad. I can’t believe this. Even the Chinese don’t support him anymore, Putin. (Yes, Master.) Who can? Who can support this kind of evil? (Right.) Unless they are evil themselves. (Right, Master.) Whoever supports them, including all these German leaders, who continue to want to buy oil and gas from Russia. Because that’s a big revenue for Russia, to continue to feed the war, anywhere. (Yes, Master. That’s true.) It’s one billion dollars per day, from Europe alone. (Wow.) So even if the European Union gives Ukraine some money, it’s nothing much compared to that. (Yes, Master.)

Up to now, they give maybe one billion for the war. But one billion, they spend every day, for Russia. (Wow.) This money can keep the war going on forever. (Yes, Master.) And unless they want all the Ukrainian people to die from starvation, or in war, or in raping incidents, they should cut the oil and gas, so that it starves off the war in Ukraine. (Yes, Master.) Within one month and plus, the war will stop if the Europeans don’t keep feeding it with one billion plus per day to Russia. (Yes, Master.)

That’s not to count other countries that have to be dependent on Russian oil and gas, because they have no other means. (Yes, Master.) Not like they support, but some poor countries, or even India; they cannot stop it just like that. There’s some difficulty within some countries. (Yes.) But by no means that they support Russia. But if Europe, who has the means, who is rich, and who is capable, who has oil elsewhere from Arab countries, from other countries, they should cut off the oil and gas immediately. Then the war will wear off, will starve itself. (Yes, Master.)

I’m so tired of talking about all this. It uses up so much of my energy during the war and up to now. (Yes, Master. Understand, Master.) Sometimes I’m so exhausted. Not that I went there and fought. It’s just a different energy, doing different things, invisibly. (Yes, Master. Understand, Master.) It eats up a lot of my energy. Of course, I cannot prove it to you. I don’t care to prove to anybody. I don’t need to. Sometimes some of the world’s people are so ignorant anyway. Whatever you tell them, they don’t understand a thing, and they don’t believe it. If they don’t kill me, I’m grateful to God already. (Yes, Master.) Not to talk about expecting thankfulness or anything.

I’m glad I have some people like you guys, supporting, so that we can continue to help the world as much as we can. I need this kind of supporting energy, (Yes, Master.) supportive attitude, so that I can feel that we can go on. (Yes.) So, thank you for that. (Thank You, Master.) Whoever’s supporting and trying to do the best in your job.

Anyway, I just called the girls today and explained to them that I don’t love you guys, boys, more than them. I said, “Don’t be jealous because I sent them some of the things.” I said, “Because there are some Aulacese (Vietnamese) boys there. And I’m worried that mama’s boys will miss their family. Because nobody cooks better than mama, you know that?” (Yes, that’s true.) And so, I sent something because I have. (Yes, Master.) I cannot send all the time. (Right.) That’s one reason.

And then, by the way, if I give the Aulacese (Vietnamese) something special from the Aulacese (Vietnamese) food style and I don’t give those Westerners something, probably there would be problems. So I gave some of the vegan cheese, and some bread. I thought they would not like the Aulacese (Vietnamese) stuff so the Westerners would eat vegan cheese and bread and mushroom pâté, and whatever I sent, I forgot. It’s not a lot anyway. And the Aulacese (Vietnamese) would eat those Aulacese (Vietnamese) stuff. (Yes, Master.) So it balances out. (Right. Yes.)

Little did I know, they mixed them all together in their sandwich. I only found out afterward, even though I instructed everything. “This is for that. That’s for this.” No, mixed them all together. And even told me, boasted to me that, “It tastes so good. We are happy.” “We are happy, Master, very happy.” I asked again and again to make sure, that not because they wanted to make me happy, they said these things. I asked many, several of them, to make sure. And they all said, “We are very happy. Tastes so good, so good.” It’s OK.

So, I told the girls, “Without your permission, I’m sorry, I gave them things. But not because I love them more than you.” (Yes, Master.) That’s one reason. Because first, it’s for the Aulacese (Vietnamese), and I have more, I can spare. (Yes, Master.) And I worry they miss Aulacese (Vietnamese) food. These are special, not that they can ask the kitchen. (Right. Yes, Master.) And the vegan cheese, they gave me more than I needed, so I gave some to the Westerners to balance it out. (Yes.)

