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To Live a Balanced Life in This World and Heaven, Part 1 of 12, May 22, 1993

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(Let me relate one of my own experiences to demonstrate how our Master, Supreme Master Ching Hai, has the incredible power of omnipresence.)

“(Hallo, everyone. How are you? I’m so glad that you can join us today for this very special event.

While many people think that we’ll surely become malnourished if we eat only plant-based food, scientific research shows otherwise. Pork has a protein content of 16%, whereas soy is 26% protein – far more nutrient-dense than pork. Therefore, more and more vegans are finding out that it is not a big leap to shift from a meat diet to a vegan diet. It’s only a matter of habit.

In the sample booklets you received today, there are more details about the benefits of a vegan diet, such as how it improves our health. Since our time is limited today, perhaps I shouldn’t dwell on this too much. So, I’ll limit our discussion on the benefits of a plant-based diet to just a brief summary. Thank you. Thank you, everybody.)”

“(Let me now share with you three reasons why practicing with Supreme Master Ching Hai is absolutely the right path.

The first has to do with Her power. Let me relate one of my own experiences to demonstrate how our Master, Supreme Master Ching Hai, has the incredible power of omnipresence.

It’s like this. One day last May, a day before Master’s birthday, I witnessed something very peculiar. It happened in the hut where Master once stayed, here in Japan.

You see, in Master’s room, there were two pairs of decorative items hanging like this. They were made of (vegan) satin. Two pairs - one on each side of the room. Suddenly, I saw that the pair on the right were like two chrysanthemum blossoms blooming upside down. It was just like this chrysanthemum flower here. Very, very beautiful. Two blossoms, blooming like that. Since they were made of (vegan) satin, which is a very soft material, it was impossible for them to open up like that. At the time, Master was in Taiwan (Formosa). Yet, this incident happened far away in the mountain where She once stayed.

This is not something that can be explained by science. It’s a supranatural phenomenon. It is even more incredible than the UFO phenomenon that everyone is talking about these days. And yet, it was something that I witnessed with my own eyes.

It was just like this. It was an absolute impossibility. Just like this. They were very beautiful, fully blommed, very beautiful. Later, about an hour later, they resumed their original form. That was one of the incidents I experienced first-hand.

There was another incident involving the sound of Buddhist chanting coming down from the sky. It was in the mountain where Master once stayed, even though Master was not there at the time. It was a kind of Buddhist chanting descending from above.

Nowadays, people tend to think that we are very advanced in science. We can now go to the moon. We can visit the moon like the lady Chang’er. I’m referring to the ancient Chinese fairytale of Chang’er, who flew to the moon. Now, we can go even further than Chang’er. We can ride in submarines and descend ten thousand meters under the sea, just like the Monkey King Wukong in the Chinese mythology ‘Journey to the West.’ He was able to travel the depths of the ocean. But can any scientist today explain such an unbelievable phenomenon?

There was another incident. It happened on Master’s birthday once. That day, some fellow initiates in Singapore were celebrating Master’s birthday. There was a picture of Master on the wall. A photograph of Master was hanging on the wall. A fellow initiate was taking pictures, and he took a picture of Master’s photograph. When he developed the film, he found that in the picture he took, Master was wearing a shimmering golden hat.

At the time, Master was in Taiwan (Formosa), not Singapore. So, this was an incredible incident. We were awe-struck by Master’s power as exhibited by these miracles. Yet, Master did not know about them at all. For example, if I didn’t mention them today, Master Herself would not know. This means Master has already attained the state of Tathāgata, or ‘one who is beyond all coming and going’ which is a state of ‘no-self’, and ‘doing without doing’. Master has the same power as Quan Yin Bodhisattva, who had an infinite number of “transformation bodies” and great power to liberate the sentient beings of this world from their sufferings.

As you may well know, during a life-threatening crisis, the human consciousness becomes intensely focused and powerful. Thus, when hundreds of people pray at the same time for Master’s help during an emergency, unless that person has great power, he or she would either collapse or fall seriously ill. So, you can imagine what tremendous power Master must have to respond to tens of thousands of people praying to Her at the same time in a crisis.

When Quan Yin Bodhisattva was alive, She taught the people of Her time to call upon Her for help whenever they were in distress, by reciting the title ‘Namo Quan Yin Bodhisattva.’ She did so out of Her boundless compassion, but She passed away thousands of years ago. It’s like when we’re sick, we have to go to the hospital and get treated by a competent doctor. We cannot seek the help of a doctor who has passed away, no matter how famous he was.)”

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