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Auras: Reflections of Our True Self, Part 2 of 2



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Since auras reflect a person’s nature, the types of people we tend to like interacting with or are attracted to depend significantly on the frequency of energy fields we’re tuned into. According to author Emma Mildon, “You’re tapping into the frequency that person is operating on. Our frequency or vibe is what others can sense, or what attracts or repels us from others depending on how our frequency works with theirs.”

Our Most Gracious Supreme Master Ching Hai has some advice on this subject. “Even if you don’t say anything, people know who you are and what you are inside, your purity, your intention, your love, your purpose, your nobility, your dignity. Everything good about you is manifested outside, around your body with intense radiance.”

“We have to keep ourselves noble and pure. Because people can see us. People can see. The seers and sages, and the pure in the heart can see our aura. If we do something right, we are God-realized, we are God-loving and one with God, our aura is goldened, is brilliant. If we do something wrong, we hurt other people emotionally, physically, or mentally, or spiritually, our aura is dark. People can see us. We cannot cheat. That's why we have to keep ourselves beautiful.” New research reveals that groups of people who adopt a vegan diet tend to be more positive and energetic. Physicians and nutritionists emphasize how leafy greens and plant-based proteins are good for boosting brain power and mood. By knowing that what we put on our plates did not add to the suffering of animal-people, we can have a peaceful heart and increased peace of mind; ultimately this peaceful atmosphere will generate a good aura around us. Besides good auras, positive emotions can also promote healthy cells. Dr. Giles Yeo, has the following interesting comment about food and auras: “Ultra-processed vegetarian food or ultra-processed vegan food, interestingly, has an aura, a halo of health around it.”
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