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Witnessing Master meditate with bright Light radiating around Her to sustain the Earth, and calling on more people to do their part.

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Dear Beloved Master and Supreme Master Television team, I would like to share my inner experience with you. 

As usual, after the morning meditation session, I went to sleep, and I had an inner vision. I saw that I was in the space of the Universe, which encompasses Earth. I also saw Master, who was in a meditative posture with bright Light radiating around Her. But Her form was so immense on top of the Earth that I had a feeling that Master is like a pillar, and You meditate to sustain this Earth. 

Under Master’s feet, there were a number of our initiated brothers and sisters who were so small but radiating bright Light like Master. 

From a far distance, I saw a very dark space, and there were a lot of people who looked like they were not awake, walking from that darkness into the Light area of Master. Whenever the Light shone on them, they became more bright and awake right away. 

From this inner experience, I know more about Master’s Greatness. That this Earth still exists is truly due to Master’s presence. Diệu Hạnh from Âu Lạc (Vietnam)

Enlightened Diệu Hạnh, It was a pleasure to read of your spiritual experience. Thank you for sharing your wonderful inner vision with us. Without Master meditating for humanity, the Earth would have been destroyed years ago. May the Divine bestow infinite Blessings on you and peaceful Âu Lạc (Vietnam), Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Here is Master’s caring reply: “Aware Diệu Hạnh, I am glad you are practicing so well and see clearly the situation our Earth is in. I have come only to help, but my help is not enough. Everyone has to do their part and come into alignment with the Light within them. I am grateful to Heaven for good disciples like you who are serving as examples of virtuous living to help awaken others. The world is large, and many people must be urgently reached regarding the need to eat vegan for our continued survival. May as many souls as possible be touched by Heaven’s Grace. May Buddha’s Blessings radiate to you and the lovely Aulacese (Vietnamese) people forever.”

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