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Nan Sea Love – A Vegan Artist and Messenger of Heavenly Visions, Part 2 of 2

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As an artist, animal-people advocate and environmentalist for over 50 years, Nan Sea Love delights in sharing spiritual lessons through her art. For more than twenty years, she has dedicated herself to help in the awakening consciousness of the sacredness of Mother Earth and all life. Her goal is to inspire us to heal ourselves and the Earth by caring for other species. By using inspirational messages subtly blended with imagery, Nan Sea Love believes that visions can bypass the intellect and go straight to the heart, helping to awaken our souls and our unconditional love.

“As an environmentalist, I know how important other species are to the health of the planet. And I'm extremely concerned about the destruction of wildlife. And so many people are unaware of how much that has to do with eating meat. Because over a million animals are killed yearly in order to support the free range of different farm animals.

On one of the pages of my old website, there’s an image called ‘The Animal Spirit,’ and it’s an old painting of mine that says the animal spirit is so great, perhaps one day it will awaken compassion in the human heart. This is my personal belief, I believe that animals are great spirits and that they've come down here to suffer if need be, to help us open our hearts.”

As an artist who exemplifies “Live in harmony with Nature,” we asked Nan Sea Love how open-hearted people can be encouraged to do the same. “Online, I had taken a picture of Mother Teresa quite some time ago, and I cropped it down to just her face, and I said the words: ‘Do not wait for leaders to do it, do it yourself, one by one.’ I think that's the answer. I think there's many important things that are happening right now. Climate Healers is doing great stuff as is Plant-Based Treaty. I think appealing to people's self-interest is incredibly important.

So, we have to appeal to what they care about, and what they care about is their loved ones. What they care about is being there for their loved ones, and having their loved ones be there for them. So, to appeal to their health, I think is important and scaring them just doesn't seem to work, inspiring them does.”
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