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Joan Ranquet (vegan) on Telepathic Communication with Animal-People Companions, Part 2 of 2

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“We are always broadcasting, which means we are always sending and receiving at the same time. What happens in our household, whether we’ve had a bad day, a good day, any kind of day, that we’re just having a day, we are broadcasting, so we are somewhat picking up on our animals’ stuff, but they are certainly picking up on our stuff. And so, what we want to become is aware of what we’re sending. It’s when we don't pay attention to them, and they build, that our animals really go oh-oh.”

“If my intention is to help this animal, then the animal will already start to feel that and relax into it. One of the modalities that I teach is called EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique. And that is a technique that is used as the acupressure points. And so it brings the nervous system down.”

At the Communication with all Life University, Joan’s students learn about supporting us animal-people in great depth. “And when I include in performances, sometimes people come because they have a service animal that’s not working out, like the dog got scared, or things like that. So that’s a really important place for us to be able to help. We can help before surgery.” “I always say I'm here to empower others. So that together we can give voice to those who can’t speak for themselves and ultimately heal the planet. There’s lots of ways that animal communication can really, really help and change a household.”

Joan understands what truly causes suffering to billions of land animal-people and aquatic animal beings. Hence, she has been vegan for approximately eight years and was vegetarian for a very long time before that. “I don't want to eat another soul. You know, I don't want to cause harm. So, for me, especially doing this work, there’s just no way. But I think that through the school, oh, you know, we definitely bring it up, and you can’t get away from it. I mean, it's the modern slavery, right? And I really hope that people start to make friends with cows and chickens and pigs and geese, and sheep.”
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