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Treasure Others’ Lives by Making Peace, Feb. 12, 2022

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Host: On Saturday, February 12, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai graciously took time out from Her meditation retreat, to call some of the Supreme Master Television team members and read a moral story from the Qur’an. Before sharing the enlightening verses, Master addressed questions from the team concerning some current world situations.

"Media report from BBC News Feb. 12, 2022 Reporter (m): Russia is amassing troops close to the border of Ukraine. It’s carrying out military exercises with Belarus. It wants NATO to promise that Ukraine will never join. And it wants NATO to withdraw its military deployments of recent years from eastern Europe.

Vladimir Putin Translator (m): The NATO member countries continue to send a large amount of modern weapons to Ukraine, to contribute to the modernization of a Ukrainian military."

"Media report from BBC News Feb. 13, 2022 Reporter (m): More than a dozen countries have urged their citizens to leave Ukraine. And there have been further attempts to defuse tensions in the region. In a phone call, President Joe Biden warned Russian leader Vladimir Putin of swift and severe costs if Russia sends in troops."

"Media report from WION Jan. 24, 2022 Reporter (m): Meanwhile, China reportedly sent as many as about 39 warplanes into Taiwan’s air defense zone on Sunday. The island nation’s government has said that this is, in fact, the second largest incursion on record. The island nation is a democratic and an autonomous-ruled nation. However, China has said that Taiwan is a part of its territory, as a part of its larger, One China policy. And in recent years, Xi Jinping has also threatened to, in fact, invade and, if necessary, take over Taiwan by force. The last quarter of 2021 saw a massive spike in the number of incursions from China into Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone."

(Why hasn’t Master mentioned the threats of war between China and Taiwan [Formosa] or between Russia and Ukraine?) I haven’t? (I think no, Master.) No? (No.) Wow. (Well, it’s scary, Master.) (It’s scary stuff.) It is scary? (Yes, Master, it is.) (Yes, kind of scary.) Wow. Maybe I’m too scared to mention it. Maybe I’m just too scared, like you. So, we are all one. So, if you’re scared, I’m scared.

The reason I did not mention it, is because we have so many other things also. (Yes.) Of course, it’s urgent and it’s pressing, and I know about it. Everybody knows about it. But I don’t think that they are that bloodthirsty to cause much more suffering to the citizens of the world. (Yes, Master.) I believe they are decent, elderly, and have enough intelligence to understand and not to do this kind of silly war game anymore in our time. (Yes. Understand.) That’s why I just didn’t worry much about it.

You see, people in the world suffer too much already. Don’t you think? (Yes, Master. They do.) Besides, I have mentioned and we have talked about that many times already. And we even aired some ads about how terrible war is. (Yes, Master. Right. Yes.) And how much suffering and how much it costs lives and financially, (Yes.) for the war – before, during, and after. (Yes, Master.)

So, I don’t think we need to repeat again and again as if they are idiots. Are they idiots? We hope not. (We hope not.) And if they are, then we can’t do anything. You can’t talk to idiots, no matter how long. (Yes, Master.) So, I just go about my business. I’m a busy woman. No? (Yes. Right, Master.)

(Will they make war, Master?) I don’t think so. (Oh, that’s good to hear. Wow.) No matter what, I’m too tired of talking to deaf ears, if they want to make war. (Yes, Master.) (Let’s hope they don’t.) And I think they will not. What for? (Yes. Right.) Let’s talk about China now, since you asked.

For example, China, they gain nothing, invading Taiwan (Formosa). Of course, they gain something ‒ a very, very bad name. (Yes, for sure.) For the whole world to call them, like a blood-thirsty bully wolf, something like that. Doesn’t that sound nice? (No, Master.) No, and history also will judge them thus. (That’s right, Master.)

And when they finish their lifespan on Earth, they will have to go to hell and endure all kinds of punishment that is unimaginably painful and excruciating. They all profess that they are Christian or Buddhist, but they don’t remember the laws of their religion even. Even if they say they are separate religions, but all religions point to the same; if you do good, you go to Heaven, if you are bad, you go to hell. As you sow, so shall you reap. And the law of karma never fails.

You see, God gave them all power and wealth to distribute, not to hoard them. And instead of using this privilege to help their citizens, they are using it to produce the weapons and mass destructive, killer weapons. And then use those to oppress and to harass other weaker nations. This will earn them a lot, a lot of thousands or maybe even millions of hell years and endless suffering. […]

China has a very big history of invading other countries. (Yes.) Âu Lạc (Vietnam) for example, a long time ago, for thousands of years, off and on, often. And many other countries, Tibet and whatever. So, I think it’s time for them to learn the lesson of peace, and they will stop. […] (Yes, Master.) (We hope so.) I hope so, too.

