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Between Master and Disciples

Ukraine’s Noble Willpower Is Stronger than Russia’s Force, Part 3 of 8, Apr. 8, 2022

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When the number is too great, the number of beings harmed is too great, then bad things will occur. Just like the pandemic right now, to cleanse up all the debt – just for one part of it. The rest of the parts, they have to pay in hell. And continue the next existence after hell, if they could get out.

If he stops the war, I can help him. (Yes, Master.) But he must stop. The sooner the better. (Yes, Master.) When it’s too late, I cannot either. Because the sin will be too great. (Yes. Understand.)

“Media Report from BBC News Apr. 6, 2022 Reporter (f): Russia is saying it's not killing civilians deliberately in Ukraine. What do you want to say about that?

Irina (f): My husband wasn't a soldier. He'd never held a gun. He was a peaceful man. They took him from our home in his slippers, asked him to take his shirt off, made him kneel on the ground and killed him. I want the whole world to know that the Russians are killers. They're not human. They're killing women. Children. Civilians.”

I could not. I’m only allowed to do so much. (Yes, Master.) Just like you can only be allowed to eat so much. (Yes.) Or like, even a person who is in need of a blood transfusion, (Yes.) you’re only allowed to give him so much, so much. (Right. Yes.) You can’t just say, “Oh that guy needs a lot. We pour the whole bucket into him.” Cannot. (Yes, Master.) It’s useless, he will die. (Yes.) They have to put it intravenously. And then slowly. Drop by drop. (Yes.) And how-many liters only. (Yes, Master.) Etc. Not like, “OK, he has been starving of blood and he lost a lot blood, we have to give more, extra, the more the better.” It’s not like that. Right? (That’s true. Right.) Like a person who’s starving for a long time, you cannot give to him as much as possible, the whole restaurant, so that he recovers. Like, make it up for the hungry times? (No.) No, this is like that. (Yes.)

Not that I don’t want. Not that I don’t have compassion for all alike. I have. Just that they must have compassion for themselves as well. (Right, Master.) God helps those who help themselves. It’s truly like that. You see the logic or not? (Yes, Master. We do.) Because some people just say, “Oh, Master, if You’re compassionate, why don’t You just save everybody?” I wish I could. (Right. Yes.) If the patient is so sick, so heavily sick for too long, the doctor sometimes cannot help. (Yes, Master.)

What did you ask me? (About where a soul such as Putin goes after he dies.) If he stops the war now, I can. Otherwise, his soul will be scattered all over, if he has one.

Well, sometimes some ghosts, some devils, don’t have souls, but they exist already. So they can continue to exist, and then they won’t have to die. But, if some have an essence, have a soul and committed too terrible a sin, the soul can be, like you are grinding something into powder. (Yes, Master.) Originally, like a piece of almond it’s whole and hard, but you can grind it into small portions or powder. And then scatter it all over, then it won’t be an almond anymore. (Oh. Yes.) Even though the almond texture is still there, (Yes.) in the wind, in a different universe. (Yes, Master.) Can never be patched up together again.

That is the destroying of one entity. (Wow.) Can never patch it up together again. (Wow.) Because in effect, you cannot destroy a soul completely, but you can grind and scatter it like that. (Yes, Master.) And when you grind an almond, and you scatter it all over, you can never pick them up a little bit at a time and patch it back to make it become like an almond again. (True. Yes, Master.) It’s not possible. And for the soul, it’s even worse. More impossible. (Yes, Master.) It’s like that.

So, if Putin doesn’t stop the war and doesn’t repent, he’s going to be destroyed forever. And don’t think that I say that without feeling sorry. Anything destroyed hurts me a lot. (Yes, Master.) Hurts my feeling. Goes against my nature. (Yes, Master.) Even if that entity deserves it or not. I never liked it. (Yes, Master.)

I don’t enjoy even punishing those zealous demons that we caught. But if I let them loose, They’re going to harm more humans. (Yes, Master.) There would be more wars, more famines, more pandemics. (Yes, Master.) More killing, in private as well. In groups as well. They will go around whispering nothingness into the ears of humans and make them do bad things. (Right.) Or push their souls somehow and possess their body and do bad things. Nothing good comes out of them. (Yes, Master.) Nothing good for anyone. Even though I feel sorry for them, but I still have to lock them in. (Yes, we understand, Master.)

But to scatter the soul in the whole universe, I won’t do it. But the Council will do it. That I cannot stop. (Yes, Master.) To that extent, nobody can stop. Nobody can stop the process of destroying that essence of that being, that terrible being. (Yes, Master.)

