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ASPAS: Guardian of Wildlife-people and Biodiversity, Part 2 of 2

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Today, we will continue our interview with Madline Rubin, the director of ASPAS. “In France, there is one thing that is quite exceptional, but in the bad sense of the word. By default, all land in the country is part of the hunting zones. Even private property.” ASPAS says France is the only European country in which people can hunt every day of the week during hunting season. ASPAS is seeking to ban hunting on Sundays so that joggers, walkers, and cyclists can enjoy their leisure time peacefully and safely. “ASPAS asks for a major and in-depth reform of hunting. Why? Because today there are safety rules that are not respected at all.”

Globally, the populations of wild animal-people, including mammal-, fish-, bird-, amphibian-, and reptile-people, have been decimated by an average of 68% since 1970 according to the World Wide Fund for Nature or WWF, a Shining World Compassion Award recipient. Biodiversity is declining faster than it has at any other time in human history. Humanity is destroying our planet and Ms. Rubin worries about the direction we are headed.

Despite being designated as national parks and nature reserves, hunting and logging in these protected areas are frequently permitted by the government. The charity has concluded that land acquisition in wilderness areas is essential to help leave the next generation the unique natural heritage of the nation. ASPAS-created wildlife reserves are sanctuaries where human intrusion is kept to a minimum and nature freely takes its course. Among 5 zones in existence, the largest one is Vercors in Drôme.

We salute you, Madline Rubin and ASPAS members, for taking proactive steps to safeguard the animal-people of France by opposing cruel hunting practices and promoting biodiversity by setting land aside to remain undisturbed by human activities. May you enjoy much success in achieving your noble goals and endeavors in the years to come.
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