We don’t want a war in the office. Cold war. This kind of side-looking eyes, “What? You’re eating that and we have nothing?” And I don’t have enough for all of the inhouse staff. (Yes, Master.) But also, I said to the girls, “You live next to the kitchen, you can have anything you want. You can order all the time. So, it’s easier for you guys to have things you need, anytime. The boys, they live farther.” (Yes, that’s right.) They have food delivered to them and they eat whatever’s delivered. (Yes, Master.) They cannot do any other fancy or modified stuff.

So, in case you are jealous, don’t be. (No, we are not, Master.) Be kind. (Yes, Master.) If they eat, it’s just like you eat. (Right. Yes.) We are all one, no? (Yes, Master. Exactly. True.) No wonder I don’t taste good food because you guys enjoy all the food, so I don’t need to. It’s good, it’s good.

Whatever happens to somebody else, if it’s good for them, it’s good for us. (Yes, Master.) At least they don’t feel bad and miserable, then the atmosphere is happy. (That’s right. Yes.) And we live in the same atmosphere. Everywhere. So, the less war, the better, no? (Yes.) (Since we are all one, Master, it’s OK for us to eat for the sisters too.) Yeah, sure, sure, you can. Try. Try it. Or vice versa. You girls, try it instead. It’s OK. Whatever, it’s just food. (Right. Yes.) It will be finished in a couple of minutes.

(I have one more question, Master.) Tell. (Previously, when Master asked Heaven why Putin pulled back from Kyiv and Master said that Heaven said Putin was afraid of Master talking about him. So now why isn’t he afraid when they’re attacking the eastern region of Donbas?)

I guess to take up the whole country, it’s a bigger excuse they need. But to take up one small region, they think they might be able to get away with it. But they will not. (Yes, Master.) They will not. Heaven will judge them. I don't need to talk bad about anybody. It’s just because we have to discuss these things. In a discussion, I tell you things to clear your mind, my disciples’ minds. (Yes, Master.)

I don't need to talk bad about anybody. I didn't want to interfere. It is almost like the first time I have ever talked about anything about the war. (Yes.) Mostly, I don’t. You know that, right? (Right. Yes, Master.) But since you ask, so we talk. And maybe also other disciples want to know. (Right, Master.)

It’s just that also they need to save face. They are afraid of that. But they are hesitant to relinquish everything. They have to save face. They cannot just suddenly withdraw all the troops. (Yes, that’s right.)

“Media Report from MSNBC Apr. 21, 2022

Jason Beardsley (m): But what he said was really face-saving theater because this whole campaign has gone south for him.

Jane Harman(m): May 9th is soon. Vladimir Putin wants a scalp and Mariupol is it.”

So, they have to say, “Oh, our main purpose is just to take over that and that region. Control the south or the Donbas region.” (Yes.) Because there are two separatist regions over there, more or less. (Yes, Master.) So, they can say, “Oh, we go and protect the people there.” No! It is bs; they destroy whole cities. How can you protect anybody if you destroy their home? (Correct, Master. That’s right.) Their apartments, their cities, their supermarkets, their hospitals, their kindergartens – with children inside, even some charitable organization areas, etc. (Yes. That’s right, Master.)

“Media Report from CNN Apr. 19, 2022

Report (m): This was Borodianka before, a thriving blue-collar town of nearly 13,000 people just 36 miles (58 km) from the capital of Kyiv. And then, the Russians began bombing civilian targets for a full month. Craters replace apartment buildings, an empty playground only filled with the remnants of war, a dentist’s office with no patients left to treat, victims of Putin’s bombing campaign against Ukrainian civilians.

Jake Tapper (m): This neighborhood in Borodianka has just been completely and utterly destroyed from the unemployment office over there to the municipal building, the mayor’s office there, the police station there. There’s no running water or electricity. The people who stayed and those who came back are relying on donations of clothing, food and water. Yesterday, they found the bodies of nine people. And the day before, twelve, all of them hiding in the basement, all of them trying to seek shelter.”

How can you protect anybody if you destroy everything, and imprison them in there? (Right, Master. That’s true.) Don’t let them come out even to buy food, or to buy water or milk for their children, nothing. (Yes, Master.) So, this is all bs. (That’s right.)

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