Taiwan (Formosa) is just a small, little island, peaceful community (That’s right. Yes.) They are not making trouble with anybody, with any of their neighbors. They are not troubling China in any way. And since they became an independent country, for a hundred years already, just let them be. (Yes. That’s right.)

Leave Taiwan (Formosa) alone in peace. (Yes. Right, Master.) That’s the best for China. Of course, it’s the best for Taiwan (Formosa) also.

And if I were a Chinese leader, I would just recommend Taiwan (Formosa) to be an independent country and go into the UN like everyone else. (Yes, Master. Yes.) Many other countries smaller than Taiwan (Formosa) are already in the UN, with all dignity and independence and respect from all the world. I don’t know what’s wrong, why Taiwan (Formosa) cannot be. (Yes. Yes, Master.)

And if Chinese […] leaders do that, let Taiwan (Formosa) be one of the members of the UN, then the whole world will praise them (Yes, that’s right.) and the Taiwanese (Formosan) people will pray for them, and then be even more friendly to them and more cooperative. It’s better for China that way. (Yes, sure.) (Yes, true, Master.) […]

Of course, I pray also for China, Taiwan (Formosa), Ukraine and Russia. (Yes, Master. We pray too, also.) Yes. If you think about it and have a little time, anybody can pray for them. (Yes. Yes, Master.)

Peace is the best victory you can have. (Yes.) Even if you win the bloody war… Every war is bloody. (Yes. That’s right.) What is there when you die? What do you get? (Nothing.) What do you bring to the one square meter that you lay in? Even if you have one square meter. Sometimes they put somebody else on top of you or beneath you already. (Yes.) […] When you die, you die. You know nothing anymore anyway. […]

So, I think if China lets Taiwan (Formosa) be independent and recommends them and helps them to be a nation to join the UN, that will be the best solution. (Yes, Master.) That’s the best honor and prestige for China as a great nation, as magnanimous leadership, (Yes, Master.) for any other country to follow. (Right. Yes, Master.) China is a very cultivated country, has many, many thousands of years of civilization. It’s better we follow all the sages and saints from the past and be a peaceful, generous, great leader in the international community. (Yes. That’s right.)

And Russia, I don’t think they want to invade Ukraine anymore. After Crimea, I think they have had enough of ranting from the whole international community. (Yes, Master.) They don’t want to invade Ukraine.

"Media report from Sky News Feb. 11, 2022 Ben Wallace (m): I heard clearly from the Russian government that they had no intention of invading Ukraine."

"Media report from Associatd Press Jan. 22, 2022 Antonio Guterres (m): I do not think Russia will invade Ukraine."

"Media report from ITV News Jan. 29, 2022 Translator for Sergei Lavrov (m): There won’t be a war, as far as it depends on the Russian Federation. We don’t want a war. But we won’t let our interests be rudely trampled on and ignored."

"Media report from CNBC Television Feb. 8, 2022 Michael O’Hanlon (m): We have to calibrate the amount of anxiety correctly. I think the anxiety is itself Vladimir Putin’s goal. My best guess is still that he is not going to invade, because of the enormous cost that would ensue."

"Media report from RT June 7, 2018 Reporter (m): Will we see this Third World War?

Translator for Vladimir Putin (m): Well, remember Einstein, he said, 'I don’t know what will be the methods of World War 3, but the Fourth World War will be waged with sticks and stones.' So, the realization that the Third World War could mean the end of civilization. This realization, this idea, should deter us from dangerous steps, globally."

It’s just I think, because they feel kind of maybe isolated and suffocated, so they want to voice their strength to let the international community reconsider how to treat them. (Oh.) How to treat them and then also to show off their energy, so that people will have more respect. Something like that. I guess. (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, I don’t think they want to invade Ukraine. For what reason? I cannot understand for what reason they would do it. (Yes, Master. They don’t have any.) I cannot figure out why and what would they gain? More taxpayers? For what?

The leaders of Russia, let’s face it, they’re all very elderly already. They know better. No? (Yes, Master.) They bring nothing to their grave, if they even have a grave to go in. If they make war, maybe they will also die, and maybe their heads will be blown away or their intestines gone and their whole body in pieces. Who knows? (Yes. Right.) Since time immemorial, history shows that many leaders die a very cruel, gruesome death. (Oh.) So, maybe they can’t even be buried. So, what’s the use of invading any country anymore and causing bloodshed and suffering and cursing upon them? And then they will go to hell for it. […]

So, what’s the use of invading anything? I am tired of telling them this. But they know it. That’s why I don’t talk about it anymore. (Yes, Master.) (Understand, Master.) We’ve talked about that before many times. (Yes, Master.) And we’re still airing the cost of war and the suffering, and how many millions die in each war, for example like that. We still do it. (Yes, Master.) So, that’s my talk already.

