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Spiritual Evolution and the Devastating Effects of Eating Meat: Interview with David Barreto (vegan), Part 2 of 2

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David explains that while most people are aware that meat consumption causes physical damage, few are aware of its spiritual consequences.

“So, we know that we have all of the negative sides of eating meat in our physical bodies. We know that it's not good for our body. We know that it's not good for the planet. We know it's not good for the animals, obviously. But we don't know yet about the repercussions, the spiritual repercussions of eating meat.”

“And we are doing so wrong to animals. So, killing animals gets us into this karma, not only our own karma but collective karma. And collective karma is the karma that affects whole nations and the whole globe. Obviously, coronavirus is a collective karma. Because everyone in the world has been awful against nature, against animals.”

“So, I think this is the main spiritual repercussion of eating meat is financing these death camps. They are slaughterhouses. We are financing these (with) our money. You are not killing a cow, a pig. But somebody (else) is killing because you are paying them to do (it). And who is going to put that karma on to you is yourself. It is not God, it’s not the animals, it's not other people. It's you. Our consciousness is our judge.”

“Animals are part of this planet. They are part of the universe, and they are evolving. So, anything that you do will return back to you. Animals count as karma. Remember that animals are friends.”

Our most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai frequently warns about the terrifying karmic consequences of eating meat, stating that the vegan lifestyle is the only way to rescue our souls. “Everything in this physical world has some so-called condition. So, even God forgives you, you still go to hell if you eat meat or if you kill animal-people or partake in the murder. And even if you just pay taxes and the government uses it to subsidize the animal-people industry then, you still need to pay that. All Masters are unconditional. God is unconditional. But that is the road that leads to hell, so you have to U-turn, that’s all.”

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