Sometimes, some evil beings look terrible and all that, but their hearts are not all that bad. (Yes.) The essence, also. It’s just habit, or being coerced to do it, or being influenced or poisoned. (Yes.) So, in that case, we just lock them in, but we don’t destroy. (Yes, Master.)

But in the case like Putin, he just went into somebody’s country who had done no harm to him and messed up with their affairs, just to take their lands, and to kill thousands like that, for nothing. (Yes, Master.) And even deluding the soldiers to do it, like barbarous beasts. (Yes.) Then it’s very difficult to stop the Council. (Oh.) Very difficult. Because it would be not fair to everyone else. (Yes, Master.) To other people who he harmed, who he killed, who he maimed or crippled in any way. It will not be fair to them. (Yes, Master.)

And as the responsible Beings in the Universe, either you pay or you have to let that person pay. (Yes, Master.) But when the karma is too big – beyond payment, then no Master can do it. No. None. (Oh.) Even God Almighty cannot. (Yes, Master. Understand.) There’s a limit to everything, everything. (Yes, Master.)

When the number is too great, the number of beings harmed is too great, then bad things will occur. Just like the pandemic right now, to cleanse up all the debt – just for one part of it. The rest of the parts, they have to pay in hell. And continue the next existence after hell, if they could get out. (Oh.) And continuing in the next existence – they will pay more. (Yes, Master.) They will never not pay because they’re still recycling inside the Shadow World. Only if they’re outside of it, then these things cannot touch them. (Yes, Master.)

If you continue to be inside the ocean or the river, inside there, no matter how far you swim, or how long you’ve been there – you’re still in there, you’re wet. (Yes, Master. Right.) And only when you get out of the ocean, the water, then you change the clothes. Then you will be normal again. (Right. Yes, Master.) You see, in the ocean, some people dive inside, very deep to the floor of the ocean. Some people dive to the middle of it, some people are on the surface of the water – but they’re all in the ocean. (Yes.)

It’s just like some people who are heavily sinful, they go to hell to be punished painfully, agonizingly for long, long, long eons of time. And, some people in the middle of the water, they just swim with the fish and all that. (Yes.) But they cannot stay there forever. When their oxygen is gone, they have to go up to the surface. (Yes, Master.) Before it’s gone. If not, then they will die. (Yes, Master.) And the people on the surface, they just swim only. Or maybe being drowned by the sea waves, and all that. But they’re all in the ocean. (Yes, Master.) Humans are like that.

Some people have a heavy burden of karma, some people have a middle weight of karma, some people have less. And depending on that, their life is comfortable or not comfortable. (Yes.) Suffering or less suffering, or happy, etc.

And in the Universe, there are similar levels like that. (Yes, Master.) But in the Shadow Universe, normal people can only go up to the Third Level, the normal Third Level, the physical Third Level; physical but invisible Third Level. And only with the Master; then you can get out. Then you’re out completely, just like you are out of the ocean, and you don’t get wet again, unless you want to go back, of course. (Yes.) So it’s like that.

Without the Master, nobody can get out of the Three Worlds. You can be a god, an angel, or a fairy, or Divine deities, but you are still in the Three Worlds. (Yes, Master.) You recycle again and again, and sometimes you make bad karma, and then you get punished, and then you’re cleaned up, and then you go up again, you become a human, and then maybe you go to Heaven, maybe you go to hell again – all the time. Busy, busy for nothing. (Yes, Master.) At the end, you always have nothing. (Yes.)

Like Alexander the Great, he conquered everywhere, but at the end, they buried him with two hands out, empty (Yes, Master.) at his request. So that people can see that you will have nothing when you die. That was because he was enlightened at the end of his lifetime. (Yes, Master.) He met many yogis and they enlightened him. So, he understood, at least, before he died. (Yes, Master.) He was already enlightened. But kind of late. Better than nothing. (Yes.)

Did I answer you? (Yes, thank You very much.) I forgot what was your question already. When I talk, I don’t even know who is talking, and I cannot always remember what I said. Alright, good then. If you’re happy, then it’s good. (Yes, I am, Master. Thank You very much.) Because I’m dictated inside. It’s not me who speaks. (Yes, Master.) It’s my Highest possible Self. The One that’s one with God that spoke. (Yes, Master.) And so, sometimes the mind cannot remember. It’s beyond the mind. The mind is only at the Second Level. (Yes.)

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