I told you guys to do the ad, anyway. (Yes, Master.) So, it’s my talk, behind all these scenes, these horrific scenes, hellish scenes. So, I didn’t feel like I need to talk anymore. (Right, Master.) I thought, “Let the children make noise if they like it that way.” A game. Like computer game. Except this is not a game; it’s real life! (Yes. That’s right.) Real people. Real suffering. Real bloodshed. And real international conflict. Real international chipping of friendship and cooperation. (Yes.)

I’m just tired of talking to the deaf. If they don’t listen already, I don’t bother. If they still want to make war, then, “Let the dead bury the dead,” like Jesus said. I always say that. (Yes, Master.) Jesus is right. They don’t know they’re dead already, because if they are not spiritually enlightened, they’re dead. If they don’t understand this, such a little basic truth about war and peace, they’re dead. (Yes, Master. It’s true.) If they still want to make war – killing others and innocent people and children that are not involved, bystanders, by war, then they’re dead already. (Yes, Master.) And their souls will be captured in hell long before their physical body has withered. […]

What for would Russia want to invade Ukraine? Russia is very rich already. (Right. Yes, Master.) Some more taxpayers don’t make Putin any fatter or more handsome or younger. (Yes. Right.)

Alright. […] Any more questions and doubts about what I said or about the topic? (Well, yes, because I think the world is concerned because Russia is amassing hundreds of thousands of troops, so when they say they don’t want to invade, the world community doesn’t really believe them.) […]

They should believe it. Russia doesn’t want to invade. (Right.) They should believe what they say. (Yes.) It’s just that they have some demands and the international community did not answer, that’s why. There are so many of the NATO troops there, and they’re scared. (Oh, OK.) Number one. Number two, they make excuses for Russia to also have their troops there, saying that they have to protect their own border and their own country, Russia. If the NATO troops, the international troops are not there, they would not have any excuse to do that. (Right.) So, they have to talk to each other. […]

[…] Russia really doesn’t want to invade Ukraine. It’s just a game – they want to gain something. (OK, Master.) They want also to relax some of the […] international sanctions. (Right. OK.) Similar to North Korea. They are also making a big noise because of sanctions. (Yes.) The international community must trust each other, (Right. Yes.) and relax restrictions between each other. After it’s all said and done, they should just talk to each other, and make some concessions or some compromise or something. (Yes, Master.)

Because sanctions are also suffering for any country. (Yes, it is.) I know that from Âu Lạc (Vietnam); after the war, thirty years of sanctions. (Yes, Master.) People suffer, suffer, suffer, suffer. Not the government. (Yes.)

So, if any international group or community wants to punish some leaders or some country’s government, they are not doing it well – because the people suffer, not the government. (Yes. That’s true.) Least of all the leaders. They will always have their luxury cars, bodyguards, a good palace and security, good food, good money in the bank – everything they have. (Yes. Right.) They will never be affected in any way. (Yes, Master. That’s right.) The leaders of any country, all the governments, they all live well.

So, this is ridiculous anyway to sanction any country, for whatever reason. (Yes, Master.) (Yes. True.) You only punish the citizens, the innocent citizens, the helpless citizens of their country – not the leaders, not the governments. They are never affected in any way. (Yes. It’s true, Master.) Except in the war, maybe they die if you bomb them. (Right. Yes, Master.) But mostly they would have the terrific bunker ready somewhere. Very difficult to get them. (Right. Yes.) So, I say, well, this world is crazy. (Yes.)

If all this money for weapons and destruction and war can help the poor people, then our world would be a paradise a long time ago already. (Yes, Master.) Not helping the poor by waiting for the trouble to come, and then go and give them some money like a charitable big shot. No!

Help them by giving them some means or some financial support so they can take care of themselves. (Right. Yes, Master.) Like doing business or giving them land to cultivate – whatever they want. They don’t want much. Most people, they just want enough to have food on the table, clothes for their children, and education for them. That’s all they want. And they could take care of themselves if they have the means to do it. (Yes. That’s true.) (Yes, Master. That’s right.)

The governments can give them all that money they saved from war-like, war-related weapons, and army payments and training. And all that can help to build the nation, and help the poor to stand on their own feet, like giving them loans without interest, with the time frame to return, just to motivate them to do business well. And give the poor but diligent students loans, even though their grades might not be excellent. But if they study diligently and they seem to appreciate education, then give them a scholarship or free education altogether.

