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Jill Robinson (vegan) and Animals Asia: Ending Bear-people Exploitation, Part 2 of 2

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Jill is an extraordinary person who has dedicated her life to helping all animal-people. She founded Animals Asia after a visit to a bear-people bile operation, where she saw the terrible suffering of the bear-persons who spent their lives in tiny cages with endless days of pain.

Animals Asia recently completed the largest bear-person rescue ever, transporting 101 bear-people from a former bile factory in Nanning, China, to one of its sanctuaries. A beautiful film called “Moon Bear Homecoming” was made about the extraordinary rescue. Due to Covid travel restrictions, Jill was unable to go to China for the rescue, but she was able to oversee the operation remotely through CCTV and video calls.

Jill has said that, “The difference between cruelty and kindness to animals is education.” Animals Asia has several programs to educate the public and bring about positive change for our animal-people friends. “Education is everything. Our progress has come about because we always look at this issue, this campaign, holistically. It's not enough just to rescue bears. It's really not. You have to be working in the country to talk to the government, to collaborate with government officials. And we have regular clinics where the traditional doctors will go along and talk to the general public about the herbal alternatives to bear bile and how easy it is to be replaced.”

“We have three main programs. We have ‘Ending Bear Farming,’ we have ‘Helping Captive Animals’ in China and Vietnam, and we also have ‘Ending the Suffering of Cats and Dogs’ as well.” “We've got a program called ‘Doctor Dog’ that goes to hospitals and disabled centers and helps to cheer up the lives of patients that need a four-legged best friend.”

Thank you so much, Jill Robinson and Animals Asia, for your hard work and dedication to making our planet a more peaceful and joyous place! We are all inspired by your achievements.
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