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Beloved Mystic Sufi Poet Hafez, Part 2 of 2

Language:English,Persian (Farsi)(ففارسی)


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Hafez’s book of poetry, “The Divan of Hafez Shirazi,” is said to be found in almost every Iranian’s home. The poet’s pen name “Hafez” is derived from the Persian root word “to memorize.”

When Hafez reached his sixties, he longed for a greater spiritual awakening. Forty years after having met his spiritual Master, it is said that Hafez began another 40-day and 40-night vigil. He drew a circle on the floor and sat there for his vigil. On the last morning of his 40th day, Hafez set out for his Master’s residence. There, with the grace of his Master, Hafez attained Cosmic realization. After this incident and before his passing, Hafez composed over half of the poems we have from him today, including the beautiful ghazal poems. In this phase of his life, Hafez’s poetry reached a higher state of spiritual maturity than it ever had before. Hafez, by common estimates, wrote around 500 ghazals over his lifetime.

Hafez passed away in Shiraz in 1390. He did not compile his own works during his lifetime. It was 21 years after his passing that his poetry was assembled into the collection known as “The Divan of Hafez.” His life and poems have become the subject of much analysis, commentary, and interpretation, and had a great influence on post-14th century Persian writing. A modern-day American poet, Daniel Ladinsky had an inner vision in which the spirit of Hafez’s artistic light was imparted to him. His inspired work has brought a greater awareness to the name “Hafez” around the world in recent times.

October 12 has been declared the official National Day of Hafez in Iran. His literary contributions are also honored in ceremonies held in 61 other countries. The Beethoven Square of Weimar, Germany, houses the Hafez Goethe memorial, where two granite chairs facing east and west stand as metaphors for the meeting of Eastern and Western cultures. Goethe once said: “In his poetry Hafez has inscribed undeniable truth indelibly… Hafez has no peer!”

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