In Âu Lạc (Vietnam), when I was younger, we were in the war and still we had free education all the way up to junior high, all the way up to finishing high school. And had even scholarships for many students as well. Even during the war. And we were not a rich country at all. So, I can’t see why other powerful countries don’t use more money to help the poor people to do their own business, or educate themselves to be useful citizens in the world. They should all do this instead of making war, killing each other and killing all the innocent citizens.

My God, we had enough suffering already, truly. And we will have more suffering if they don’t change their mentality. Using God-given power, and ability and wasting precious taxpayer money just to kill. All this will bring them all to hell. It’s not like just in this lifetime that they are damaging the world and others, or maybe themselves or their reputation as well, but in hell they will suffer endless, endless, endless, torture of all kinds. I’m telling the truth and I hope they are listening before it’s too late. Because in hell, nobody can help them at all. Nobody. Not even God.

It is good that the international community is helping people in war-torn regions and in some disasters and all that, but if we take care of the root, then we don’t have to have all these disasters or war victims or refugees and all that stuff. (Yes, Master.) The root is peace! (Yes.) The root is helping the poor to help themselves. Not waiting until they suffer in war and disasters because of climate change, because of trouble, and then come and help. By that time, they have already lost their homes, lost many of their relatives and friends, lost their property, lost their dignity and even will to live already. It’s too late. So, it’s better to reorganize this world, like helping the poor to help themselves. (Yes. Right.)

No war whatsoever, never, zero! War never solves any problem. It just makes it worse. (Right. True, Master.)

It might look good for the winner in the beginning – just temporarily, but they will go to hell and suffer ten million times more than the war they caused for other people to suffer. They just don’t know it… Yet. I hope they don’t have to know it, by stopping any war possible, just helping their own country’s poor people to stand on their own feet and taking care of their own family and children.

It’s very easy to do that, (Yes.) if you don’t spend so much money on all these silly war games, (Yes.) and amassing wealth while others have nothing to eat. Killing each other just to gain profit and fame. And the world will be a paradise.

It’s not difficult to make this world into a paradise. Just nobody wanted to make it. First of all, just stop killing humans and animal-people, that’s it. (Yes. Right.) All this money from the suffering by pandemic, diseases, and burying people and bloodshed, all this suffering will end. All the money, we will have a lot. We can distribute it to the poor people so they can manage themselves. (Yes, Master.) […]

So, they should just stop sinning, and think. Stop and think. Go learn some meditation or something, prepare for their funeral. It comes soon, anytime. Not because they are old-age, but because life is ephemeral. (Right. That’s right.) It could happen at any time. (Yes.) Many leaders die. Many famous international celebrities die, just like that, either from COVID, or accidents, or car accidents, or airplane accidents, whatever. Why don’t they learn from this ephemeral nature of life, and behave themselves? Just go and learn some enlightening method somewhere, and rethink about how they treat life and others. (Yes, Master.)

OK. I hope this is the last time we talk about these silly things like war and all that. My God! It’s the 21st century already! Still want to go and “bang, boom” and kill others. This is really so… so childish, so immature, so stupid. OK? (Yes, Master.) […]

I hope people will wake up and remember God, and give thanks every day, and be grateful, be humble, and change their way of life. For example, as much as they treasure their lives, they should treasure other people’s lives by not making war, but making peace. And treasure other beings’ lives who also love life and not suffering and death, like the animal-people. […] And share what they can share with the neighbors in need. Then our world will have no problem. […]

I told you, humans are their own pandemic. (Yes, Master.) And I’m still of that opinion. I hope they change, and quick, quick, quick, otherwise, all will be doomed. I don’t even know when. Who knows when? […]

Be vegan, make peace, do good deeds; that’s all they have to do. […] I hope everybody will wake up and just do that. (We hope so too, Master.) (Yes, we really hope so.) And even if you don’t seek Heaven, you will have Heaven, and right in front of your eyes. (Right.) No need to go after death or anything even. And of course, after you die, the hereafter is also Heaven. (Yes.)

Let’s pray that people wake up, be enlightened somehow and be respectful to all the teachings of the Masters in the past, and maybe present and future. Amen. (Amen.) […]

Host: Our heartfelt gratitude, Most Loving Master, for Your priceless Wisdom for our world and all leaders in power. May Master’s boundless Care for all beings awaken humanity to quickly bring about Eden on Earth, and encourage all those in positions of privilege and authority to choose peace and righteousness, thus saving their souls for the hereafter. We earnestly pray for all nations’ reconciliation and that a vegan future will arrive soon. Wishing Beloved Master lasting wellness and tranquility, in the Mighty support of all Heavenly Protectors.

To listen to the valuable lessons from Master’s telling of the Qur’an story, and learn how to differentiate trustworthy people in politics, as well as how political strategies are used to divide them, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples on Friday, April 1, 2022, for the full broadcast of this conference.

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