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Selections from Jagatguru Adi Shankaracharya’s Hymns “Shivananda Lahari,” Slokas 48 – 84, Part 2 of 2



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Sloka 65 “Nothing impossible is there to attain, For him who sings about your holy feet, Oh consort of Bhavani, For the god of death runs away, Afraid of the kick from the Lord’s feet, The lights shining in those jeweled tiaras, Of all the devas, shows the offering of the camphor light, And the pretty bride called liberation, Folds him in tight embrace, As soon as she sees him.”

Sloka 68 “Oh, store house of mercy, Oh, Lord of all beings, Please be kind enough to look after, The cow of my devotion to You, Which constantly yields the ambrosia of happiness, Which lives in the stable of Your feet, And which is the result of great and good deeds.”

Sloka 70 “In public and in secret, And with independent intellect, You are suitable to be worshipped. Oh Lord, who is the pinnacle of graciousness, And oh my Lord, who can grant countless blessings, So more than the impermanent world, You, the Lord with the moon, Are always in my heart.”

Sloka 72 “Having located with the magic of meditation, Having thrown light and destroyed darkness, Using the chanting of the name of the Lord, If anyone can bring to the top, Your lotus feet with serpentine ornaments, Which is worshipped by devas by the great sacrifice, Of repetition of your great story, They attain the meaning of life.”

Sloka 73 “Oh good mind of mine, Do the chanting of the names, Of the lotus feet of the God of the universe, In search of which even Lord Vishnu, Who has Lakshmi and Goddess Earth as consorts, Took the form of a wild boar, And which is the fertile land, In which the panacea giving salvation from life grows. What else great can you attain in this world?”

Sloka 77 “My mind to get fixed on the lotus feet of the Lord, Resembles the sweetheart separated from her lover, And always remembers, has sweet dreams, Recollects of early meetings and sings about it, And in similar fashion chants the names of Lord Shiva, In a trance and gets worried.”

Sloka 83 “There is no doubt that worship of mortal gods Subject to birth and death will never give even little happiness, Worship of the birthless Lord with Amba, who has a deathless body, Leads to supreme pleasure and those who do are blessed.”

Sloka 84 “Oh, Lord Shiva who rules all the world, And who is the friend of all the world, Oh Lord who is the ocean of bliss, Oh store house of mercy, To serve You besides Your consort Gowri (Parvati), I am presenting You the maid of my intellect, Who has all good qualities, With a request to You. To live in the house of my mind.”
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